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Panda Dumpling in Redwood City

Surprised it lasted this long. There was never anyone inside. The dumplings were fine but iDumpling around the corner had a broader menu and was always more hopping.

Golden Sallow's menu looks like fairly standard "mandarin" / (american). I don't see too many unusual and cool dishes.

Zola in Palo Alto

Thanks for the location information. I didn't end up getting to the roast shop.

If one is coming from Los Altos, I think Red Rock (MV)'s single origin bar pulls as well as anyone in the bay area.

Zola in Palo Alto

All rumors say Blue Bottle will open a real shop (not the Fraiche Blue Bottle) in the old Varsity Theater space, which has a great cozy downstairs available. There hasn't been much construction there yet, so don't hold your breath.

Zola looks like a semi-straight-ahead french (what's with all the brasserie cooking?), and I guess it's in the old Monique's chocolate space, down from Bon Vivant. According to other sites, it's very crowded for an opening because of the Portola Kitchen buzz.

Will check it out.

Aly's on Main ::: RWC

I hope this place is doing ok! I walked by a few times and it's too empty. Rarely made our list of places to go....

San Jose/Peninsula tonight

Great, Jang Su Jang would be on any Korean list of the south bay. Sounds like you had an interesting meal.

In case you haven't figured out, nothing in Korea is spicy, compared to spicy dishes in Thailand, India, China, and Mexico. That was my experience in Korea as well, so I don't think the effect was discrimination.

Alkymists: palo alto: worth a try

Huh. The "owner" who "pulled the plug" was the previous owner, so knew what the space should pull in. Looks like the "root cause" wasn't exposed.

It's a shame for a lot of reasons, but especially that the space is very nicely decorated. Hopefully someone will make good with it.

San Jose/Peninsula tonight

Aachi Aappakadai

There's a few SF restaurants that have chettinad dishes on the menu, but no fully chettinad places.

S.F. cooks up plan to grow food and beverage manufacturing - San Francisco Business Times

The old produce warehouse area (south of dogpatch, on the other side of Islay Creek would seem a possibility - that big flat area between 280 and 101. There's already small food processing companies in the american can building (dogpatch proper).

These operations don't require much space.

Alkymists: palo alto: worth a try

As of 8pm Fri Nov 7, hand-taped sign in the window saying "closed for remodel". Too bad, I was looking forward to this place settling down and being a positive influence on Palo Alto --- hopefully it's a minor glitch.

Custom Cake for wife's "40"...

Any help on which part of the bay area you're in? All this discussion about the east bay.

I've always liked the looks of Studio Cake in Menlo Park but haven't tasted it.

Detour to La Casita Chilanga 2, Redwood City

Do love that Tesorito, agree fully. And a great value.

Lunch rec for San Jose...

Re: train food, I tried Cuisinette in San Carlos this week (right across from the station). Very impressed, for a neighborhood spot.

It's not a destination restaurant, but I don't love a lot of the restaurants in San Carlos. There's the refuge, but it's sometimes small and crowded. There's Lilliquoi, but it's more of a nightspot. There's Town, if you like well dressed people and average food. There's blue line, but I get a lot of pizza at work. Limon is a little fancy for most days.

Cuisinette is just a straight down the middle of the road french place. Really french. Really comforting. It's the perfect lunch spot or casual dinner, with just _tasty_ food. The definition of an excellent neighborhood place.

Lunch rec for San Jose...

Really depends what you like. If you take all the caltrain stops into account, there are literally 1000's of restaurants within a walk of a caltrain station. at least 100 in MV, another 100 at Palo alto, etc etc.

Michelin 1 star - Chez TJ, mountain view
Michelin 2 star - Baume, california ave
--- outside your price range :-)

I am addicted to the falafels at Med Delight. The pizzas at Double Zero in MV are good. The best beer near a train station is probably Stein's in MV. Chinese is harder because the Millbrea places are a bit of a hike from the station. Good burritos at Pancho Villa in San Mateo. For a combination of atmosphere and food I would recommend Barrone in MenloPark (cafe but good). For _coffee_ I would recommend RedRock in MV or Backyard in RWC. BlueLine pizza is good - stuffed - in MV and Burlingame.

Really, what do you like?

Dozens become sick at NAACP gala at Redwood City Sofitel

If there's an outside caterer, of course the hotel's not at fault.

This is why most hotels have strict lists of outside caterers they work with .... I bet sofitel's gets a bit stricter after this.

Two questions about Straus cream-top milk

I bet that's the understory of what TJ said to you. Stopped selling.... at the same price. Happy to sell at 5% more.

Quiet place for a drink downtown?? [San Francisco]

One unusual idea: the Hotel Utah in the little upstairs nook. If you're on the early side (before the bars) it can be reasonable.

What about the bar at Osha Thai, the space that used to be a Max's near the convention center?

It's actually a hard question.

Dozens become sick at NAACP gala at Redwood City Sofitel

I've had half-a-dozen business breakfasts at Sofitel, and always rather liked it. They do a "continental" with a solid french press, and it's a quiet place on a weekday.

Palo Alto Notes

1) TaiPan - I enjoyed watching the 7th game of the world series at Tai Pan in Palo Alto. There was no one at the bar, the staff left us in peace. A bit more festive attitude - and a clear TV signal - would have been better, but dim sum and world series seems so californian. And, the dim sum really is quite good. I always hated how stuff the dining room is --- now that we know about the bar, we might have a plate or two there more often. Also claims to have a happy hour.

2) University Cafe is now Local Union 271 (or something like that). The place has raised prices, but the prices on some things are still pretty good (for palo alto). Yelpers are slamming the place a bit because their favorite food is not quite the same or more expensive, but, for now, the place is a solid well sourced place with nice outdoor seating that's not crowded.

SF Alternative to Slanted Door?

When pressed, I consider Chaya and OneMarket. Although not board favorites, they're pretty tasty. Above Prospect and others, and reservations are usually available until the last minute.

New Yorker looking for quintessential San Francisco cheap eats 2014

I find epic to be a rather generic fancy place with little SF flavor. Nice view and decent burger, sure. Maybe in 50 years it'll have some patina of character --- not yet, though.

New Yorker looking for quintessential San Francisco cheap eats 2014

Dear god. That's the most brilliant idea ever.

New Yorker looking for quintessential San Francisco cheap eats 2014

I don't think any of these burger mentions are worthwhile to a NYC'er. Just about every bar has a solid burger. In retrospect, I would really only suggest Zeitgeist because of the scene.

Re: "coder trough", this is almost a good reason to go, for a visitor. See the coders, don't put your fingers in the cage.

Comal - Berkeley

South San Fran Dinner Reccs

You're in luck, there is a killer sushi joint, Sakae, that locals go to. Typically one spends $100/pp to $200/pp. One of the other great sushi places - more "down home" - is Sushi Sam's in San Mateo (15 minute cab). That place has lower end atmosphere (Formica tables) but the fish is awesome. Order the whiteboard. I can't think of when I've ever gotten out of there for less than $75/pp. Also, I don't go for sushi on mondays (thursday and friday are great). I'm sure Sakae flies in fish most days.

That's why vincentlo is suggesting trucks: you'll get out the door closer to $30/pp.

Seriously, millbrae is the king of chinese. It's hard to keep track of what's good there, I would send you to Shanghai Dumpling Shop, it's one of the "standards" and the XLB is A-OK.

Ajanta October 2014 [Berkeley]

Ajanta is in Berkeley at the top of Solano ave.

It's an interesting restaurant because of the "specials" ( a monthly rotation of 3 dishes ) but I've always found the place a bit "subtle"... low on taste, so I rarely ate there when I lived in that neighborhood.

Two questions about Straus cream-top milk

So he's asking about the Strauss glass bottles?

Or is he asking about the TJ branded "cream top" milk that happened to usually be Strauss ?

Two questions about Straus cream-top milk

Are you specifically asking about TJ creamtop, or Strauss-in-glass?

Cubano with Falling Apart Roast Pork, not Usual Sliced and Dry?

Not exactly what you're asking for, but the El Tesorito at Casita Chilanga #2 in Redwood City is very close to what you're asking about, and very tasty. It's a mexican torta, it uses falling apart juicy carnitas, and the condo mints.

New Yorker looking for quintessential San Francisco cheap eats 2014

That's a pretty solid starting list.

I concur with RL that the Ferry Building is not the droids you're looking for. It's hard to have a decent meal there for $20. Sure, you can shop around and find something, but it's not CHEAP. Except maybe when the Roli Roti truck is outside ... but the lines for that is a bit much (I don't want to spend 30 minutes of my vacation in a line).

Here's a list of sorts. At this price point there are often compromises. I'm factoring in a little "what might be different or interesting for NYC-ers".

Shanghai Dumpling King
-- in SF, we roll our XLB more shanghai than shanghai joe's.
La Oaxaquena
-- I love oaxacian. Don't know how much there is in NYC.
Gordo Taqueria (if you're out there)
-- I am addicted to their carnitas. get a _regular_ so it's not drowned out
Tu Lan
-- this is an "institution" of SF. Love it or hate it, it's one of the well known holes in the wall, and downtown where good cheap eats are rare
-- I haven't been there, but the reviews are good, and I love japanese curry.
Tommy's Joynt
-- an institution. I don't love it, but everyone goes or hangs out there from time to time.
HDR coffee shop
-- korean tacos. Got a nod from the "best taqueria in america" contest, although it was derided for even making the cut, and dropped out early. right in the middle of hipster SOMA in an interesting way.
Terra Cotta Warrior
-- Haven't been, and maybe boring if you like Xi'an Famous, or interesting, if you like Xi'an Famous and want to see another cut at it.
-- a burger and a beer here is quintessentially SF.

Cheap eats you should consider: Ramen is not quite the white-hot craze as it is in NYC, and the really good places are not in SF. Still, hunt around - look for Melanie's list. BBQ sandwiches. Places like SmokeStack (which has the very excellent M&MM) will sell you some solid BBQ and a beer at a high price for a BBQ and a beer, but under your limit. BBQ has been surging here in the last year.

Of all the burgers in the city, SuperDuper get a huge rep now, I thought they were only OK. In n Out should make your list if you haven't had one simply to compare with Shake Shack. I like Mo's in north beach. Stay away from Umami.

If you can catch the popups, they're worth eating

Cream. This place is so crazy popular it's not funny. I literally haven't been because of the lines - it's usually a 30 minutes wait down here in PA. There's one in SF.

I am leaving out stuff on RL's list.

There are a LOT of taquerias in the mission.

Coffee, pastries, lunches and happy hours/beer/cocktails for a greedy BC Hound please

I forget, have you tried SmokeStack over on 3rd?

The two places are similar in a lot of ways, but I was more impressed by smokestack.