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Summerlicious 2007

looking for your top 10 recos for this years summerlicious.
the restaurants are up:

Jun 14, 2007
Josh F in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Mid-Late 20s Birthday Spot - Toronto

I am looking for a cool place with great food in Toronto to go on Saturday night.
Hoping to find a place that will accomodate a group of 10-15 people, either in a private dining area or at a nice table where we can all relax and enjoy some food/drinks together. A nice patio may also be a good option.

The place needs to be young with a good vibe, good music (but not too loud), great drinks, and a varied menu (any style of cuisine could work). Looking for a spot down south - around bloor, college, queen, king, etc. Price isn't such a concern but nothing too cheap or overpriced - expensive for the ideal place would be okay.

Thanks in advance for your help!

May 21, 2007
Josh F in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Passover Food - SD

went to Elijah's tonight and wasn't very impressed at all.
i must say however, the potato kugel was pretty damn good.
look forward to some local recs to try later in the week!

Apr 03, 2007
Josh F in California

Passover Food - SD

I am looking for good kosher for passover food - both takeout and dine in.
i have only found elijah's (la jolla & del mar)and city deli (hillcrest) with passover menus.
has anyone been to either of these and tasted their passover items?
can anyone suggest somehwere else i may try instead?

Apr 03, 2007
Josh F in California

SD - Brown Rice Sushi?

I am looking for a sushi restaurant in San Diego that serves brown rice in addition to the usual white - preferably close to downtown.

Anyone know of a spot?

Mar 17, 2007
Josh F in California

Best Dim Sum in SD?

went to emerlad and the food was better than i expected. although not as good as some of the top places i've been to in toronto, my guest and i enjoyed all of our dishes and i plan to return.

thanks to everyone for their recs and comments!

Mar 05, 2007
Josh F in California

Best Dim Sum in SD?

unless i get a last minute recommendation for a fantastic place (i won't keep my fingers crossed), i am off to emerald for lunch today as on a sunday i would prefer to get the items off the carts but perhaps china max one day soon to order off their menu.

anyone tried dumping inn? i have heard pretty good things and was surprised that nobody mentioned it.

thanks to everyone for their replies!

Feb 25, 2007
Josh F in California

Best Dim Sum in SD?

I recently moved to San Diego and I am craving Dim Sum.
Originally from Toronto, Canada, I have become accustomed to fantastic asian food and dim sum has been no exception.
I am living in Little Italy/Downtown but have a car and am willing to drive anywhere within about 20 minutes if it is worth it but would obviously prefer somewhere relatively local.
I also would love a place that isn't too pricey as I seem to end up ordering a ton of stuff when I go and it sometimes adds up.
Anybody know of a good spot?
What items are particularly good at your spot and what should be avoided?

Feb 22, 2007
Josh F in California

Dim Sum in Kingston

This is a small place located in a motel at John A and Princess.
I have only been for dim sum and it was fresh but not fantastic. They only serve it on Sat/Sun unless you call ahead so they can prepare it for you. The variety is decent and the price is acceptable.
For a dim sum lover, this restaurant will satisfy your craving and is likely the best in Kingston but will certainly not take the place of your favourite spots in other cities. I have been to a number of places in Toronto, all of which were superior in taste and quality and similarly priced (often cheaper).

Nov 19, 2006
Josh F in Ontario (inc. Toronto)