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Fish in PDX?

We're on our way to Portland this weekend, and would love to find a great fish restaurant that's more in the upscale/local/sustainable vein, as opposed to a greasy fish-and-chips sort of place. Any new places that do a great job with fish?

Good grub in Tacoma?

Thanks, folks - this is a super start!

Good grub in Tacoma?

Heading to Tacoma next week - what's tasty? We'll need lunch and dinner, interested in old favorites and anything new and wonderful (we'll probably do one nice dinner), hoping to skip chain food altogether.

The Bagel Monologues

Hilarious, especially considering how conservative Boise can be - I hope she keeps printing dirty ads, just for shock value.

Mar 14, 2007
famouspotato in Features

Eating Well magazine

For obscure, interesting writing (but few recipes), try Gastronomica.

matzo ball soup in Seattle

Ahhh, Howard, your grandmother would be so proud of your chains. Thanks all for the leads, I'll be out among 'em when the holidays come.

matzo ball soup in Seattle

Anyone know where I can get good matzo ball soup in Seattle?

Curry by the Book

Love love love the recipe notes, very helpful! I'll check this one out!

Dec 04, 2006
famouspotato in Features

Houston Chowhound coming to Seattle

Ditto on Salumi and Tamarind Tree for vietnamese: must try. Also consider La Carta de Oaxaca for good, real mexican, in Ballard (it also happens to be pretty cheap). Eat there early to avoid the line.

Oliver's Twist (new, on Phinney Ridge) is great for cocktails; try the Fagan on their house list.