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Restaurant Suggestion - Amherst area

Your best bet is Judies. Here's the link:


If you have a Whole Foods in the area, they carry Iggy's bagels which are huge. Their own bagels are good, too.

i top my pancakes with...

Real maple syrup-grade A dark amber.....yum

Mar 11, 2009
OverTheHill in General Topics

Gourmet Foods

Gourmet food reviews are available from The Nibble:

Also, IGourmet has customer reviews of many of their products as well as Amazon.

Feb 25, 2009
OverTheHill in General Topics

Oh Shit, Kashi!

It's called "Staying in Business" or "Reality of the Marketplace".

Who do you think owns Cascadian Farms and Muir Glen? How about General Mills!

Now Kashi and Cascadian Farms are in regular supermarkets and can stay in business without charging an arm and leg.

Feb 19, 2009
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Where to buy live lobsters in Noho area?

Big Y on King St steams live lobsters for you.

Big Mamou

Thanks, I won't be going there with my Volvo. Do you know that there are republican Volvo drivers in Amherst? We eat, too ;-)

Easter Lunch Northampton/Hadley/Amherst, Mass

You won't find a better restaurant than the Blue Heron. 5 minutes north of Amherst.

Name of bakery near Florence, MA ?

Bread Euphoria 206 Main Street Haydenville, MA 01039. 413 268-7757 is what you might be thinking of. It's past Florence before Williamsburg on Rte 9.

Whole Foods Birthday Cakes? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

For Father's Day we had the chocolate ganache cake which was out of this world. We have also had buttercream cakes that were delicious.

Jul 28, 2007
OverTheHill in Chains


Gypsy Apple is open for lunch only on thursdays and fridays, I believe. We were in Shelburne Falls for lunch today, and ate at Cafe Martin. We loved it. Why can't we have restaurants in the Amherst area with this quality and price range?

anniversary dinner in amherst/northampton

The closest restaurants to Hadley hotels, and the easest drive, is to Amherst. The traffic over the bridge (Conn. River) to Northampton can be awful especially due to an ongoing construction project. It's an easy drive to Sunderland or S.Deerfield via 116.

anniversary dinner in amherst/northampton

That's not true about Amherst. We have some of the finest dining in the area. Chez Albert just won the highest honor from TV Diner: the Platinum Plate. We also have a new art movie theater. Northampton is over-rated. Tabella Restaurant in Amherst also gets high marks. Here's the video on Chez Albert.:

Place to get picnic food in Northampton?

Woodstar Cafe on Masonic St, Noho is the obvious choice. Great reputation and perfect for take-out.

Good Lunch Spots Between Fitchburg and Greenfield?

The $35 dinner is breast of chicken or skirt steak. El cheapo meats.

Good Lunch Spots Between Fitchburg and Greenfield? prices on their menu online. That's kind of unsual for this area. Maybe that's OK for NYC. I haven't been to the Blue Heron since their move, and it wasn't cheap then. Maybe it's worth any price.

Good Lunch Spots Between Fitchburg and Greenfield?

The Wagon Wheel on Rte 2 in Gill is a nice spot for lunch. The Valley Advocate did a recent review:

Where to Find the Best Fried Clams in W. Mass?

We will be in N.Adams in August to visit MassMoca. Thanks

Where to Find the Best Fried Clams in W. Mass?

I grew up on the North Shore. and the one thing I miss is good fried clams. Scotti's in Leeds sounds promising according to the Valley Advocate:

Ristorante Di Paola - New "in" restaurant in W.Mass

I guess I'll have to read the book: Kitchen Confidential. The author, Anthony Bourdain, wrote the expose on the restaurant industry. He revealed that you shouldn't order fish on Monday night.

northampton/amherst ma area good food/beer but ok with children

If you get tired of breweries, then take the kids to the Cup and Top Cafe in Florence, MA for lunch. It has a play area for children and specializes in families. Here's the URL:

Ristorante Di Paola - New "in" restaurant in W.Mass

I finally went to Ristorante Di Paolo in Turners Falls, MA...the place with all the "buzz". I had read a great review in the Springfield Republican newspaper a while back. We went for monday night live jazz. I've never seen a restaurant so busy on a monday night.
They seem to get a lot of patrons from Deerfield Academy. While we were there, we heard them booking a reservation from the middle east for Deerfield Academy's upcoming reunion. King Abdullah? ;-)
The night started off well with garlicky olives and crusty bread. (OK, it took a while for the bread to arrive.) The soup du jour was a delicious Spanish tomato broth with vegetables and sausage. However, the salad had an underwhelming dressing, and my risotto gorgonzola with seasonal vegetables was a disappointment. Our area is famous for Hadley, Mass. asparagus...affectionately known as Hadley "grass". It is now in season, but none were to be seen in this restaurant. I'd like to know what is seasonal about summer squash and zucchini? And the story about never ordering fish on mondays, turns out to be very true. My husband had the "fresh" tilipia. We ended the night with tiramiso which tasted like a bowl of $9 dollars worth of whipped cream. Our service was slow and indifferent. Had the waitress been more attentive, we would have been more likely to over look the other flaws to some extent.
I'd like to hear other's experience with this restaurant, but I probably wouldn't go back.

Chez Albert in Amherst, MA Wins Platinum Plate

TV Diner on NECN gave my local restaurant, Chez Albert, its highest honor. I live in Amherst, but haven't been in a while. The video is mouth-watering. Enjoy!

northampton/amherst ma area good food/beer but ok with children

When I ate at the People's Pint, there were lots of families there. Fitzwilleys in Northampton is also appropriate for children. The restaurant where I see the most kids is Bertuccis. It's a chain, but the food is good. None of these places are great restaurants, but they are kid-friendly.

Review: Apollo Grill (Easthampton, MA), Alchemist(Waterbury, VT), Cider House BBQ (Waterbury, VT) and Simon Pearce (Quechee, VT)

I really like the Apollo Grill, too. The building is called Eastworks. They have a fine organic food market there called Blue Moon Grocery which has very good take-out. They also have a cd store which sells all kinds of cds for $3 and up.

Packard's 14 Masonic St Northampton, MA 01060 (413) 584-5957 (Phone)

I've never been to Packards, But I can attest to the great hamburgers at the Smithsonian on Elm St. Hatfield. It's just a few minutes from Northampton off of rt 5 & 10. It has a diverse clientele. I'm sure many people would agree with me. The hamburgers at Northampton Brewery are fine, but what I love is their outdoor eating.

Lunch for a field trip around Northhampton

Esselon Cafe in Hadley. It's easy to get to from Hampshire College. Just go Bay Rd to rt 9. Here's a post about it:

Tabella in Amherst, MA = wonderful!

I was a skeptic to begin with, but ended up there one night last week. However, as soon as we saw the menu I saw the handwriting on the wall and ordered accordingly. We got away with a $30 "meal" which turned out to be a snack. The small plate of pork tenderloin for $12 or so was SMALL...not even enough to share. The potato pancake that came with it was the size of a quarter. I had a $8 lasagna, I could have eaten two of them. A small salad and $3.50 soda rounded things up. Actually, our food wasn't bad at all, but I was in too much of shock to enjoy it. And they didn't give us any chincy can you get. We only went there because we couldn't get a seat at Chez Albert's. I'll never complain about the prices at Chez Albert again.

Trader Joe's potstickers

The Chicken/Vegetable Potstickers at Whole Foods were $4 and the Vegetable Potstickers were $3. The Pork Potstickers at Trader Joes were $2.50.

However, they aren't comparable products. The chicken potstickers at W.F. were 4% fat, while the Trader Joe's were a whopping 15% fat. I'd never buy a greasy product like that.

I shop at both stores, but you have to carefully read the ingrediants at Traders as some products contain partially hydrogenated oils, and have a generally high fat content. Some of the oils used at Traders aren't the best quality. W.F. has better quality in general. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Dec 15, 2006
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Holiday Egg Nog Without the Fat & High Calories

I realize that this time of year people feel free to indulge, but I really liked this no fat egg nog. (I especially enjoyed it when I added plenty of rum and bourbon, and topped it with real whipped cream sprinkled with cocoa powder) :)


Dec 13, 2006
OverTheHill in Home Cooking