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Volt recommendations

I live in Frederick, the walk from Hollerstown isn't so bad. This is on a very nice street with many beautifully restored homes and it's right off the main drag, Market Street. The walk along Market to Volt is picturesque (well, a couple of blocks are a bit shady but it's OK) and you will pass through the whole lively downtown on your way to Volt. An enjoyable pre and post meal stroll.

Need rec for dinner


I'm coming into Seattle for the first time and will be meeting a friend whom I have not seen in 35 years for dinner on 9/3/11. As we will have a lot to talk about, I need a recommendation for a quiet restaurant that will allow us to linger over dinner. I'd like the menu to be not so focused on any one cuisine, as I don't know what his likes and dislikes are, and I don't like Indian. Price can be anywhere from low to moderately expensive (like not over $125 for two for dinner/drinks). I'm staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel but I imagine I can get a cab to most anywhere. Funky and eclectic are a plus. Thanks so much for your advice!

Aug 05, 2011
okoboji in Greater Seattle

Wegmans in Frederick?

An excerpt from a Wegmans thread on Frederickmarylandonline (see link below) :

"Wow…I took a ride by the new Wegmans in Frederick today and I couldn’t believe how much is done, the store exterior really looks nice. I spoke with someone from Wegmans corporate offices and I was told the store was scheduled to open in June 2011."

Gluten-free in Frederick, MD?

Hi, I have a date with an out-of-town guy who is gluten intolerant and I'd like to take him to dinner in Frederick. I have zero experience with this kind of menu and really have no idea where to start when looking for a restaurant. I know the Orchard is veggie/vegan friendly, but this doesn't necessarily rule out gluten. Oh, and this would be for dinner.

Does anyone have any experience or research on this around the Frederick area (would be willing to go outside - ie. DC or Baltimore, but I really like the downtown vibe in Frederick so I prefer there)


Need Recommendations for restaurant near Gershwin Theatre or Penn Station

Thank you so much for your advice!

Jan 08, 2010
okoboji in Manhattan

Need Recommendations for restaurant near Gershwin Theatre or Penn Station

If I did increase my budget, what about Gramercy Tavern?

Jan 08, 2010
okoboji in Manhattan

Need Recommendations for restaurant near Gershwin Theatre or Penn Station

We will be going to a Sunday matinee Wicked in early March at the Gershwin Theatre, and would like to go out for a nice dinner afterward. The show ends around 5pm and we depart for home leaving on a bus out of Penn Station at 11pm. We are open to all cuisines except Indian, but are looking for something posh and nice, perhaps $100 per person, drinks included, where we can linger a bit and not feel pressured to leave. A good wine list and a view are a plus. It is a special occasion and we'd like to feel pampered. Thanks!

Jan 07, 2010
okoboji in Manhattan

Sat nite dinner by DCA

Sister is coming in the Sat night before the inauguration at 7pm to Reagan. We're coming to pick her up from Frederick (and will return there) and wonder if we are crazy for wanting to go out for dinner in the environs of the airport after she arrives. Will it be a zoo then do you think? We're not that familiar with the area so a place that is easy to get to from the airport and easy to get back onto the GW pkway is a good thing. It can be any type of cuisine except Indian, at moderate price range, say under $50 per person for dinner and a glass or two of wine. Any recommendations? THANKS

My 19 year old is fresh out of bootcamp

There is a Lou Malnatis in Highland Park, very close to the Naval Base. The pizza there is very good, although you cannot eat in at that particular locale. That said, I also recommend The Silo. Very unique experience and excellent pizza. I remember going there in my childhood.

Apr 11, 2008
okoboji in Chicago Area

Casual dining between Frederick, MD and I-95?

I second Brewers alley. If you have jeans you will fit right in. Can get a little crowded, but if you won't have reservations you probably will have a better chance of getting in than at Isabellas. If you can make reservations, do it. That cuban place is not really a restaurant - it is more a take out and very sparse dining area. Since you will be probably going on 15, even though it is a chain, Bonefish grill is not bad, and if you call ahead (their definition of "reservations") , they will move you up to the head of the line when you arrive. Their Lemon Drop Martini is wonderful, the Salmon with Mango salsa is great, and they have a tasty appetizer of seared tuna with several sauces. It's right off 15 at the Ft. Detrick Exit/7th street Exit.

Monocacy Crossing

This is a wonderful restaurant! Try the homemade apple crisp for dessert. It is to die for! Enjoy!

Wedding dinner suggestions around Deerfield

Getting married in Deerfield and need suggestions for Saturday evening dinner after ceremony. Thirty people max, several are children/toddlers. Food should be American type - steak, fish, chicken. Several sensitive stomach eaters so they like bland, but I would like good food and a nice atmosphere. Liquor license is good and I'm thinking not more than $50 a head. Garden type theme a plus in decor. Probably given the amount of people, this needs to be held in a banquet room... Travel times should be no longer than 20-30 minutes from Deerfield. Thanks in advance! This will be in June if that matters...

Feb 27, 2008
okoboji in Chicago Area

Healthy Breakfast in Bristol VA/TN?

Yeah, that's what we thought, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Hotel and chain, and I'll send some long lasting fruit with him. Thanks for the advice and we'll let you know if a miracle occurs.

Nov 29, 2007
okoboji in General South Archive

Healthy Breakfast in Bristol VA/TN?

My BF will be staying in a hotel in Bristol on business for a week. He is looking for a place to eat breakfast in the morning that is relatively healthy. He usually eats turkey bacon and oatmeal with berries at home. A place with fruit and oatmeal offerings would be great, and "fast" service a plus, since he will probably be in a hurry.

Also, is there an organic food store somewhere where he can buy some snacks and fruit for the hotel?


Nov 28, 2007
okoboji in General South Archive

Chow in Manhattan - Recs?

I'll try this again, and will be more specific.

BF and I are going to be in Manhattan (Greenwich Village/Little Italy/SoHo/Tribeca/Chinatown area) from the Friday after Thanksgiving to that Sunday. We need recommendations. I'd like several different things:

1. A good authentic NY bagel for breakfast
2. A good authentic deli for lunch
3. Recs for places for dinner. We want a nice atmosphere, would like to pay $50-$100 for two. Any cusine but Indian is acceptable, no steakhouses or bland American. No chains. Cheaper is OK if the place has atmosphere.

Thanks very much!

Nov 21, 2006
okoboji in Manhattan

Greenwich Village/Little Italy/SoHo/Tribeca/Chinatown area dining

Follow up to the post recently. This is where we'll be, where can we eat with not so much money, and eat with dressing casually?

Nov 21, 2006
okoboji in Manhattan

first time in NY, where should we eat?

We are going to a concert at the blue note on Sat nite after thanksgiving. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Manhattan, and want some suggestions for affordable and good dining options in that area. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever. We can't spluge and spend too much money, but atmosphere would be nice... any suggestions?

Nov 21, 2006
okoboji in Manhattan