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Attic San Mateo: solid Filipino

It seems heavily Filipino and the wise money is to order as such.

I didn't see any other reports on it -- have you been there?

about 7 hours ago
bbulkow in San Francisco Bay Area

Plum Bar - Oakland

Had a great drink at Plum Bar last weekend. Came in on the early side (like, 5:45) on a saturday (went over to Hawker Fare then to a party). The place was almost empty, so the head bartender (sporting very fine facial hair) and I rapped about drinks for a bit. He had been thinking of Amaro and made me a twist on a "black prince" that was exactly the kind of drink I had in mind. When GF showed up, she looked at the drink menu but I just said "talk to him" and he ended up making her a very classic daqueri but on the sweet side. Excellent experience.

Help with a Japanese Restaurant Recommendation

Excellent idea although beware with toddlers.

Quince is one of the stuffiest restaurants in san francisco and I feel uncomfortable there without a jacket. They would tolerate kids in the front lounge but you might not be happy. Or you might, just be warned.

I can't think of anywhere else within a few blocks that would make sense. Cigar bar is underappreciated but not fancy enough, for example. Bix is very cool and maybe if you go early enough is perfect, but not really a toddler place.

Attic San Mateo: solid Filipino

I wandered around San Mateo this evening, and ended up at The Attic. It's a higher end Filipino place, with a downstairs bar and an upstairs restaurant --- with a nice bar area. I had the sisig, which I don't know much about. This sisig was the best pork dish, as good as the best carnitas. Worth a stop.

Food at terminal I at airport

Before security, I go for tempura soba at Ebisu, or Burger Joint.

Beyond security, I suggest Andale (depending on which side).

Palo Alto/Menlo Park rant

Ever since the varsity closed as a theater, everyone had always said it would make a great cafe. Borders was a bit of an intrusion, this HanaHaus thing seems indicative of Palo Alto today.

Sure, they'll fund it for a while. When's the next crash coming?

Palo Alto/Menlo Park rant

If you thought I was somehow misinformed about HanaHaus being a marketing ploy for SAP, here's a press release:

And a rather excellent quote about Oracle's greatest competition getting behind Java

Palo Alto/Menlo Park rant

Thanks for the tip.

Two blocks down (more toward the center) is Cafe Zoe, which brews Verve last time I checked. They are not as fanatical as Backyard, but they do make a nice cup.

RWC doesn't have the awful rent pressures of Palo Alto, so we might expect better coffee.

Palo Alto/Menlo Park rant

They didn't bother to tell me.

best authentic indian food in the bay area?

If you're interested in AUTHENTIC indian there's no comparison between the south bay and SF or Berkeley. Vic's is a fine start but it's a pretty basic menu.

I would point anyone to the two chettinad places in the south bay as the first point in exploration. That's Anjappar Chettinad and Aachi Aapakadi.

You'll have to get out of the north indian frame of mind, try some Nethili Fry, some Chicken Chettinad. Both of these places don't know how to dumb down their dishes for westerners. I don't find them terribly hot, but all have a serious kick.

Also true that home-made indian is just in another class compared to restaurant indian.

Palo Alto/Menlo Park rant

i am here checking it out. for some of you who might wonder, the name comes from the product of german software giant SAP, which has a database named Hana. this is, essentially, a giant marketing ruse of a massive company to attract millenial programmers.

that being said, the interior is amazing. the courtyard is reconditioned, the tile had been revived. the most interior section is a three buck an hour rent a seat shop ( workshop on montgomery in sf serves stumptown and is 2 bucks a seat an hour). reservations required, which is sorely necessary in pa. music was grungy punk.

on to the coffee. oh, bluebottle, how far you have fallen.

while the espresso pull was not the 5 second nightmare from a recent bb oakland visit, it is more of a crowd pleaser than a really citrus 3rd wave cup. it was, as i would say, "ok". syphon is available and the food smells good.

i think we can say that palo alto has a proper hipster hangout, but it is watered down version. for the real deal you'll still have to go to backyard in rwc or red rock in mv (single origin).

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Not berkeley but make mine a #3a or #7 from Hazel's on dutch crunch. Potrero Hill.

Chef Zhao Bistro [San Mateo]

Does this mean the Mt View location will suffer? The owner always seemed an impressive scowling presence.

Hunan Garden as Mandarin Roots (Palo Alto)

Finally got here, resolved to try more. The place seems a little hurting for business due to the location.

Many of the "small plates" are clearly where the action is. A duck spring roll was better than at Xahn. there's a lot of menu to explore.

Still, the food could use more "flavor". I'm not sure I'm ready to recommend it. I did LIKE it, though.

Atmosphere very nice. Indoor, outdoor, well decorated, friendly staff.

Barrone expansion: Menlo Park

There's a container of equipment by the street next to BBC.

Peeking in the windows, the glorious old bar is gone.

Maybe next incarnation won't be food/drinks?

Tokyo Subway will be replaced by another japanese restaurant. Hopefully they'll do more teppanyaki.

Great places near AT&T park [San Francisco]

Few here would recommend boulevard, search, and it's 1.4 miles. If you like that kind of thing, you might try Prospect - it's a little closer and still has the pleasant walk along the embarcadero to the game. I went once --- "standard high end fare".

If you're looking for high-end, you might consider Saison or Benu. Marlowe Fringale are far more likely to suit you.

smatbrat's list is pretty good; my personal favorite from it is FlyTrap. Add Zero Zero. If you asked me one spot right now, I'd look for Cockscomb because who isn't a Cosentino fan and I haven't been yet? 0.4 mile walk.

One of my personal favorites is Serpentine and Smokestack, but it's 1.4 miles, but you just hop the T train that's right outside.

You might like Tres since you mentioned mexican. It's not "down home" --- it's gussied up a bit with higher quality meats --- but the carnitas is quite good.

Xinjiang style skewer roundup

Of course, my mistake. I've been meaning to go to Xi An Gourmet, it's just far outside my usual orbit.

Great places near AT&T park [San Francisco]

Good list. How close are you talking about, tstrum?

There are so many new places down there --- my information is too dated to share.

Yahoo Says Best Chinese "Restaurant" In California is Something Called The Chairman Truck

I like the chairman when I'm interested in a quick fun fusion-y bite, but I don't make a point of tracking it down, and of course KK is correct in the particular dish they do and its trendiness.

There is no way it's the best chinese in california. That's just ignorant.

Yelp is terrible for chinese (worse than other restaurant types). Part is the chinese "give people what they want" attitude - they'll put general's chicken and mongolian beef on any menu, even if they make a terrible version. Part is yelpers who don't know much about chinese food.

One chinese place I'm fond of is Su Hong in Palo Alto. Large menu, good XLB, they treat white people OK (there's an old thread, some my earliest posts to chowhound, here Melanie describes how to get the "special menu"), hand shaved noodles, interesting specials if you chat up the staff. While it's not the best in california either, the 1 star reviews are ugly, and the place is worth far more than 3 stars. The local subway is 3.5 stars.

Palo Alto rehearsal dinner

You should focus on places that are quiet (you'll have some old people), have good chill/mingling space.

I would strongly suggest Vino Locale. It flies below the radar, is more like an excellent backyard party, has a fire pit, and I'm sure you can work with them to get the menu you like. They have a roster of good live musicians they can recommend - whoever books there (the owner?) has really good taste. Their kitchen is miniscule, so they'd want to do small plates circulating or buffet instead of individual plates for 40 delivered at the same time.

One of my favorites for this kind of thing was always Zibbibo, they had enough room, various spaces they would rent, good price/performance, but they're closed.

Reposado is OK because you can get the upstairs area, that's about the right size. Then the party has the whole area. The place can be waaaay too noisy. I would call the food uneven - that is, they have a few killer dishes like cocinta pibil and beer can chicken and street tacos, but it seems like they serve a lot of Chevys Mex because the audience demands it. I would not recommend Reposado, in the end.

Instead, you'll want to look at Gravity, which is in the same restaurant group. They have an upstairs space which would be perfect, and the food is decent but not mind blowing. Wine list is nice though. there are stairs going up although they must have an elevator for ADA code.

Delfina outdoors would be lovely. Really, really lovely - near the top of your list. That should be about half of the outdoors area, and they should let you mingle for the right price.

Nola, which I'm fond of generally, took its excellent Clover Burger off their menu at dinner, so I am boycotting. It's good because there are multiple rooms - it's a warren - so you can get a private dining type experience. Food's pretty good but a little casual.

Joya is a bit classier than most places, they can probably do it. I did a smaller private dinner there once. Like most places in PA, there are 10 to 15 person private rooms (like at Tamerine) but not for 35-40. I find the place a little overpriced and "vegas" but depending on your crowd might be OK, again, depending on where in the restaurant they would offer.

Lure and Till is worth contacting. Relatively new on the scene, they're a hotel restaurant, but a pleasant one. They are part inside, part outside. Food is pretty good but expensive for what you get.

For before or after, you might consider a buyout of The Wine Room. It's about the right size, and is a very classy chill space.

If any other "train towns" are available, I'd suggest LB Steaks in MP (not very californian but the steaks are good and they have two private areas), Left Bank (it's really large back there, and the food is surprisingly good), Ibera (weird owner but pleasant vibe). In RWC you'd go to Martin's West or board favorite Donato Enoteca or maybe Quinto Sol.

Xinjiang style skewer roundup

This place is in chinatown and I had the skewers. Pretty good char, not much spice. As its on the same block as notoriously dumbed down places and gets a lot of tourist-looking trade, I'd send the OP elsewhere.

Raw Milk?

Whole Foods Palo Alto, Whole Foods Los Altos has both.

The turn-over at those stores seems to keep milk fresh, but you can also ask.

Ava's in Mountain View wasn't mentioned because it didn't exist at time of post.

Raw Milk?

There are a variety of techniques a cheese producer will use to make raw milk safe, including heating & holding temp during the cheesemaking process but not all the way to pasteurization, combined with the aging process. I visited Bohemian Creamery for a tour and the owner takes local raw milk and draws it just barely over the legal limit before starting the cheese process. She has the legal documentation to prove every batch, but one could easily see how a producer in another country could do a bit less, knowing the aging process overcomes a lot of bacteria.

And, of course, aged raw milk cheese is legal in california.

Private Dining for marriage proposal

Quality of hotel room service is rarely discussed here. A fine question: best hotel with a view + room service food.

The St Regis, for example, has "astor suites" which are corner rooms with floor-to-ceiling and far less than the buy-out on a 12-person private dining. ($400 prepaid doesn't sound awful, and you get to spend the night, unlike a restaurant). Ame is not a bad restaurant.

Or maybe delivery is the best option ?

If someone was trying to whisk me off my feet, they'd order 12 courses of take-out from 12 different restaurants. The best 12 dishes of the entire city. Delivered.

Small, soft chocolates?

Walked down Columbus street, remembered XOX, have a medium box.

These are now quite "cheap" by gourmet standards and stunningly good.

Sichuan And More At J X Cuisine In Santa Clara

Very, very convenient to the Kaiser complex. Not cheap. Tasty.

Candyfreak - where to find obscure candy bars?

Rocket Fizz
250 University Ave
Palo Alto

--- lots of bizarre japanese candies I can't read, lots of other stuff too. It's Palo Alto, don't go expecting low prices.

New Shanghai Dumpling King? Less than a block from my house? [San Francisco]

Must be interesting technique.

Oil at water temperature doesn't fry / brown.

Water at hot oil temp gets exciting - flashes to steam often spattering oil and creating flame.

I really thought at Yang's I saw mostly-steamed going into the oil wok, but admittedly I was a few feet away. I remember the oil bubbling in such a way that water might have been involved, and it's hard to tell exactly how cooked something is.

Any hints to the actual technique would appease the curious.

Donato Enoteca, Redwood City

We drive to HMB occasionally to eat at Pasta Moon. If we're in RWC on that street we'll eat at Martin's West or Vesta.

It seems there are perhaps a couple of key dishes at DE, which apparently I haven't had. That may color opinions.

If you're coming over the hill from HMB on 92, you're in San Mateo, and the strengths are Japanese and Chinese. There are a couple of "californian" places that I haven't tried yet and haven't been discussed here: Block 34, Vault 164, 31st Union.

When I'm in HMB, I always have a good, fun meal at San Benito House. They used to have the full kitchen going, looks like it's just bar food at the moment.

Donato Enoteca, Redwood City

Looks like you want something fancy-ish --- did you consider Village Pub ? I'm not one of the Donata Enoteca fans, I agree they are "competent".