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For those who like char siu, roast pork, roast duck, roast pig, soy sauce chicken, Hong Kong style

Great question, can I piggy back on it and ask if anyone has any idea about getting bbq duck from one of these places for a crowd to go, like say for a reception of 100?

Historical State Dinner Menu

I think Grant had the first state dinner as we think of it today - as in foreign head of state visits the white house and has formal dinner. That foreign state however would go on to become (by bayonet point and then vote) our 50th.

Best Green Chile Cheeseburger

thanks again

Drinking in Albuquerque

thanks Ms Jackson!

Oh when is last call?

visitor seeks charlotte NC's best local fare

That was really about it, I was in and out of the queen city super fast, I had terrible bar-b-que at the airport but what was I thinking anyway?

Drinking in Albuquerque

I know I know this is chowhound not boozehound, but I've read the posts I could find about eating in Albuquerque but where should I go for a drink?

I tend to avoid, sportsbars, themed bars, chains, and the like, I can go high end (new 'mixology or retro cocktails is ok - but I do live in New York so maybe not) but I really like dive bars, I guess a college crowd is ok, but more grad school and less baseball hat, you know?

I hope this makes a link of sense. Oh if they serve food, so much the better, a green chille gastropub perhaps?

Oh and I am in town for the weekend for a conference so near downtown is best.

Thanks in advance!

Best Green Chile Cheeseburger

So for those of us visiting (and no car, in town for a conference) where should I go in Albuquerque proper (I'll take a cab within reason) ?

visitor seeks charlotte NC's best local fare

Mert's was a great suggestion, 2 blocks from my hotel. Totally great eaten in my hotel room while wearing a robe and watch cable.

visitor seeks charlotte NC's best local fare

thanks everybody! I'll see what I can do while I'm here.

visitor seeks charlotte NC's best local fare

I keep hearing that i need slaw/chili on everything, I love that idea, this is a standard caronlias' hot dog treatment too right?

visitor seeks charlotte NC's best local fare

thanks, i too love the pig

Ippudo review


Getting to know Greenpoint and Williamsburg

True, Its right next to the McDonald's under the J, the drink means to die dreaming, or somthing

visitor seeks charlotte NC's best local fare

Hi Charlotte hounds,

I've been searching around this board but all the 'best' posts for Charlotte seem to be about special occasions and so on. I'm looking for 3 recommendations of things I need to try when I am there for business in a few weeks. I live in NYC so I'm not after your best pizza or thai or fusion etc. I'm after real deal hopefully not too expensive must eats. BUT I wont have a car so I ask you to go easy on my wallet in terms of cab fare. Oh and I'll be staying uptown. Thanks so much I'm really looking forward to my brief trip.

Is it possible to have a birthday dinner for 15 under 2000$????

Consider the private car at Diner in Williamsburg.

Eating out Alone in NYC

Lots of good ideas but one thing I might suggest, especially if you just moved here is to go take out and delivery crazy, when my friends visit from other places they always remark on how much options we have in that dept that they don't. I mean not every night but it is a great thing we have here.

Also join Kim's Video uptown.

Momofuku Ko Tonight -- Wine Pairings

Word, my feelings as well.
Also my 3 friends and I couldn't help but imagine the 2 bottle we would have got for 350 bucks instead.
Or we could have skipped dinner and bought an old Volvo.

graham 'L' train stop choices?

My gf is a fan, they have stuff "off the menu" that they can recommend too (Lebanese meatloaf i think?). Mint Lemonade is apparently the thing to drink. I keep meaning to check it out but I work a block from Oasis so my middle east needs are taken care of pretty solidly (and too often).

Recs for Chinese or Korean in Flushing tonight?

this is perhaps one of the most posted about topics, hit the search bar and enjoy

(but i say Spicy and Tasty)

Zenkichi in Williamsburg?

Dressed identical? like a uniform maybe or what exactly are you trying to say?

Zenkichi is great, like being back in Tokyo, I only did the omasake however.

Frozen Margaritas in Williamsburg

Daddy's and Enid's (neither grea,t but both frozen). Marlow and Son's makes a good unfrozen one. That was the only good thing about Veracruz....

soy lecithin?

GNC? That is a great idea Jeff, thanks.

Best Korean BBQ in K-town.

That sure sounds better WL, I think in the end it might have been an off night. As for rooms and modernity, Jean, I know what you mean, but crappy banquets are always crappy whether in antiquity, post-modernity or plain old modernity, you know? I don't want nicey-nice or glamour, trust me that would be turn-off, maybe just like, not so much like some of an industrial work-space. I love dives, but this was just kind, well, off?

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

Ouch, me and my oafish palate. However, I thought this thread was about the problem of emperors and clothes, not mistakes about forests and the trees. I do pray that one day I can understand these concepts. I know that right now I lack the aesthetic as well as epistemological powers to grasp a 39$ poached chicken breast. Or a 5$ one for that matter. That said, the amuse were great (but isn't that more and more the case everywhere?).

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

Blue Hill, nice place, great service but I can barely remember the food. It was clean and fresh and boring.

Keen's fans: aged prime T-bone or mutton...

i know its only an app but don't miss the bacon and cress 'salad' and they have a great descombe cru beaujolais too

Does no one care that Florent is closing?

No more boudin noir blind drunk at 5 in morning? yes I care, it makes me sad.

Getting to know Greenpoint and Williamsburg

Enid's is a dive bar.

Where to take steak lover in Brooklyn that also has other good food?


Best Korean BBQ in K-town.

Yeah the service is really bad right? I liked the Galbi and egg custard too but does anyone else find the whole room depressing?