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Chow in the Western Burbs

Can't really go wrong with any place on Moody St in Waltham, here are some of favs in the neighborhood:

Erawan of Siam
Tuscan Grill
Sadies - great bar food
Guanachapi's (River St Location, better than Moody) - great real Mexican/C.A. food
La Campagnia

The only thing we are really missing here is a GREAT Chinese place, but you can go to Rice Valley, one town over!

Where to buy fresh sheets of pasta

Russo's in Watertown sells them, not sure if that is near you or not.

recs for dinner wellesley, natick, sudbury, concord??

Try just about anything on Moody St in Waltham, not too far.....

Bartley's burgers -- currently in 2nd place

Late, light dinner tonight, Belmont Area

I think the Town of Belmont closes pretty early!! Try Moody St in Waltham, there are plenty of spots to choose from there.

N. Branford/Branford, CT

Thanks for the suggestions!

N. Branford/Branford, CT

I have read some good things about Marco's, thin crust right?

N. Branford/Branford, CT

We are going to the Brandford/N. Branford CT area for a baseball tourney on Labor day Weekend. We are on a tight budget and will have 2 boys with us, any pocketbook-friendly suggestions? Any type of food, they are great, chinese, BBQ, etc., etc. Thanks!!

Saving $ Favorite Marked Down/Reduced Food Finds

So true, always get my wines at Trader's, cant beat the prices and they carry one of my favorite Chianti's.


Blue Ribbon, Blue Ribbon!!! I am such a Blue Ribbon's bad.

Best Hummus in MA?

Try one of the many Middle Eastern stores in Watertown/Belmont. We get all our stuff at Eastern Lamejun....

No Name Restaurant or Abe and Louies?

Ahhh, I am thinking this is a no-brainer, No Name...No Good!

anything decent in Lexington???

Drive 15 minutes in to Watham, cant beat the restaurants or the bars.

best foie gras in boston?

As you can probably guess I am a HUGE fan of Foie Gras...the best I ever had as of late was at the Tuscan Grill on Moody St in Watham, pan seared with an apple tartlet and I dont even really like apples!! I know this sounds sooooo whacked, but I remember when I fell in love with this stuff. I was about 22 years old, having Christmas dinner at the Ritz in Boston with my daddy....OMG, orgasmic :-).

Hi All - West of Boston, what's most unusual?

You really can't beat anything that Waltham has to name it, we have it and probably all in the same block!!
Some of my favs: Tuscan Grill, Erawan of Siam, Guanachapi's (which is moving to the od Ming on River street with a bar!) they have better pupusas than Mi Tierra, my son who is 1/2 Salvadorian is quite the critic! Il Cappriccio- one of the best wine list in the country and of course Sadie's...very good bar food, Franca's on Felton Street, great specials and a good brick oven pizza.

ISO takeout pupusas

Mi Puebilto in East Boston has good ones and there are 2 places on Moody Street in Waltham that have pretty good pupusa's too. Good luck and Enjoy!

Where have you always had a bad meal?

I agree if you had a bad meal at a place, maybe you will give it another shot. But if the 2nd time wasnt good either, why torture yourself??

Where have you always had a bad meal?

i agree, that place is no where what is used to be....back in the day

Back in Billerica -- Sichuan Gourmet, hoo boy!

I know its tacky....but I love Jade Pacific in Burlington, so old school. Bamboo in Bedford is good too, we go to both since Waltham has EVERYTHING but a good Chinese restaurant, at least in my opinion.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Give Russo's in Watertown, they have the little birds sometimes!

Hot Sauce store

Do you La Chapencita? Wouldnt say it was Salvadorian, they have all sorts of Latin stuff and there is another one next to that one. There are quite a few on Moody Street now-a-days :-).


Ya they are a bit high and the pizza is almost too crispy for me......not to mention Waltham doesnt even need another place to get pizza. You can get Greek, Italian and somewhere in between all in the same block almost.

Asian Grocers?

I know there at 2 in Waltham...but I think one of them maybe closed. Oriental Market I think is what it is called on the corner of Elm and Central

italian sausages

never tried 'em. I get my sausges at Casa di Italia in Waltham.

East Boston-Most overlooked foodie destination

I love Mi Pueblito, they have the best Torta de Pollo (besides my own) around. I'm going to a Brazilian place tonight, not sure which one but I will post opinion after.

Waltham/Watertown - mid-level

You should check out their web-site atmosphere and drinks!

Waltham/Watertown - mid-level

Great bar food at Sadies in Waltham, good italian at Gemelli's on upper Moody St. Dont care for either BBQ place in Waltham, but I would say Bison over Jake's. Boca, very cool place to hang/eat/drink with friends. Iguana and Marg's, both decent. Joe Sent Me, another place for good more creative bar food. Erawan of Siam, best Thai in Waltham and I could go on and on. Enjoy!

Friday night Moody St (or nearby) dinner

I hear that all the Indian places are good on Moody Street, but I've only been to one. Sadies is across the street from the Embassy and has great bar food, best tips in town. Next door to that is Boca, really cool place but maybe not for mom.Tempo is awesome but probably in the same league as Tuscan, price wise. There are so many places to go, I have lived in that area almost all my life and really havent eaten a bad meal on Moody steet yet!

where can i get crab chips???

I see them at the Dollar Tree all the time, my son LOVES them.

What's the deal with Bali Hai?

Right, right..of course you dont, and I dont know that Ladies night is Tuesday.