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NY foodies in Bangalore

Yes, a co-worker suggested Anjappar Chettinad too. I'm very interested, it's near our office - since we have an Anjappar Chettinad in Milpetas California and I've been a number of times --- one of my favorites!

Yesterday, we went to Barbecue Nation, which I was skeptical about but did like the BBQ. I understand this is highly regarded locally. I think of that table-side BBQ as primarily Korean. Many things could have been done better - they dumped skewers helter-skelter on each other - but the kulfi was pretty good, and the spice level was reasonable. My colleagues did find the food overly spicy and had trouble with their stomachs, so we might be eating dinner separately the next few nights, as I found it spicy but not even close to overly spicy.

We didn't bother trying the thai soup or desi chinese dishes --- and I found them peculiar --- really, thai soup in a BBQ place?

Tonight it was Masala Dani, which is in the Paul hotel, close to Old Airport Rd & 100 feet, and a thankfully short walk from the Golflinks area. High tripadvisor rating, apparently. I was gobsmacked - this is no different from my favorite local california indian restaurant, except the flavors weren't as good, and my local place as solid dosas and a very nice vindaloo.

I really have bad luck in bangalore. Suggestions still welcome, although, vanderb, I'll take a look at what you've mentioned !

about 7 hours ago
bbulkow in India & South Asia

NY foodies in Bangalore

Thanks! It seems our office has fresh fruit and drinks, so I'm probably looking for dinner places in the area for our team.... I'll look these up.

NY foodies in Bangalore

Bump, not much bengaluru discussion here.

I'm working in what I think is Ejipura -- near 100 Feet Rd and Hosur Rd (actually closer to Srinivagilu and 100 Feet)

Any recommendations of any type ( actually, indian only ) requested

( from a SF bay area eater who eats more than my share of S Indian at home, and certainly not interested in Ital-Desi or whatever ).

2 days ago
bbulkow in India & South Asia

Berkeley's Pyramid Brewhouse Closes After 18 Years

So happy. This could be something much better.

Iyasare (former O Chame space) [Berkeley]

Went myself a few weeks ago. Sunday dinner. Went with a large eater so we sampled a lot of the menu. Very happy with the choices. Looks from your list like they change the menu up quite a bit.

Palo Alto/Menlo Park rant

Borrone MarketBar has closed. Sign about a family issue.

Zola in Palo Alto

What is it if under 10 years?

Cool policy.

Zola in Palo Alto

Zola is getting more crowded day by day. It's a small space (compared to Bon Vivant), so folks going should consider a reservation.

Two new indian in Mountain View and Sunnyvale

Have you tried Zareen's? Given their position - assuming Shoreline doesn't have anything on - it's very easy to get to.

Japantown area [San Francisco]

My mistake re: hayes valley. I meant western addition, which is entirely a different place.

Potrero Hill area? [San Francisco]

The 22 doesn't go up into the projects, I recommend that.

22nd and Tennessee is the Hell's Angels clubhouse. When I lived a block away, there was a statement about them "keeping the riff raff out", take it FWIW (that's dogpatch not p-hill, granted).

Japantown area [San Francisco]

I am not a fan of japantown per se. It's a peculiar semi-strip-mall thing - not at all like Chinatown. Given all the japanese in the city, I've never figured out why japantown exists at all, let alone in Hayes Valley ( which has a large black contingency, and is near the fillmore, which has jazz clubs as part of the "fillmore jazz district" ).

It is _central_ but don't expect much more.

You mention izakayas. Two of-the-moment are yuzuki, 18th st and Guererro, in the mission district.

Sozai is 16th ave and irving, which I guess is the inner richmond. Far away.

That being said, people are talking about Kou --- it's in the fillmore (not in japantown, really) and is not that far from The Kabuki. But if you have any designs of an older san francisco, slide into the boom boom room, John Lee Hooker's old joint.

Remember how I mentioned the 22 bus is useful? It runs two blocks from the Kabuki hotel, and will run you from there into the mission --- and also all the way out to marina green, where you can have a windswept lunch.

You can walk down to Polk Gulch. Check that on a map. If you're interested in the hipster SF, what the young kids are doing these days, check out the Regency for music, R Bar for Frenet shots, The Cinch for dancing.

Potrero Hill area? [San Francisco]

I lived in this nabe for quite a while and go back when I can.

Morning Coffee - Farley's, a real old school beat place. Don't bother with the espresso, though, they're terrible at it, just get the drip and hang out. Next door Hazel's is wonderful and you can eat your sandwitch at Farley's. Make sure to get yours with either Sour Roll or SF's own Dutch Crunch.

Bloom's Saloon - nice old place for a beer. An antitode to all the slick places in SF, with a great view.

Umi - stay away

Provender, Pera, Pepito, Plough - haven't tried, but all the previous restaurants in those spaces were always good

Mohica - average, probably not worth it for a short trip

Aperto - very neighborhood. Ital/French soul cooking, get the slow braised whatever it is.

Goat Hill - go if you have kids. Nabe standby but average at best.

Sunflour - never ate at their new location, always loved the Sea Bass and the Bahn Xeo at their old location in the mission.

Conneticut Yankee - there are better places nearby

Moshi Moshi - kind of fun, but probably not worth it if you have a short trip.

Down by 3rd - this is kind of a haul walking down and back up. It's short on the map, but a lot of vertical walking back.

Massive amount of new places.

I have always liked Serpentine, from the Slow Club people, because I like a burger at the bar and these guys are great at Burger at the Bar.

Just for You - if you like a big breakfast, go there. Get the beignet plate.

Dogpatch Saloon - a better place to drink (except maybe Blooms).

Mr and Mrs Miscellaneious - best ice cream in the city, closes early.

Yeild, Piccino, Third Rail - new to me

Almanac - had a beer of theirs in a bottle last weekend and IT'S AWESOME. This is the best beer near your place.

Smokestack - great place to sit out and have a beer and some meat. Own-beers and high end from nor-cal. Get meat by weight, one of the better new SF BBQ places.

Hard Knox - old-school diner. Somehow has gotten elevated in the mind of Yelp. It's still just a short order diner.

Re: transit. The 22 bus is the only real transit, but it's very useful. It runs in an L shape from P-hill to the mission, through the mission, to the marina. It runs fairly frequently - for muni - and has the usual stench of P and cast of characters.

You can also walk down to the MUNI (T line) at 3rd and ride that in. Seems to run infrequently - they put that in after I left the nabe.

You are lucky - that's a great area to stay in.

FYI, around late august people are coming into town to get settled and find apartments for the coming school year, or they're starting jobs Sept 1. The locals are either in Tahoe or at Burning man. It's an unusual weekend.

Mourad (from Aziza) [San Francisco]

I'm really interested in a report by someone who ate the tasting menu..... any experience, you or your wife?

Mourad (from Aziza) [San Francisco]

Gave it a shot tonight.

It's a good "business quality" place, with decent sepearation between tables, the ability to easily seat 12 in multiple places, and there were quite a few groups like that. At one point a dozen men in suits and ties trouped past from some interior dining room. One table had one guy hosting and the rest in golf shirts and shorts, so it's "tourist friendly".

Maybe a better, more 2015 Prospect, or RN74 but of the current moment not 2012.

That's damning with faint praise --- the food is pretty good, and worth a stop if tired of the "usual suspects". The tasting menu looked the best of all, with an interesting carrot dish that's off the menu, and half-a-dozen other things. I didn't see anyone getting the tasting menu, but it was a monday.

We ordered a la carte, and every dish had its high points. Nothing was super smack-dab wonderful, but everything was quite good.

Unlike goldangl95, we rather liked the cocktails. I had something a little savory and sweet, with peppercorns, GF had something with mescal and habenero that was well balanced. Either of those could have been made poorly.

Tomato dish - nice melange of tastes. "flatbread" very interesting. giant pastie thing - quite nice. Etc.

I would certainly schedule a business dinner there if I couldn't get into Perbacco.

Japanese restaurants in San Mateo?

The deck at Fish Market is not so bad, although I usually recommend the fish there. It's not the shrimp market.

Palo Alto/Menlo Park rant

Not as cool as I had hoped. Sigh. Should fit in FINE in palo alto.

Japanese restaurants in San Mateo?

Maybe you'll discover something great! Please report back...

Palo Alto/Menlo Park rant

A bit of Palo Alto "plywood report"

Taxim is no more. The name on the licence change is "crawfish fusion", which might be Gator the chef from San Mateo trying for a market that will appreciate him. In that I wish him luck but the palo alto market is terribly "trend driven".

There's a big sign for "crawfish fusion" near the train tracks somewhere near San Mateo, I see it from the train, but Yelp says the actual restaurant is downtown. The Taxim spot might work well, because it has a nice outdoor section.

Madame Tam and The Bar are closed. Surprised it lasted so long, they had a good shanghai crab but not as good as others, and the bar was low priced with OK bahnmi but nothing special. Did not take a peek at the license.

Very interested in reports of Zola + Bon Vivant. I think we had a bit of writing but...

Two new indian in Mountain View and Sunnyvale

When I'm in the mood for tandoori chicken I'll head for Shah. It was what everyone had on their plate.

As I mentioned, make sure you hit the SPICY button and not the VERY SPICY button.

Pizzeria Delfina

Glad you had some good food.... when you said "heading up the coast", where were you to-from? Just because there's a Palo Alto and Burlingame(?) Pizzeria Delfina and I wonder which one you ate at.

Re: what to eat at PD, they often have a good special that's hand-written into the menu, in PA.

Zombie Threads and First Time Posters

May I suggest that when search works better, you have more zombie threads, and when search works worse, you have more first time posters and short threads?

Jul 13, 2015
bbulkow in Site Talk

Japanese restaurants in San Mateo?

I thought I could help you out, but it looks most of my japanese mainstays in San Mateo are closed monday at lunch. Koko - dinner only. Sam's - closed monday. Mai - closed monday. Ginji - closed lunch monday. Ramen Parlor - closed monday. Wakuriya - closed mondey. On and on it goes. Even Mitsonobu, great for business lunches, is closed monday.

Here's all I can give you that's open for lunch on monday :

Himawari for Ramen. Mmmm, ramen. Kinda trendy.
Hotaru - I think I've eaten here and I think it was good.

Ramen dojo is slightly outside the downtown core but is open monday and very highly regarded.

Here's a list of places open monday lunch, maybe someone else can comment

Kagura Izakaya
Sozai Corner ( inside a market )
GyuKaku (new BBQ place)

Nola's in Palo Alto

It looks easier to make, fewer specialized ingredients. Will not return until I see some better menu action, hope they recover. Usually a place like this looses its NOLA flavor and never gets it back.

On a related note, Three Seasons around the corner is the same as its always been. It has its 10 year old menu and high prices, but my opinion of PA must be decreasing.... it seems almost tolerable.

Two new indian in Mountain View and Sunnyvale

re: Shah I found after two visits to Shah no reason to return, especially with their low meat quality.

Re: Satkar: I had the Samosa Chaat. I've had better elsewhere, sure (like nearby Paradise) but it was pretty good, especially the huge portion for the price. I believe the curry I had was Karai Chicken. "very spicy" was as such, and prices are extraordinarily reasonable ($10 for the dinner).

Two new indian in Mountain View and Sunnyvale

I ate all the dal. I've never eaten all the dal. I don't know quite the spice either.

Two new indian in Mountain View and Sunnyvale

Zareen's, in the Shoreline parking lot, near the theater, near the Sport Page. Real small - like 6 tables. Very fresh tasting and healthy mom and pop. Not overly spicy. Very popular now, with a 4.5 Yelp review, but rather worth it. Lots of young people, healthier menu, likely worth the yelp acclaim for a change. Small portions, though.

Satkar, on ECR just "south" (east) of 85. There's a number of new places in this stretch, but easy freeway access. A more standard north indian menu, but the dish I had was well cooked and popped well. Again, a mom and pop, maybe 7 tables, and the tastes showed. more like home cooking than you tend to get at established restaurants. re: spice level: They ask you about spice level (you know how I feel about that), and I said VERY spicy, but most of the Indians said spicy. The Very Spicy was nearly inedible, in a good way.

In both places, service is not the forte. Amaturish. Long waits, unbussed tables, etc. I think the food's worth the un-restaurant-ish service. They advertise, and do, a lot of take-out and delivery.

The second Aachi Aapakadi is not that far further down ECR, and is recommended. Need to try Himalayan Kitchen and Madras Cafe.

Nola's in Palo Alto

The crabcakes and boudin bites you wrote about are off the menu.

Exactly examples of the kinds of changes I've seen in the last 6 months that are very disheartening.

Nola's in Palo Alto

I know this is an 11 year old thread, but I've been recommending NOLA for years.

No longer.

They've taken a number of my favorites off the menu, like the Cover Tribute Burger. There used to be a gator dumpling thing that was fun.

I'm all for changing up a menu, but it's now simply blander and less interesting.

I think the drinks are getting worse, too. I had a sazerac that was watery, when a sazerac should be a two-fisted drink.

No more, sorry, nola, someday again perhaps but no time soon.

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

There was nothing wrong with Indian Oven. Nothing all that great about it, in my experience. Solid, maybe.