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I've done DiFara's but who is #2

Another vote for Lucali's. Great pizza and, in my opinion, a much more pleasant atmosphere than what you'll find at Grimaldi's (which tends to be overrun with tourists).

Feb 01, 2008
mephilli in Outer Boroughs

Taco Madre?

They went out of business -- about a year ago I think.

Dec 27, 2007
mephilli in Outer Boroughs

Lucali's - what's going on?

I've been twice in the past week and both times the pies were not nearly as good as on several previous visits. Here's what I noticed:

1) The crust - thicker, barely any crispiness (even had a soggy spot on one of the pies)
2) The cheese - much more on each pie than in the past

While the pies were still good, and better than your average pizza, to me they were not the pies that earned Lucali's a 27 Zagat rating.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Oct 13, 2007
mephilli in Outer Boroughs

Slices of Cake in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill

You might want to check Tazza on Henry St. They sometimes have cakes from Baked and you can order by the slice.

Sep 27, 2007
mephilli in Outer Boroughs

Cafe on Clinton

Does anyone know what is going on with Cafe on Clinton? I walked by last night around 8:30 and it was closed. Is it closed for good?

Jun 15, 2007
mephilli in Outer Boroughs

blood oranges in Brooklyn?

I think I saw some at Garden of Eden on Montague St.

Feb 13, 2007
mephilli in Outer Boroughs

lucali's still doing takeout?

I'm not sure about when they are discontinuing take-out but they're closed on Tuesdays so you won't be able to get a pie today. :( They open at 6pm Wednesday through Monday and close when they run out of dough.

Nov 21, 2006
mephilli in Outer Boroughs