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Need Restaurants near Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek Yacht Club for seafood. Imperial Restaurant in Concord for great Dim Sum and the best pork buns ever. Joe's Sushi in Pleasant Hill is a wonderful place. Saigon Cafe in Concord for Bahn Mi. Massimo's in Walnut Creek for a little more upscale Italian/med meal.

Dungeness crab $/lb at your local stores?

Here in Contra Costa, you can't beat the County Square market on Contra Costa Blvd. $2.99/lb yesterday and they sold out by noon!

Good Restaurant near Hyatt Regency

I am going to Chicago Friday, staying at the Hyatt Regency. Looks like I am trying Girodano's for pizza and Portillo's or Gold Coast for dogs. I am curious if you tried any of these and if so, what you thought? I too am not driving so distance is a factor. I am taking a large group to Capital Grill friday night.

Aug 18, 2008
jeannew in Chicago Area

Boudin Blanc Recipe Ideas

Just curious if you have already made this. I am getting ready to make Boudin today. I am hoping to get pork liver at the Asian grocery store. I have printed 6 different recipes and will probably sort of pick from each. I LOVE boudin from Legnon's in New Iberia and wish I knew their secret as it is the BEST.

Jul 31, 2008
jeannew in Home Cooking

long fresh pork shanks...what to do?

I bought 2 pigs feet from Marin Sun Farms at the San Francisco Ferry Market. I have had pigs feet at Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal, stuffed with fois gras and covered in a gravy of onions and mushrooms. I think he roasted his in a pizza oven for hours with low heat, but I am not sure that he didn't cook them in liquid first. I emailed him and asked for the recipe, but meanwhile, I am just going for it! After reading lots of recipes on line, I first put them in cold water, let them cook one hour, poured off the water, recovered them with water and added aromatics (carrots, onions, garlic, sage, rosemary and peppercorns). I am going to cook them at least another hour or longer. My idea is to then roast them, on my wood grill outside, over indirect heat, crisping them. We shall see! I will let you know if it works. What did you end up doing? Mine are not as long as yours, and it sure is disturbing to have that little foot staring at me, but if I am going to eat meat, I have to face up to it, like the time I bought a rabbit in Florence, got it back to our house and found out that I had to cut the head off!!

Apr 07, 2008
jeannew in Home Cooking

Beautiful Pork Belly - but what to do??

I can't wait to try this. However, what I just bought is a piece of pork fat from the back of a sustainably raised pig. I am going to attempt to make Lardo (Italy) from a recipe that I found on line. Sounds a little like the brine used in this porky chain, but you keep it in the brine for 3 months, then slice thin and put on hot rissoto or bruschetta. No cooking involved!

Jan 22, 2008
jeannew in Home Cooking

Rubashkin's Aaron's Best Turkey

OK, I am going there today to see if they have them and will keep you posted. I always bought Diestel (sp?) turkeys for years, but even after brining it last year, it wasn't to die for. I look forward to trying this turkey and especially look forward to not having to brine it!

Fresh Olives to Cure

I once saw them at Andronico's during the season, fresh and uncured. Also, around where I live (Pleasant Hill) there are public areas with olive trees!! So I pick those and combine them with my puny crop. I am trying a straight salt cure this year, my lye cure didn't go so well last year.

Have you "lyed" fresh olives?

OK, it is that time of year again! I am going to try the straight salt trick this year, will keep you posted!

Oct 18, 2007
jeannew in Home Cooking

Have you "lyed" fresh olives?

So there is a difference between food grade lye and the lye sold as drain cleaner (which is 100% lye)? OK, so I used the drain cleaner, rinsed like crazy for 4 days, then threw them in a brine for a week. I tasted one and it was still a bit bitter and had a very smoky flavor, which was a bit of a surprise. I am going to let them sit in the brine a while longer. If they don't lose the bitter flavor, out they go and I will try again. Thanks for all the good info, I want to try tossing the olives in kosher salt and see what happens.

Dec 04, 2006
jeannew in Home Cooking

Have you "lyed" fresh olives?

I just picked my second crop of olives from my Fratoio olive tree, all of 2 cups (young tree!) and tossed them in drain cleaner! My husband is very skeptical to say the least, so thanks for the comments on this. I tried Paul Bertoli's brine method last year and the darn things never did cure so I must be doing something wrong.

I am rinsing and rinsing now as I don't have that chemical to show if all the lye is gone.........where do you buy it?

Nov 20, 2006
jeannew in Home Cooking