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china village reopening [Albany]

I just called to see if they really are open and was told they will open tomorrow, July 2. . .

Assemble, Richmond

As part of a work-related function, I was treated to an amazing buffet lunch at Assemble (formerly the Boilerhouse) at Ford Point in Richmond yesterday. A Chinese chicken salad, rockfish Provençale, beef tenderloin, mushroom streudel, eggplant panini, sautéed green breans with sesame seeds, were among some of the items I sampled, followed by an outstanding butterscotch parfait topped with pecans. All of it was delicious and what a setting on a sunny day! Located right on the Bay Trail, you can do some walking or biking to get there, work up an appetite, and end up dining at a lovely east bayside oasis.

T Rex and Jimmy Bean's: New owners? [Berkeley]

I went to T Rex tonight for the first time in ages and saw a Change of Ownership sign on the front window. I asked our waitress and she said a new owner is taking over Jimmy Bean's and T-Rex very soon. BTW, our meal there tonight was quite good! Just cocktails, burgers and mac and cheese, but all delicious and the service was excellent, too. Curious to see what changes may be on the horizon!

Happy Produce closed (Albany)

Confirmed. Just saw the big red FOR RENT signs posted. It was a convenient duo, Zarri's and Happy Produce, right next door. Alas, no longer. I hope that corner does not stay vacant for a long time. ..

Hidden City Cafe, Point Richmond - CLOSED

Gee, used to be such a gem! Great breakfasts, salads and sandwiches. When we worked in Pt. Richmond, it was always a go to spot for business lunches, too.

Best Clam chowder and Best Cioppino

YES! I went there for the first time today and ordered both the chowder and Cioppino. The food was so great and the folks there were so friendly! I saw a plate of sand dabs and veggies go by and I will definitely get that next time. No wait to sit down at 11:30 a.m,. on a warm Saturday morning. Just fabulous. As the marking on my parking spot in the North Beach Garage promised, "You will have an enjoyable experience today", it was accurate + !

East Bay weekend happy hours?

One new piece of information I learned last week: Paisan does not offer the 5-6 happy hour on Wednesdays, when instead, they offer the "family meal" special for dinner (which is quite a good deal and also delicious!)

2514 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

China Village [Albany]

Tonight we popped in for a quick bite which was so yummy: Sauteed pea shoots with garlic, fish with hot bean paste, rice and "classic" chicken chow mein. The pea shoots were by far the best dish; but they were all very generous portions and tasty plates.. I guess I just wish they could all be served at the same time because between just two people, we can't really eat ta whole plate before it gets cold. Tonight, the pea shoots and rice came first, then the chow mein, and then quite a bit later, the fish (our vegetables and chow mein were then cold).

This week at Rivoli

Wow! I had many of the same things that you ordered: gravlox, steak and blue cheese gnocchi, marquis for dessert. My husband had the chile verde and the butter lettuce salad with goat cheese. All very flavorful dishes and not huge portions, so it was easy for me to eat a little bit of everything. Only two tables were seated when I arrived at 5;15, but a totally buzzing full house when we left at 6:45. Good value at $125 including tip, cocktails, wine. Highly recommended!

Portumex in Richmond

Yes, very good! Lunches at Portumex were definitely the highlight of work days spent years ago in Richmond.. I only get there once in a while now, but still love the pozole, conchas, al pastor burritos, garlic shrimp, and many other items,.

Portumex Restaurant
721 23rd St, Richmond, CA 94804

What Foods Do You Hate/Dislike that Most Hounds Probably Love?

I'm with you on beans: fava, and add lima and kidney beans!
deviled, hard/soft boiled,or fried eggs
things that contain gelatin
cottage cheese
liver and other organ meats


Jan 06, 2011
EileenPearl in General Topics

Little Star Pizza open on Solano

YES! My daughter and I both purchased this coupon. Yum. . . little gem salad, wings, pizza to look forward to . . happy new year!

Monterey Market now open Sunday.

Yes, i went there today, Sunday, November 14, and it was pleasantly uncrowded with plentiful parking in the lot . Plus, they were also giving out green Monterey Market grocery bags today in celebration of their new Sunday hours.

Ironwood new Berkeley BBQ.

I ordered the brisket sandwich to go one day for lunch. I ordered it "Memphis style" so it had cole slaw on it. The brisket tasted fine and the cole slaw was very good, however the bread to meat ratio was a bit much. I tended up tearing off most of the bread; would've been better with more meat. I think about $9 for the sandwich. I hope to try the ribs this coming week. Their hours are posted as opening at 11, but the day I went I had a feeling I was the first customer at about 11:45 and it seemed like they were just opening. It also took kind of a long time to get the sandwich, but the folks working there were very friendly.

Boot and Shoe Service (aka Pizzaiolo 2) open! (Oakland)

Went to Boot and Shoe Service for the first time last night , (really, late afternoon, as the sun was still high in the sky at 4:45 and they open at 5)., as I was hungry and in search of a a great cocktail. This place is terrific! We sat at the bar in the back and enjoyed halibut crudo, a little gem salad, a fritto plate and a simple margarita pizza -- all delicious! Great cocktails, too, and I thought I did not like gin. . .

We left not feeling too full, but will save room for a dessert and coffee for next time. Nice attentive staff, with good sense of humor. Yay! Great stuff!

What not to like?

Boot and Shoe Service
3308 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

New in Berkeley - seek advice from local hounds

I so agree with all of your suggestions. I live just off Solano in North Berkeley, and realize, after reading your post, that I don't fully appreciate all the wonderful go-to spots we have within walking distance. Lalime's, Sabuy Sabuy, China Village, Fonda, Vanessa's, Lola's - all great! Very sorry to hear about Lola's; I guess I'll never get those delicious macaroons again!

Casual fish market selling boiled or fried seafood?

The Seabreeze Market at the bottom of University Ave in Berkeley fries prawns and clams and possibly other seafood (not sure; it's been awhile since I have been there). They boil crabs, too. Lots of informal seats scattered around, mostly outdoor, or you can take stuff to go. They have fruit, salads, smoothies, sandwiches and soup, too. Food comes out pretty quickly so it's good for a quick lunch stop. Right off of Highway 80 at University Ave in Berkeley.

Dead Fish, Crockett

So, six of us met up for dinner at 5:00 p.m. last night at The Dead Fish. I must say I agree that the clientele really did look like they were from another era, or somewhere other that the bay area. Older women with lots of make up, bleached hair and flashy dresses; men dressed in polyester slacks and odd patterned shirts with large stomaches and long sideburns! It was a beautiful afternoon so it was lovely to look out on the water and bridge, so I focused mainly on that !

We had a great time due to the friends gathered together, so the food was really kind of secondary. Drinks were decent; we had wines by the glass, martinis, cosmopolitans, black russians and bloody marys around the table.

For appetizers we shared the sizzling platter of shrimp, mussels and crab, fried artichokes and fried calamari. I liked the artichokes, mussels and crab best. Temperature-wise it was great; served really hot. Definitely served promptly. Kind of messy, but that's ok!

Everyone had different entrees, I had the spicy shrimp with fettuccine. Not bad, not remarkable, and I was more than full at the end of the meal.

I don't know what the bill was as our friends treated, but I think pretty high with all the drinks factored in. After dinner, we sat outside with in a little booth with a heater. It was cozy as we sipped irish coffees, shared laughs while looking out at the lights on the bridge. I wouldn't go out of my way to return to this restaurant, but it was an ideal meeting spot for us coming from Berkeley and our friends from Fairfield, and served our purpose just fine.

Dead Fish, Crockett

Oooh, I'm interested in hearing about this place, too. Going to surprise an old friend for his birthday, there, on Sunday evening. I haven't been there in years. I remember the crab (good, but kind of expensive; is it frozen crab, thawed, and then deep fried?). I think my husband had prime rib; wonder if that is good? Can't recall about salads or veggies, nor dessert.

Dungeness crab and CA mussel seasons open 11/01

I just came back from Pillar Point. I did not buy off the boats, but from the little market near the front of the pier. I saw crabs that were decent sized, maybe two pounds or a little larger. My crab cost a little less than $11. I think the cost was $6/lb. for cooked and $5/lb. for live. There were a ton of people there and lines were long, but I found parking no problem. My first crab of the season, wonderfully fresh and delicious.

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion -- group lunch report [SF]

I've had terrific meals at Roy's in Poipu, HI year s ago; it was one of our favorite splurges!

But Roy's in Maui was equally underwhelming, just a few weeks ago (Oct 3). The first night there we ordered a chocolate souffle and a nice red wine, for dessert only (having eaten dinner elsewhere) at the bar, and that was great. Sooo, we figured it would be great for for dinner on a subsequent night. . . .it turned out not so great; poor service, a decent $25 appetizer platter (seemed realty expensive for the quantity of food), but we left after that. The room was in the second floor of a strip mall near Napil, and totally vacant. It just felt weird so we bailed and went out to another location of drinks and dessert, skipping dinner that night.

Halloween 2008

Spettro Restaurant
3355 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, CA • 510-451-7738

I haven't been there in years, but somehow once met the owner while shopping at the Albany Safeway, and she was very fun and friendly. I remember the mussels being great and my small children loved the pizza. I also remember complimentary glasses of wine while we were waiting for a table. . .

Picnic Tomorrow!!!!

Yay, Marlon! Have fun. I am off to Maui this weekend, or would otherwise participate. I WILL be there next time!

Henry's Hunan coming to Noe Valley

And maybe that is Eddie from the Natoma Street location? He is so very nice. Always asks about my kids, brings over orders of dumplings ASAP, etc. Yay!

Tadich Grill, the best lunch ever!

Taking the day off of work with a quick BART ride to SF was the best summer mini-vacation ever! We had a fabulous lunch at Tadich Grill and then went shopping. Bloody marys were easy to drink at the bar, with the friendliest service ever, really set the mood!

After only a short wait of 10 minutes, we were seated and I ordered the crab legs saute and my husband, the crab louie and red chowder. We had a French waiter named Noel, who was outstanding -- evidently, he just started working there and he was extra polite, charming and helpful. He was a delight!

I actually watched my crab legs transfer from the the saute pan to the plate and to my table within 10 seconds (I was at the last table in the back; closest to the kitchen). I'm a real believer that perfect temperature always makes food taste best, and I so appreciate food being delivered that way. It's one of my main gripes with so many restaurants; food not served hot enough.

I highly recommend Tadich Grill for locals, and for summer tourists. I saw an unusually large amount of European tourists today in SF, and I really hope that they will get a chance to sample this SF gem on their vacation.

Berkeley - Sabuy Sabuy II

I'm happy to report that Sabuy Sabuy II is once again great. I understand that Burt and his wife are there every day, so plenty of quality control on the food, combined with great service makes this a find. I went twice over the past five days and had ginger salad (excellent), vegetarian egg rolls (good), pad thai (good), moo ma now (not sure that's the correct spelling, but excellent; grilled pork with garlic, chilies and lime juice over lettuce), green chicken curry (excellent) and steamed halibut (very good). Three flavors of ice cream on the house, too at the end of the meal. I am so happy to have a reliable and close by thai restaurant that is so good!

Run, don't walk, for Lola's Coconut Macaroons today

Thanks for the post. I needed to be reminded about Lola's. Just walked up and got the blueberry pie and two macaroons. Whoo hoo! It's Friday night and life is good.

paglia e fieno

Venezia in Berkeley used to have it on the menu everyday years ago, but now only offer it as a special occasionally. I really love this dish also, and don't often see it on menus, so I recently made it at home, and with good success. It's not so hard to make!

Great China salad question

I think they use pea shoots, carrot, and cabbage in the salad with the lunch plates and in the larger chicken salad. The salad is served with a sticky, sweet dressing.

Boulevard; great dinner but some things bugged

Sorry! Somehow this post went out prematurely; I did not have a chance to finish. . . Anyway, the service was a little weird, but they had plenty of servers, so that part was great. Calling me (47) and my daughter (20) both "madame" sounded kind of artificial and phony (the guy was definitely not french). Also, when I first arrived around 5:10 via foot, the valets weren't sure if the restaurant was actually open. Once I entered through, I saw my husband at the bar so figured it out. . .Dinner for the three of us (two adults and one hungry college student) was around $250. It was actually about 10 years since I had been to this restaurant, but was happy to find it still so beautiful and delicious. I wish I could afford to go back more often!