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New Restaurant Coming to SFV - Ava or something like that?

Please help me solve this mystery. Somewhere (could even have been Chowhound), I read about a restaurant from a respected chef opening in the near future in the San Fernando Valley. Sherman Oaks or environs. I think the working name was Ava but I could have that wrong. Wasn't a big name chef but it was someone with an impressive enough background. (I am not talking about the guy from Literati II fyi who is supposedly looking for an 818 space.) If anyone can help me out, I would be most grateful. Thank you!


I like Noodle Planet on Westwood Blvd. but it is VERY casual. Sort of Asian greatest hits. Be sure to save room to hit Stan's donuts a few blocks away. Their peanut butter pockets are crazy. Of course there's also Diddy Riese for cheap, freshly made cookies.


I just had lunch at R23. It had been a couple years probably since I had been there. The place still rocks. It isn't an everyday kinda place. But if you do one of the lunch specials like fried oysters you can keep the damage to a minimum. Though if you're with a group, it's hard to resist the stunning ceramic platters of sushi. Reservations recommended. Cool loft style space. Service, while well intentioned, can be elusive. I finally got up and asked the manager for our check. Divine special dungeness crab salad. $21 however but there was lots of crab. Yummmmm!

Koraku Ramen review

Gotta say I had high hopes for this place and they were awfully nice in there. But food was mediocre. Maybe ramen is the only thing to get. I got a bowl of whay I think is called Donburi or Oyakodon. (I know... how could I confuse those names!) Anyway, it's a rice bowl with a sweetish sauce and egg and chicken and onion. But the chicken was "funny chicken" to borrow from my mom. Husband got stir fried noodles with shrimp and veg. Once again I'm forgetting the name. Yakisoba? Really disappointing. Like whole dish went thru the deflavorizer. Gyoza (pork) were nice and golden but I think maybe they were frozen. Even salad was disapppointing. I mean, the dressing on most Japanese salads is always very yummy. Not in this case. Again, had high hopes. Was prepared to be a regular. Not gonna happen.

Sherman Oaks Frozen Yogurt - Like Pinkberry?

I noticed a frozen yogurt place called Limelight or something like that in the Sherman Oaks strip mall where Baby Donuts (not good) used to be. Anyone been? I am a Pinkberry fan and am wondering if it is similar or if it is especially good?

bulk spices in the east SFV?

When I lived on the Westside and needed just a little bit of a spice for a recipe, I'd hit the Co-op in Santa Monica. Any place in the East SFV that sells spices this way (where I can buy just a little bit)? Is the place in the Farmers Market (or maybe it's on Fairfax) really good? 'Cause if it is, I'll consider heading over the hill.