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Fine Cheeses and Charcuterie in St. Louis

I'll second The Wine and Cheese Place. You can pick up Armando Batali's Salumi there, for example.

If you are around on a weekend, you can see what Salume Beddu is offering at the Tower Grove market. He's a local producer.

Oct 20, 2009
sheriffblalock in Great Plains

STL...really good fried chicken

Porter's Fried Chicken on Big Bend near Shrewsbury is my favorite. A great crispy crust which is not at all greasy. I recommend getting it to go, unless you want to smell like grease (which isn't really a bad thing, I suppose).

STL recommendations, please

Near the airport there are a couple of Mexican places that are pretty good. It's an easy drive, since it is all highway.

Taqueria los Tarascos is very authentic, as described in the review that's on that page. A little more Americanized is Las Palmas, but it is still very good.

San Francisco hound itinerary questions for St. Louis hounds.

Something that you won't find anywhere else that's outstanding is Iron Barley. It's a mix of Southern and German cuisine, with a great beer selection and some fantastic drinks and desserts. "Haute Hoosier" (Hoosier not in the Indiana sense, but in the redneck sense) is the way I've seen it described. Here's the website, they tend to have a lot of specials not listed as well.

Iron Barley
5510 Virginia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63111

Impressing the client in St. Louis

As far as inpressing people goes, I don't think you can do better than An American Place. Beautiful space, exquisite food.

I-24 to St. Louis, I-70 to Abilene, KS

My # 1 recommendation is 17th Bar and Grill in Marion, IL. Get the ribs. You can search online for Mike Mills, the owner, who is a 3 time grand champion at Memphis in May. There's also a location in O'Fallon, IL.

STL: Sat night dinner rec?

Have you tried The Pitted Olive on S. Hampton? They're right around $15 an entree, and have a nice little wine list.

Newstead Tower Public House may be another good option for you.

STL: Beer *and* WiFi?

I really don't know, but I'd start with both of the Schlafly places. Or maybe one of the places close to the colleges, such as Laclede Street, Humphrey's or The Scottish Arms near SLU.

A hotel bar could be a good bet too, or one in Clayton.

Dinner in Downtown STL

Washington Ave. is a great place to be if you want to walk to dinner. Aside from AAP, there's a very good tapas-style place called Mosiac. I've had a pretty good meal at Lucas Park Grille as well. There's a Irish pub called The Dubliner that has pretty good food as well.

What you really need to do is get to Rooster at 1104 Locust on Sunday morning for breakfast, and make sure you get something with sausage in it. It's fantastic.

Dinner in Downtown STL

Is this a Sunday dinner, or Saturday night? There's a big difference in what's available each night. But if you are looking for high end dining, An American Place is the way to go.

STL: What's new and worthy? A StL-born Boston Hound wants your recs...

I think all of your parameters are covered best in town by Iron Barley. You can find their menu at, but they generally offer several specials each night. It's German/Southern cuisine for the most part, and I don't think you'll find anything like it anywhere else.

going to St. Louis... recommendations???

I'll third 33. It's a great neighborhood if you want to park your car for the evening and hit three or four spots. Jake is great, especially if you're a Riesling person, he has a very nice selection.

Also in the area is Bailey's Chocolate Bar, which is exactly what you'd expect (and the triple chocolate ice cream is one of the best things I've ever eaten).
Square One is a fine brewery with pretty good food.
All of these are within walking distance to Vin de Set, which has an incredible patio.

I can't recommend Iron Barley high enough. There are several mentions on the thread if you search it. If you read their menu (, also note that they always run 5 specials or so.

For more upscale, you may try Atlas (on Pershing in the Central West End), for classic dishes done well.

Portland Hound in St. Louis next week - Need Recommendations

Washington Ave is a very good place to eat. In the vicinity, I'd recommend 10th Street Italian and Rooster the highest.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "quintessentially" St. Louis. If you want a very good meal that you can't get anywhere else, I'd recommend Iron Barley in south city. You can find out more by searching this board.

Dining in New Orleans for One

I ate there last night at the chef's bar, and it was one of the best restaurant experiences of my life. Fabulous food and very friendly staff. Don't miss it if you love pork in all formats.

Oct 31, 2007
sheriffblalock in New Orleans

STL- need a quick bite near the Fox

Nadoz or Vito's are close enough that you won't need to move your car between dinner and the show. Nadoz has changed their menu recently, I don't think I like it as much, but it's still a fun place to go that is pretty quick.

wines [Moved from Midwest board]

I'll second those stores, but they may not be in your area. Where do you live? Other good stores are Grapevine Wines in Kirkwood, The Wine Barrel in Sunset Hills, Provisions in Creve Coeur, and the big superstore Lukas Liquors in Ballwin. I think the staff at Grapevine is the most helpful in town (two brothers own the place, one is almost always there).

Oct 18, 2007
sheriffblalock in Wine

A (mostly) St. Louis report

Two Hearted is likely my single favorite beer, I was crushed when they switched. I don't like Dewey's as much as most people, their crusts tend to lack character. Maybe I should order a pie and eat it there sometime to give it a true test.

A (mostly) St. Louis report

Although last time I went there, they informed me they no longer carry Bell's on draft.

St. Louis - What is it good for?

To be truly original, go to Iron Barley and order a O'Fallon cask beer with a ballistic Elvis sammiche and a blaster pie with habanero-strawberry sauce. Be sure to ask the bartender what her special drink is. It's always good.

For the Hill (which is the opposite of original), I hear good things about Gian-Tony's.

To recommend something besides Iron Barley, I'd say try Everest for Nepalese food. They're either on Washington and 20th, or near Manchester and Vandeventer (they're moving, not sure precisely when).

St. Louis Visit

I asked them at Taste of St. Louis, they said they would be moving towards the end of October.

St. Louis Visit

I don't know much about the leftover German influences (although Iron Barley often has schnitzel and spaetzle on the menu), but to reference your original post, St. Louis salad isn't worth finding. It's iceberg and romaine, with artichoke hearts, red onion, pimentos, provel (or parmesan) and a red wine vinaigrette.

St. Louis Visit

I'm headed to Rooster for the first time tomorrow for lunch, I am very excited. Pork products will certainly be involved.

St. Louis Visit

I think there are two restaurants that people should go to when visiting town, one being Niche (which is more fine dining, maybe not what you're looking for) and the other is Iron Barley. ( I'd describe it as creative southern cooking. The food is always spot on, and they have a good (but small) beer menu, including one local beer on cask, a few weeks ago it was O'Fallon 5-Day IPA, which is a very fine beer. Make sure to save room for dessert, they have great frozen pies.

A few more things on the beer front, I'd also look for O'Fallon Pumpkin Ale (although I don't know if it is on draft anywhere) it is a great example of the pumpkin beer style. Schlafly makes some fine products too.

What should I eat to get a "Taste of St. Louis"?

Pizzeria Della Piazza on the Hill does a good version of Chicago style. A'mi's on Manchester in Rock Hill looks like they have good pizza, but I have never actually ordered it there. They do NY style, StL style, and Chicago, according to their signage.

Top Chef Finale! (spoilers)

I'd have to agree. They both had one knockout dish, one really good dish, one good dish, and a clunker. Dale's clunker tasted bad, Hung's was boring. I think they made the correct choice.

Missouri Flour?

I know there's a place in town, but I cannot recall it. I believe they are on Cherokee. They have a phone number listed in the back of "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" by Peter Reinhart. I have it at home, I'll try and remember to look it up.

Edit: The book says Cahokia Flour (I think they have changed their name) and gives a number of (314) 781-1211. I called them a year ago or so and that number worked.

wineries in/near madison, wi?

I think you might be better off looking for beer rather than wine. New Glarus Brewery is about 40 minutes away, they have a wide variety of beers, including some incredible fruit beers.

In town, we really enjoyed Barrique's Coffee Trader, just south of the Capitol. They have a good selection of wines, mostly under $20, and you can drink it there for an additional $5 or so.

NOLA the last full week of September


I'm really interested to hear all of your opinions, as I will be staying in the same hotel at the end of October.

Is Cochon a good place to dine alone? Do they have a bar where I could sit and eat?

Sep 25, 2007
sheriffblalock in New Orleans

St Louis specialty liquor store

Concur on the Wine and Cheese Place on Forsyth. They definitely have a smaller selection than Lukas, but that's a great store.

Dinner Near St. Louis Convention Center

You're probably in the best place in the city to find dining options within walking distance. On Washington Ave., you can find several places. First, there's An American Place, which is owned by Larry Forgione, St. Louis's only celebrity chef. If you truly don't care about price, I'd make sure to go there. It shouldn't be hard to find a table. Further down the street, I really like Mosaic, which is tapas-style, so it might not really work well if your group isn't the sharing type. 10th Street Italian is a casual place just off Washington that serves simple pastas very well. The Dubliner is an Irish gastropub, I've liked both the pork and the mussels there, although their beer selection is lacking a little.