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AGO's Frank aka Martha Wright found

I hate to say, but I've been to Frank 2x and I still miss Agora. The hostess and wait staff were overall good. The food was more refined at Agora. The moules frites were delightful with plump mussels and clams. The sauce base itself was nothing worth for the fries nor bread to be dipped in. Pancakes were nice, but I think I saw them serving a bigger size the week before. The smoked trout didn't need to be cooked so much, maybe heated, otherwise, you can't tell it was smoke trout or salmon. I've been to the Milford bay fish farm before, I know how their products tastes like, I continue to buy them at selected grocery stores in the city, but Frank spoiled it. The chocolate pudding was delectable with the salted caramel and the ginger cookie stick. Cappuccino was fine, not sure if they use Illy anymore, but I miss the biscotti. First week it didn't come with anything, second week it came with a chocolate. Hoping the biscotti will make it on the plate soon. My friends had tea, honey was unavailable. Seems like they are booked up for the next little while, so make your reservations if you’re planning to visit over the holidays!

Nov 23, 2008
Lumixd in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

AGO's Frank aka Martha Wright found

Over the AGO grand opening weekend an had brunch there. I had scones, scrambled eggs with truffle and mushrooms, ending with the upside down apple maple walnut cake. Understanding that they still in the trial stage, I miss Agora. Everything seemed more refined, from the space itself to the food. Scones tasted familiar like before, but it was dry at that seating. Truffle eggs had too much sauce. I prefer the scrambled eggs at Kultura with the truffle shavings on top. Simple and good. Cake had great presentation, but i rather they stick with the food like before. I miss the biscotti that comes with the cappuccino.

Nov 20, 2008
Lumixd in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Coming to TO this weekend, need food itinerary

Dinner in your area, I like Boba some people like Pangea

Brunch - a little on the expensive side would be at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), but the menu is usually nice. Otherwise, check out, I don't think they take reservations for brunch though. I'm used the line ups there if I go before 1pm.

Enjoy your weekdend!

Nov 22, 2006
Lumixd in Ontario (inc. Toronto)