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Must eat pork for a fallen vegetarian

The number of recommendations for Incanto have put it on the agenda for tonight. I'm sure there will be some photographic evidence to follow...

Must eat pork for a fallen vegetarian

Nope, points eastward and southward are just as valid!

Must eat pork for a fallen vegetarian

My girlfriend has recently returned from vegetarianism, and to celebrate her newfound options, she has decided to eat pork at least once a day for the month of November. She's documenting her progress here:

I feel that her choices so far have been, how shall I say, satisfactory but forgettable. Lots of bacon, a few slices of pizza, spam musubi, tonkatsu.

She has 10 more days for this experiment, and Thanksgiving will probably be difficult. If you had 9 days to live and had to eat pork each day, what would you choose?

I'm sure she'll be eternally grateful...