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We will be in Naples for a week and want the best food be it fancy , burgers, crabs, etc.
The following on my list for dinners:
Waterfront Grill
Trulucks on Monday for all you can eat crab
Cafe Lurcat
Baleen Naples
Nemos on Hy 41 N
Pazzo Stalian or Campiello
The Turtle Club
The Bay House

also for lunches or causal dinners:
Brooks Burgers & Dogs
Grouper & Chips
Stage 62

Please comment about these places.

Jan 18, 2013
sjoantwe in Florida

barcelonetta restaurants

Need recs for something casual but great food and fun atmosphere. Any suggestions?

Sep 28, 2012
sjoantwe in Spain/Portugal

Help me choose in Barcelona

Will be there in Oct with another couple. Want great food and a lively food experience. I am thinking about:

Tickets ( my 1st choice but cant get a reservation yet)
Quimet Quimet
Cinc Sentits

we only have one night and I want food and ambience unique to Barcelona.

Can you help me pick? Other ideas?

Sep 23, 2012
sjoantwe in Spain/Portugal

Kamish Bread/Mondlebrot

I need the best recipe please. I like it crispy with lots of cinnamon. What are your favorites?

Nov 30, 2011
sjoantwe in Home Cooking

2 nts in seattle

My husband and I are finishing a trip thru British Columbia with 2 nights in Seattle. We love seafood, and great food of all kinds, upscale casual, nothing "stuffy". Price is not a problem, but we prefer to have reservations, he is not big on waiting. Also, hour hometown has fab Italian, so we shy away from it when traveling.

I was thinking about Dahlia Lounge
Sitka and Spruce

these are dinners. For lunch we will do Matts and Elliots for oysters. Should we do Elliots for dinner?

Great atmosphere, fun or great view helps make the night.


Canlis Restaurant
2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Dahlia Lounge
2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Jun 09, 2011
sjoantwe in Greater Seattle

tofino meals

Will be at the Wickanninnish for 2 nts. A friend told me to have lunch at the Pointe to appreciate the view is better than dinner as it gets dark. But we are going in June, so if we have dinner around 7 or 7:30 is the view gone? Also, where to eat the second night?

victoria 3 nts

Will be in Victoria for 2 nts, then returning for an additional evening.
I was considering Brasserie L'Ecole, Cafe Brio and Aura Waterfront. However, Aura's menu doesnt look as appealing to me. Q: are L'Ecole and Brio too much the same? Can someone recommend a third place. Since the first two are french, seafood would be great. One of the nts is a Sunday and we dont arrive until 6:30 pm, so I need something near our hotel( the Magnolia) for7:30 or 8pm.

Cafe Brio
944 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8V3K2, CA

Dish in Dallas

Thinking of going to Dish or Maquires next weekend. Can anyone compare or comment on either one? What are your favorite things at Dish?

Aug 15, 2010
sjoantwe in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best place for stone crab around Siesta Key

I need a restaurant for stone crab: its too pricey to take changes on mediocre food. A crab shack is fine as long as the crab is fresh and not overcooked.

Also looking for suggestions for other restaurants that are great food in the area, but business casual. Already planning on Columbia, Aurora, etc. What other casual spots have great food in the Sarasota area. Is Cafe Bicca the best for Italian?

Jan 26, 2010
sjoantwe in Florida

Cambridge Eats

Thank you so much: I have a list;
Blue Room

Feb 17, 2007
sjoantwe in Greater Boston Area

Cambridge Eats

I will be visiting MIT campus with other company members. We need some places to have dinner nearby, that arent catering to the college crowd. Suggestions, please.

Feb 17, 2007
sjoantwe in Greater Boston Area

Sambuca in Dallas, Texas

I was at SAmbuca in UPtown for a drink. It felt like I was the Genie in lamp, but I really like the place. Now, for the food. Anyone eaten here recently?

Feb 16, 2007
sjoantwe in Texas

Private party: Avanti at Fountain Place or caterer

George Catering looks fabulous. Thanks.

Jan 20, 2007
sjoantwe in Texas

cancun recs

La Hibichuela is my favorite.

Recs for :
Lorito Joes
La Casa de las Margaritas
Maria Bonita

Palapa(Royal Mayan)
Tumtah(Royal Mayan)

Are these places still open and anyone been there?

Jan 19, 2007
sjoantwe in Mexico

Private party: Avanti at Fountain Place or caterer

Has anyone ever used Avant for dinner for a private event?
How was the food, service, etc.

Also , does anyone have a recommendation for a wonderful private caterer if I do an off-site event like at Trammel Crowe. I am looking at Food Glorious Food , for instance.

Jan 19, 2007
sjoantwe in Texas

Seafood in Cancun

La Hibichuela is our favorite restaurant in Cancun. But we have a lobster fanatic going with us this year: so any recommendations would be helpful.

I am thinking of Lorita Joe's or Lorenzillios? Please advise.

Jan 14, 2007
sjoantwe in Mexico

Rehearsal Dinner in Dallas

Did we mention Marie Gabrielle? How is this restaurant?

Jan 08, 2007
sjoantwe in Texas

Foods of Dallas

I am looking for the specialty foods that are somewhat peculiar to Dallas? Beyond BBQ & Tex-Mex which are more regional , I am curious as to specific items that are "homegrown" in Dallas.

All you Dallas natives, please help !!!!
Specifically, I am looking to fill hospitality bags for out-of-town guests and would like to include things native to the city or area, even particular brands would be helpful.

Jan 08, 2007
sjoantwe in Texas

Rehearsal Dinner in Dallas

Thank you soooooo much:
Its either Stephen Pyles or Nick & Sams !!
I will visit both next week, you have really narrowed the field.

Dec 12, 2006
sjoantwe in Texas

Rehearsal Dinner in Dallas

Thanks, York sTreet is off the list. What about Dakotas , Oceanaire, or Nick & Sams, or Stephen Pyles?

Dec 10, 2006
sjoantwe in Texas

Rehearsal Dinner in Dallas

I need some recommendations for a large rehearsal dinner: perhaps as many as 75-100 people. We are staying at the WEstin and the Fairmont Hotels for the wedding.

My thoughts are:
Stephen Pyles
York StreetNick & Sams
Marie Gabrielle

Has anyone been to a large private party at any of these places?

Dec 09, 2006
sjoantwe in Texas

wedding in dallas

Trying to pick a place:

Belo Mansion: anyone sampled food here at an event and if so, how was it ?

Marie Garielle Restaurant: again, anyone been to a private event and was the food memorable?

Any other suggestions?

Nov 18, 2006
sjoantwe in Texas