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Grub Restaurant?

I love going to grub for breakfast! There aren't as many people in the mornings and their breakfast foods rock! There's a very comfy feel to the food, the people, and the place. It's like having breakfast at your favorite aunt's place. She's inviting, she feeds you good food, and she makes you feel all nice and warm inside.

Mar 12, 2007
sirlancie in Los Angeles Area

Joint Birthday Dinner on a Sunday at __________ (fill in the blank for me, please!)

Although I like Opus, I think it may be a bit too experimental for the family.

Has anyone been to Babita? Is there any way to get a current menu?

Mar 05, 2007
sirlancie in Los Angeles Area

Joint Birthday Dinner on a Sunday at __________ (fill in the blank for me, please!)

Two families (7 people)
Two birthdays
Two boys - one is turning 25, one is turning 20
Sunday night early dinner (around 6)

We're looking for a place that has nice ambiance but isn't too stuffy (jeans, anyone?). Also, we range in age from 16-50, so an all-generations-friendly place would be nice.

Finally, the other family will be treating, so I want to pick a place that is very reasonably priced (25-30 pp before wine). Is it possible??

Location is of little importance (we've grown up in LA and know that sometimes you have to make the trek for the good stuff).

Thanks in advance!

Mar 05, 2007
sirlancie in Los Angeles Area

Mere Mortals' Ultimate LA Restaurants 2006

in no particular order:

- nook
- luscious dumplings
- opus (although i've only done it with the wine pairings for $50 :P)
- sushi go 55
- clementine's or BLD (for brunch)

Dec 20, 2006
sirlancie in Los Angeles Area

Best All You Can Eat Korean BBQ in Koreatown?

I 2nd the Goo Il Im rec. I'm not sure if there is a sign actually written in English...but it is on 6th, a little West of Western (on the north side of the street). Look for smoke.

It's so much better than Manna. In fact, I haven't been back to Manna since finding this place. Best of luck! :)

Dec 20, 2006
sirlancie in Los Angeles Area

Dungeness Crab!! Recommendations on where to buy??

i 11th the Ranch 99 rec. Beware of trickery, however. I've received dungeness from there that looked mighty frisky when being picked up by the counter man, but upon coming home were found to be fully dead. So make sure they're lively ones!

Also, the easiest method i've found for cooking them (with very little chance of being bitten) is by putting them in a large pot full of salted room temperature water. The crab won't budge. THEN, cruel as it may sound, you SLOWLY bring the water to a boil. By the time they realize it is hot, you already have the lid on your pot and they can't get at you! :) Be on your toes, people!

Ranch 99 is not the place to get picked, clean crab, though. You get what you pay for.

Dec 16, 2006
sirlancie in Los Angeles Area

Looking for your favorite Mandu (or Mandoo) recommendations.

Both the fried and steamed mandoo at "you and me" in koreatown are very tasty. They have a home-cooked comfy taste to them, if that makes any sense :). I believe it is on the west side of Western, south of 8th.

Dec 16, 2006
sirlancie in Los Angeles Area

Birthday dinner tonight! 7 Ladies. Willing to drive for good food.

Hey Chowhounds!

Looking for a good place to eat with the girls TONIGHT to celebrate a 25th birthday! Will be meeting up from all over (Westside, Hollywood, Downtown, Koreatown, SGV) so location isn't of utmost importance.

Aiming for $20-ish entrees, with a final bill (including drinks) of around $40 pp. Good desserts and cocktails would be nice as well.

Were originally planning on Hungry Cat, but they only accomodate parties of up to six. Some suggestions have been Opus, Cobras and Matadors, BLD...

We just want to have fun while eating something really yummy. Not in the mood for Asian, though. Thanks!

Nov 20, 2006
sirlancie in Los Angeles Area