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Cooks Illus. April 2010 Issue Tests Staub dutch oven Against Le Creuset

Which issue. I cant seem to find the article

Sep 24, 2010
yellowrose3502 in Cookware

99 Ranch Market Opening in Houston

rumor is that there will be one in Sugar Land by the end of 2010. I hope it is the Randall's on 6 and Austin Parkway.

Feb 28, 2010
yellowrose3502 in Houston

Stainless steel marks on Le Creuset bottom

I have the white on white Le Creuset. My stainless steel sink has left marks on the bottoms. I suppose it is from placing it in the sink to wash and moving it around in the sink creates the marks. The Barkeepers Friend has been uneffective. Also is the barkeepers friend abrasion going to eventually wear off the shiny surface of the enamel? Will the Le Creuset cleaner help get the stainlees marks off? Can I get back the shine that was once there?

Mar 11, 2007
yellowrose3502 in Cookware

taking the plunge into le creuset

Well, I like my Le Creuset. It is good that you can have a lifetime warranty with the Batali. However, it is rather new on the market compared to the LC. The warranty with the LC is tried and true. It is an 80 year old reputation behind it. You may not be able to get a Batali replacement in 10 years. So I would stick to the LC.

Jan 06, 2007
yellowrose3502 in Cookware

Le Creuset revisited

I second, you are dispecable. Taking advantage of a charitable org. Heh-heh I would have done the same. Ones garabage is anothers treasure.

Dec 19, 2006
yellowrose3502 in Cookware

taking the plunge into le creuset

According to the Sur le Table salesperson, He said that it is perfectly safe to use. If you have a bare spot, meaning no enamel left, just dot it with a little of olive oil or veg oil of some kind after you wash and dry it. It is just aesthetics.Even the grey we see on the rims is not bare cast iron, that is still a coating of a gray enamel.

Dec 15, 2006
yellowrose3502 in Cookware

taking the plunge into le creuset

Firstly, try not to use metal utensils to cook with. It will aggravate anything that may be going on. I have just recently began using LC and love it's performance. I do not cook with metal utensils nor do I serve with them, although I understand that serving is ok. But that one person that decides to scrape the bottom for the last bit may be the one that does the damage. I soak and then use one of those pampered chef plastic scrap cleaners they supply with their stoneware. Then, I use a mild sponge/scrub thingy with dish soap. Drain a few minutes and I hand dry. This may be overkill, but it is an investment.
The next generation can do as they see fit, but I wont have to watch (LOL)

Dec 14, 2006
yellowrose3502 in Cookware

Buying Le Creuset

Ebay is your best bet when it comes to discontinued colors. That green has been poppin up lately, but I haven't seen it in the 12 inch skillet. But it may only be a matter of time. William Sonoma used to carry the green. I'm not sure they still do. Check their website.

Dec 12, 2006
yellowrose3502 in Cookware

Stand Mixers--are they worth it?

I have a kitchenaid stand mixer and I don't know what I did without it. Pizza dough to kill for and the best whipped mashed potatoes. I have low cabinets so I have the model that has a leaver that lifts and lowers the mixer into the bowl. The one that lifts backwards would not work in the space I have. But, I find myself using it for all types of things. Cookie dough, pie crusts of course cakes too. So do it. Get a color you like. I went with the standard white, b/c I dont tend to be trendy. And get an extra bowl that really comes in handy at times.

Nov 25, 2006
yellowrose3502 in Cookware

taking the plunge into le creuset

I have recently experiened the joy of cooking with Le Creuset. I love it. I have a few kinks and old habits to break, since I have used Ultrex for years, yuck. I have a family of 6 give or take since 2 are in college and they come and go. I find the 5.5 qt and the 7.25 to be the most used. You also may want, but not need, a 5 qt oval for those different roast and stuff. but I have done the roast in the 7.25 and didn't miss the 5qt oval till I got it. Unfortunately, I collect the white, which was discontinued last year. I spoke to Sur Le Table salesperson and he says the blue #9 is going to be discontinued, replaced by darker cobalt. Anyone else heard? So if you like that shade, which I think is a classic better get going on getting the pieces. I think a mix of colors is great, alot of folks do that. I'm just too color blind for that that. Anyway, I think I just enjoy the hunt of getting discontinued stuff.
By all means start with those few pieces and you will be hooked.

Nov 22, 2006
yellowrose3502 in Cookware