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Lunch near Convention Center

Thank you for the tip - looked at their website, and it appears to fit the bill!

Apr 07, 2013
jamiejay in Dallas - Fort Worth

Lunch near Convention Center

Can anyone recommend a good lunch spot within walking distance of the Dallas Convention Center? Would prefer something with a southwestern, BBQ, or Tex-Mex bent, but would be interested to hear about anything good. Thanks!

Apr 03, 2013
jamiejay in Dallas - Fort Worth

Emeril's Atlanta Closing.

I suspect there won't be too many tears shed about this news ....

What I find to be more interesting about the Business Chronicle story is how many other out-of-town "celebrity chefs" are going to be opening restaurants here in the near future. None of the descriptions sound particularly alluring to me. Atlanta's food scene sorely needs more good neighborhood restaurants, not more high-end corporate money pits.

Holeman and Finch - Atlanta

My wife and I enjoyed an early dinner last night at Holeman and Finch in Atlanta, the new "gastropub" concept from Restaurant Eugene's Linton Hopkins. The atmosphere was sophisticated (but not stuffy), the service was prompt and efficient, and the plates that we shared were delicious. As we were in something of a hurry to make it to a concert, we only had a chance to sample three of the offerings: (1) romaine salad with blue cheese and candied bacon, (2) skirt steak with scallion and creamed potatoes, and (3) a pasta carbonara dish. All three were excellent, with the eggy -- is there such a word? -- carbonara being a particular highlight. The menu contained a number of other tempting choices that we just didn't have the time (or the appetite) to taste last night, including sweetbreads, bratwurst with kraut, catfish fingers, a charcuterie plate, and crawfish beignets. I would describe the menu as something of a Southern spin on tapas. None of the plates we saw were particularly large, so the menu offers a good opportunity to sample lots of flavors. Our only quibble last night was that we had to bring our own bottle of wine, as the restaurant's liquor license has not yet issued. (We were told that they should be receiving it any day.) Bonus feature: the restaurant is open until 1:30 a.m., making this a welcome addition to our fair city's rather meager late night dining scene.

Atlanta recommendations

In the VA-HI area, I will second the recommendation of La Tavola. It's a warm, inviting space, and the dishes I've had there have been consistently good. For Mexican, you might consider trying Sala for creative Mexican cooking and good drinks in a lively setting. For a restaurant in a similar vein, but better than Tavola or Sala (in my opinion), I'd recommend venturing a mile or so out of VA-HI and trying Tierra, which serves delicious South American fare and features a terrific list of mostly Argentine and Chilean wines. Tierra is on Piedmont Road, about 1/2 mi. south of Monroe Drive.

In East Atlanta, my favorite inexpensive dining spot is The Earl, which serves good burgers and sandwiches in a pleasingly ramshackle setting. If you go there on the right night, you might also catch some good music. For inexpensive Mexican, I hear good things about La Casita, though I have not tried it.

You will not find particularly good Chinese food in any of the neighborhoods you listed. For the best Chinese cuisine in town, you will need to trek to Buford Highway. There are many good places in that area. Two of my favorites are Canton House (best dim sum in town) and Little Szechuan.

Al fresco in Atlanta?

Other options to consider:

Las Palmeras (5th St, Midtown): Good Cuban food on a quiet residential street. Call ahead, as they have a tendency to be closed more often than your average restaurant.

Baroanda (Peachtree St, near the Fox): Delicious thin-crust pizza and other well-executed Italian dishes, complemented by a nice list of mostly Italian wines. Though the restaurant's entrance is on Peachtree, the outdoor seating area runs along a side street, and it is quite pleasant.

Sala (North Highland Ave, Virginia-Highland): Creative, upscale Mexican food with tasty margaritas, just north of the heart of VA-HI.

The Earl (East Atlanta): Solid pub food, with the best original live rock music in town in the back room. Not the place to go if you are bothered by cigarette smoke.

This is the second time today I have replied to an Atlanta-related post seeking hints for outdoor dining. (The other one sought information on take-out spots near Piedmont Park.) Global warming is a bummer, but it sure does expand the opportunities to enjoy outdoor dining, particularly in a climate like Atlanta's.

ATL: deli near piedmont park?

I would also consider take-out from the Bread Garden, in the Amsterdam Walk shopping center off Monroe Drive. It's a rather grim, unattractive space ... but they are neck-and-neck with Alon's as the best bread bakers in town, and their sandwiches are divine. And since you'll be taking out, you won't have to endure the grim, unattractive space for very long.

People also rave about Metrofresh, which is in the Midtown Promenade shopping area. They serve healthy soups, salads, and sandwiches.

On a junkier tip, you can pick up tasty cheese steaks from Woody's, at the juncture of Monroe and Virginia.

Seeger's in Atlanta is Closing - Again

It is really too bad that Seeger's couldn't get its act together. The food was wonderful. Unfortunately, the service and overall attitude were erratic. I described some of my own experiences with the restaurant's eccentricities in this thread:

Best Chocolate in Paris?

Looks like I will be visiting many chocolate shops on my upcoming visit to Paris!

Let me add one more to the mix: Debauve & Gallais, on rue des Saints-Peres near the church of Saint Germain des Pres, makes wonderful chocolates. Plus, they are situated in a lovely old building and their displays are beautiful. I highly recommend paying them a visit!

Dec 12, 2006
jamiejay in France

Woodfire Grill ATL (first visit coming up)

I have enjoyed the wood-roasted chicken (served with frites last time I had it.) Also, I had a ceder-planked salmon dish that was quite good at Woodfire. In terms of the appetizers, it is fun to try the olive oil tasting.

I happen to really like Woodfire Grill. Along with Watershed, Sotto Sotto, and just a few others, it is the type of restaurant I wish our city had more of: good food, a solid wine list, reasonable prices (considering the quality), and a cozy atmosphere that is not trying to be a "scene."

Expense account in Atlanta

I am a little surprised that Seeger's only shows up on two of the responses above. My wife and I believe it is the finest restaurant in the city, and it is the only Atlanta restaurant listed in the Relais & Chateaux guide. We have dined there 6 or 7 times over the years, and every meal has been wonderful. It is the type of place where every bite is a revelation. Plus, they have a strong -- though very pricey -- wine list with many unusual selections from Burgundy, Rhone and Alsace.

To be sure, we have always found Seeger's to be eccentric. Upon arriving, diners are seated in a bar/anteroom, where they are served cocktails and where they place their order for dinner. (Nothing unusual about the former, but Seeger's is the only fine restaurant I've ever been to where orders are not taken at the table.) Service at Seeger's can be awkward. On one occasion, I asked a waiter to explain the difference between "California foie gras" and "Sonoma foie gras," both of which were listed on the menu. After being told that "Sonoma is a county in California" - you don't say! - I was given a lengthy explanation that ultimately seemed to conclude that "Sonoma foie gras" and "California foie gras" were the same thing. On the same occasion, my wife and I were seated at an upstairs table, at which they placed us side-by-side, facing a large painting of a sultry, bare-breasted woman. Don't get me wrong, neither of us have anything against sultry, bare-breasted women, but it struck us as odd artwork for the type of restaurant that Seeger's is. (If you go to Seeger's, be sure to reserve a table in the lovely downstairs main dining room, as sitting upstairs feels removed from the action.)

All that said, Seeger's is a superb restaurant. It would be my first choice for an expense account splurge in Atlanta. With all due respect to Bacchanalia -- which is very good in its own right -- I think that Seeger's offers a more "one of a kind" experience.

One Star Prices on New Year's Eve?

Thanks to both of your for your replies -- just trying to reach a comfort level that these prices were not unduly high.

We made a reservation at Jacques Cagna (at 290e per person). We'll post a review once we get back from our trip!

Dec 06, 2006
jamiejay in France

One Star Prices on New Year's Eve?

I posted recently seeking recommendations for a good New Year's Eve "splurge" restaurant in the 5th, 6th or 7th. Though I didn't receive any replies on this board, I have done some independent research in the meantime. We have checked with several "one-star" restaurants regarding their New Year's Eve "prix fixe" menus, and we are finding that prices tend to range between 250 and 300 euro per person, not including wine.

I understand that New Year's Eve in Paris tends to be celebrated more luxuriously than here in the States, and that restaurants commonly prepare a special feast that is more elaborate than their typical menu. However, 250-300 euro per person seems awfully high. Is this simply what we should expect, or are there some nice restaurants that offer more affordable prices? Would love to be enlightened about this ... thanks!

Nov 29, 2006
jamiejay in France

New Year's Eve Dinner in Paris?

One clarification to the rather broad post above: we are staying in the Saint-Germain area, and would prefer something in the 5th, 6th, or 7th Arr.

Nov 22, 2006
jamiejay in France

New Year's Eve Dinner in Paris?

My wife and I will be in Paris for New Year's Eve. We know that many of the restaurants prepare special New Year's Eve prix fixe menus, and we want to go out for a splurge. Any suggestions?

Nov 22, 2006
jamiejay in France