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Reheating french fries

Those do sound really good and totally worth saving!

May 25, 2009
MarianLibrarian in Home Cooking

Restaurant or take out suggestions for vacationers to PHX.

Sorry, yes, I meant the Barrio Cafe. It was a couple of years ago. The area seemed a little seedy at night, but I'm sure it's "vibrant" during the day.

Jan 11, 2007
MarianLibrarian in Southwest

Love Letter to Chicago

A second on the El Milagro tortillas!

Jan 10, 2007
MarianLibrarian in Chicago Area

What do you take to eat on a plane?

Clementines in season and Snyder's pretzel sandwiches, usually the cheddar ones. Nowadays, going to Phoenix from Chicago is usually a 6-8 hour ordeal, so food is always needed. Last time we were going to be on the plane at dinner time, so we got Subway sandwiches on the way to the airport (we don't have many good delis). No chicken or tuna, though!

I don't worry about the smell; it seems like everybody's bringing something smelly. I really hate it when people bring airport McDonald's on the plane--I'd rather smell your curry chicken or pesto than McDonald's!

Restaurant or take out suggestions for vacationers to PHX.

I have been visiting Phoenix/Tempe area for over 7 years. The best meal I have ever had was at El Barrio, which is, unfortunately actually in the barrio. It is in Phoenix. You have to make reservations.

Jan 10, 2007
MarianLibrarian in Southwest

Coerced into Cheesecake Factory

We have a couple of non-adventurous/bland eaters in my office, so we love Cheesecake Factory for work lunches because we can all agree on it. (I love places with long menus, too, and this one is the champ! I agree with whomever said that they seem to actually be able to make most of the items.)

I usually get the salmon. My bland-eating coworkers often get the burgers, which look really good. My fave cheesecake is the apple strudel. Some people at our table were like, "Why do you want to order that???" but then they liked it a lot when they tried it!

Jan 10, 2007
MarianLibrarian in Chains

Looking For Knife Suggestions

I bought my best friend a Cutco Santoku knife. It is a great all-purpose knife. I have used it and it is a dream to cut with. Cutco knives have a lifetime guarantee. We have used them for over 15 years. Cutco has a website (; the company that makes them is called Vector.

Jan 10, 2007
MarianLibrarian in Cookware

Zihuatenejo - Best places to chow

Isn't there anyplace decent in Ixtapa? I wanted to stay in Zihuatanejo, but it wasn't possible. Of course, we will go to Zihua some days, but not for every meal.

Nov 18, 2006
MarianLibrarian in Mexico