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Online Tea Merchants - Who Are You Ordering From And What?

i adore great shop in seattle, and they are great at shipping too. good selection, and if you are ever lost, call them and they will be more than happy to help you with correct brewing times, etc.

Feb 07, 2007
mcgillfoodie in General Topics

Svelte foodies [Moved from General Topics]

so what do you do if you have a mixed background?!?!

Feb 02, 2007
mcgillfoodie in Not About Food

Bricco on Queen Anne (Seattle)

not sure what time you're planning to go, but it gets really, really busy, and fast. on a saturday night, i would say that there would already be a wait by about 630. there is a bar area that sounds like it would fit the bill, but the place isn't that big and a lot of people wait there for their tables. i'm not sure if they take reservations or not; i feel like they don't, but it might be worth a call. either way, their service, as i've seen it, has been pretty good.

that said, it is definitely worth it. you can certainly go and just get some cheese or appetizers (many of the dishes are more appetizer-oriented; you just order as many as you want to make as big of a meal as you want) and drinks.

overall, considering the wait and how long you might be there, you might want to make it into your main food destination for the night or wait for another night. i don't really see it as a drop in/drop out bar type place. good luck!

Is it wrong for a grown man to crave crunchy cheetos? What junkfood do you crave?

the pirate's booty company makes smart puffs, which are, i think, better than a cheeto- better flavor, plus you feel a bit less guilty.

Jan 18, 2007
mcgillfoodie in General Topics

Under $5 in Seattle?

crumpet shop in the market- a majority of the food, for breakfast or lunch, is really cheap for the quality and location.

Seattle eats and football watching this weekend

glad you had a pretty good time. just wondering though, why were you expecting the 5-spot to be touristy? it's definitely a lot of locals.

take care.

best chocolates in montreal?

no no no godiva!!

anyway, there's a great chocolate shop on st. denis called suite 88 chocolatier. i want to say its around the 3500 block, but its within the few blocks south of mont-royal. they have these great things called shooters, basically a cone of chocolate filled with some type of alcohol (vodka, whiskey, sake, etc.).

also, in old montreal, there's a shop right across the street from olive and gourmando that im not sure of the name of, but it's quite good too. the owner, a woman named nadine, is an absolute doll and will be willing to help you with anything.

good luck!

You are likely to not have a good meal at a restaurant if . .

pretty sure that they meant college, not collage art.

Jan 13, 2007
mcgillfoodie in Not About Food

Cookies in Seattle

i love the truffle cookies at pasta & co. mmmmmmmm.

Jan 13, 2007
mcgillfoodie in Greater Seattle

Queen Anne Updates?

unfortunately, qfc wants both these spaces. follow the queen anne neighbors for responsible growth for updates- hopefully metropolitan will be able to stay.

FoodNetwork — What's the Right Amount/Kind of Personality?

I totally agree with you about Bobby Rivers! Ugh...

Foodie Souveniers from Paris

tea from mariage freres. if you're not so much into tea, they have cookies, jellies, chocolates, etc. as well (although many of them are tea-flavoured).

Nov 20, 2006
mcgillfoodie in France

Trader Joes Suggestions Anyone???

a new whole foods just opened up in south lake union, fyi.

Nov 19, 2006
mcgillfoodie in Chains

What's That One Thing You Can't Go A Week Without????

oatmeal (steel-cut) or some variety of raisin bran (but not kellogg's)
rice- preferably brown, but white's good too
ice cream while at home, gingersnaps while at school

Nov 19, 2006
mcgillfoodie in General Topics

Need a Romantic Dinner Place near Seattle

Volterra in Ballard is very good. The website has the full menu, I believe.

If you want to go downtown, I'd recommend Matt's in the Market or Le Pichet- both in the market yet not quite like Campagne or Chez Shea.

Coco la ti da

can you eat there, or is it strictly to-go? it's in the building that fork was in, across from the harvard exit, right??