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I-5 from Seattle to Yosemite

The Whoa Nellie Deli on the east side of Yosemite in a Mobile gas station in the town of Lee Vining is good.

Aug 10, 2012
PDIGGGY in Pacific Northwest

La Super Rica daily specials? Santa Barbara

Any Chowhounders know the Super Rica specials by day? I'm trying to decide which day to go on my one week trip to SB. I am really hoping to score some mushroom tacos, so if anyone knows which day those are on please tell me!

May 29, 2012
PDIGGGY in California

Spokane source for baking supplies?

Sadly I've not found anything as reasonably priced or reliable here as good old Trader Joe's. Although I think they are overpriced for most goods, Huckleberries is very good for spices if you buy from the bulk section. You can buy just the amount you need, and the supply seems to turn over quickly so what I've bought has always been fresh. I know there is a Hutterite community here and Hutterite / Amish markets usually have well-priced, good quality nuts, dried fruits, etc for baking but I have yet to find a Hutterite or Amish market in town. Does anyone know if there is one?

Nov 03, 2010
PDIGGGY in Pacific Northwest

Asian market in Flagstaff or Prescott, AZ?

Are there any Asian markets in northern Arizona? I like to cook Japanese, Korean and Chinese food but am having difficulty finding ingredients since I moved to northern AZ.

Oct 16, 2008
PDIGGGY in Southwest

Fresno-late nite cafe recs?

Can any of you Fresno Chowhound's recommend a cafe that is open until at least 11pm (on weekdays) were I can relax for an hour or so to break up a long drive?

If they serve a bit of food or have baked goods that would be a plus. Thanks!

Nov 17, 2007
PDIGGGY in California

Chinese in Santa Barbara?

Craving take-out Chinese. Which is best? I'm not a fan of overly Americanized Chinese (like Jimmy's used to make), I'm more in the mood for food in the style of NYC's or SF's Chinatowns. Where should I go???? I know I won't find anything as good as a big city but hoping to find a reasonable facsimile...

Jul 24, 2007
PDIGGGY in California

Breakfast/Lunch in Sedona

Delfini's New York Italian deli has yummy, gigantic sandwiches. It's not really an "eat in" kind of place--best to take your sandwiches to go and have a picnic outdoors. They're very near the location Stout's will be selling at: Delfini's 1650 W Hwy 89A

Jun 12, 2007
PDIGGGY in Southwest

What's in Borrego Springs?

Last time I was in Borrego Springs there was a small cafe in the mall--is it still there and, if so, does anyone know the name? I'll be in Borrego for Memorial Day and want to make sure I can get a good cup of java.

Any other recs in this VERY small town? Any place to avoid?

May 20, 2007
PDIGGGY in California

Dinner in Barstow [moved from L.A. board]

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

I will definitely try the Mad Greek in the future but on this trip I'm taking the 40 west thru Barstow and then the 58 to Mojave to stop for the night so won't be going through Baker.

Nov 19, 2006
PDIGGGY in California

Dinner in Barstow [moved from L.A. board]

I know Barstow isn't in LA but hoping some LA-Vegas travellers might know of a decent place to grab a dinner in Barstow.

I'll just be driving through but would like to take a break and sit down for a meal. Is there anything other than fast food worth eating in Barstow? I'm open to any kind of cuisine.


Nov 19, 2006
PDIGGGY in California