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Anything good in Harlem up near 145th?

Hi all,

Thinking of moving up near 145th and Frederick Douglass. Not much jumped out at me when walking around, but wanted to enlist your thoughts/suggestions. I am aware of all the good stuff near 125, but not so much about anything further north. Any hidden (or not so hidden) gems to know about?

Thanks in advance!

Aug 12, 2012
astoriajb in Manhattan

This New Yorker needs help! Where should I take my wife for 1st anniversary in Palm Beach/nearby?

Hi Floridians,

Thanks in advance for your help on this. I'm going to be in Palm Beach with my wife next month during our first anniversary. Would like to find a place that's nice, but more importantly, delicious (and not too far, because we'll definitely be having some wine!)

Have seen some posts on DB Bistro Moderne and Michelle Bernstein's place but I'm not really feeling it with them...We really just love good food so are very open to different cuisine but would like to keep it under $200 all in, if possible.

Thanks again.

Booked a Wedding at Monteverde... What was I thinking??

I called to check it out -- this is for the restaurant only (and they're not closing, just re-structuring). It does not apply to the Special Events division, which is separate. So, if anyone has had a wedding there and has any thoughts to share, it'd be most appreciated. Thanks!

Booked a Wedding at Monteverde... What was I thinking??

Where did you read that? They were definitely open yesterday, but this would be good information to have...thanks!

Booked a Wedding at Monteverde... What was I thinking??

To ShksprKate, TB2578, and anyone else who had their weddings there this year, how did they end up? We just went to visit and it was beautiful, but we came home to do research and found this...would love to know how your experiences turned out...

Rebecca's Latin Cuisine on Hoyt -- closed already???

I went over there last night to check it out but the gate was down, and when I called over there today, the phone just rang until I got disconnected.

Does anyone know the story?

Aug 19, 2009
astoriajb in Outer Boroughs

I Can't Find My Gazpacho Recipe!

Hi all,

I found this incredible gazpacho recipe somewhere online last year and cannot find it for the life of me. I'm sure I can wing it and make a version that is just fine, but the proportions were so good, I'd love to find it to use as a guideline. The thing that made it distinctive was that it called for soaking crusty bread in tomato juice and then blending it all together as the base for the soup.

Does anyone, by chance, know the recipe of which I speak? If you have it, or any ideas, please let me know.


Jul 02, 2009
astoriajb in Home Cooking

ISO Good Mexican Grocery in Brooklyn -- Any Ideas?

I live in Cobble Hill but would be willing to travel. I did a search and found a post from 2006 but am wondering if maybe there have been some new additions.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Apr 17, 2009
astoriajb in Outer Boroughs

Is my shrimp-gazpacho safe to eat?

sure, it's far from an exact recipe, but basically it's this:

four/five (depending on size) vine ripe tomatoes
two cucumbers (seeded) or get the hot house and don't worry about the seeds
one red onion
couple of celery ribs
one red bell pepper
few (or more) cloves of garlic
a serrano or a couple of jalapenos (seeds and ribs out)
approx 3 cups of tomato juice
**one thing i do is that i take some stale bread (just a few broken off pieces -- no crust) and soak it in one cup of the tomato juice while i'm chopping the veggies, and then i puree it before adding it into the adds just a bit of thickness to the soup that i like
salt and pepper and you're done.
i did the shrimp in a skillet on the stove with just salt and pepper and then chop them up and add them in after they've cooled.
hope you like it. i have been making it all summer without the shrimp, but i thought they were a nice addition, too.

Aug 06, 2008
astoriajb in Home Cooking

Is my shrimp-gazpacho safe to eat?

Hi all,

So I made shrimp-gazpacho on sunday night (it was delish). I want to have it again tonight but I don't have much experience with shrimp, and I'm worried that they might have gone bad in the interim. Usually I wouldn't worry and would just smell or try one, but since they've been sitting in with all the garlicky-vegetabley goodness, I thought maybe that would mask the smell/taste.

What do you guys think? Should I keep the shrimp on the side in the future if I'm not going to eat/serve the whole batch at once?

Thanks for your input!

Aug 06, 2008
astoriajb in Home Cooking

Moving to Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill/Carroll Gardens area -- Where is the best place to get produce?

hi all,

i'm moving from astoria (need to change my handle) to what i think is technically cobble hill/boerum hill but obviously close to carroll gardens, as well, and i'm curious as to where the best produce is, and where it is affordable.

thanks in advance for your help. any other neighborhood suggestions you have would be welcomed, too, obviously...

Jun 24, 2008
astoriajb in Outer Boroughs

Will I be rushed at The Orchard?

Have a 7pm res at the Orchard for next Saturday, but I'm worried we're going to be rushed out for another seating...I have out of town guests and we'll probably want to linger. Anyone have an experience on this either way?


Nov 29, 2007
astoriajb in Manhattan

Fort Greene delivery?

Hi all,

Recently moved to Fort Greene, near Lafayette and South Oxford...what are your delivery favorites for the area? All cuisines welcome...

Thanks in advance!

Oct 10, 2007
astoriajb in Outer Boroughs

this guy at my office is raving about arcos in astoria

but i don't know him well enough to trust his, tell me, has anyone been? is it that good?

May 09, 2007
astoriajb in Outer Boroughs

I'm feeling un-inspired! Recs for a downtown place with Lavagna-ish vibe, but not Lavagna, or necessarily Italian???

So, there's this all know the story. I want to go somewhere I haven't been before, and I was thinking maybe of Aroma, but I've read mixed reviews on the food. Just want it to be casual, relaxed, and tasty...any cuisine is fine, but no sushi. Somewhere downtown, east or west, doesn't matter.

Thanks so much.

Apr 20, 2007
astoriajb in Manhattan

Papatzul -- recent visits?

Was planning to go this evening but saw some less than stellar reviews from late last year...has anyone been lately? I'm wondering if it's hit its stride a bit now that it's been open longer?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Feb 23, 2007
astoriajb in Manhattan

fresh poblanos on the north shore?

anyone know where to get fresh poblanos near wilmette? does whole foods carry them?
thanks in advance

Nov 22, 2006
astoriajb in Chicago Area