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Restaurant for New Years Eve in Rome

thanks, well check it out. Have you heard of 4 Colonne ? This is a restaurant that was recomended by the concierge.

Dec 22, 2008
CharlotteMichele in Italy

Restaurant for New Years Eve in Rome

We are looking for a great restaurant for New Years Eve in Rome. Any suggestions? We are open to exploring both pricey and mid range. We are staying near the Spanish Steps.

Dec 17, 2008
CharlotteMichele in Italy

Bastille Day at the Foundry on Melrose

I had the mussels also, and the Fish and Chips. It wasn't a great culinary event like I was expecting from the Foundry. But the ESB on draft was great!

Bastille Day at the Foundry on Melrose

Well I don't mind complaining as you can see from my previous posts. But it's hard to work up any outrage on this. Everyone was very mellow and the bartenders put quite a bit of elbow grease into shaking up the cocktails. We got that sinking feeling after the spinach crab appetizer came by for the sixth time and a very hungry looking crowd was gathered around the kitchen exit so we hightailed it out to the Village Idiot for some mundane pub food. I think we saw you walk in right after us:)

Cliff's Edge

Thanks, It definately sounds like it might be a better brunch place

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2007

yes Lou on Vine.
Mozza not the Osteria, check out my posting on the boards of our negative experience at the Osteria. I might also add I have a negative posting of Hungry Cat which I would like to retract as every recent visit there has been awesome.

Cliff's Edge

I should have read this before going to Cliffside last night! We had a really mundane meal that left us full and completely unsatisfied. The risotto was mushy and salty and the leek tart could have been a frozen swansons dinner it was so soft and gluey. I will never go back there.

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2007

Campanille- Friday nt paring menu
Hungry Cat- Bar

Best Chicago tasting menu restaurant

Every June we make a trip out to Chicago to see family and also manage to fit in a great restaurant. So far we have been to Charlie Trotters, Moto and Alinea. We loved them both. Any reccomendations for this years trip?

Feb 04, 2008
CharlotteMichele in Chicago Area

Wagyu Beef

Does anyone know where one can purchase wagyu beef in the LA area to cook at home ?

AOC or Upstairs 2?

How about Tasca on third? It is one block from AOC and really terrific food. Check out Irene Verbilla's review in the LA times

Omakase: Zo or Mori?

Sushi Nazami on Melrose has an amazing omakase and very reasonably priced. Not fancy or anything but amazing fish and an all female sushi chef staff!

Dinner for special occasion/guests from out of town???

We went to Cut a few nights ago after trying for a year (and ultimately giving up) to get a table at some other time than 6PM or 9PM. I haven't seen any posts that fairly assess this place so I'm wondering if Wolfgang Puck has bought off Chowhounds:) If there is a proper place for me to rant please someone out there let me know where it is.

Sitting at the Kiddie Table at Osteria Mozza

I once read a great quote which I use with my partner when we're dissatisfied with our seating:

"It's not the table that makes the party but the party that makes the table"

Doesn't always help the shortbus feeling but it's a good mantra.

Sitting at the Kiddie Table at Osteria Mozza

No the kiddie room or room of shame seemed to be relegated to storage. There was a bunch of balloons in there which suggested they may have recently held a child's birthday party there.

Sitting at the Kiddie Table at Osteria Mozza

I guess I'm one of those people with their heads in the clouds who thinks that an appointment made is one worthy of being respected. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes ok. 1/2 hour...not ok. We were told by one hostess that the table was being set then 5 minutes later that the party was almost ready to leave. We were starving. We have a young child. We wake up early and don't have the stamina other hard partiers do. The hostess was wilting because I did the wilting. Yes they handled it well, even excellently. Yes I was a cheapskate by not tipping the extra. We did by the way arrive 15 minutes early. Hope springs eternal. But like with doctors and airlines and contractors, we just accept that they will be late. I'm a professional in fairly high demand, perhaps not on the level of Mozza. But if I'm late, even a little late, I take a lot of heat for it. We ate at Craft recently. They were on time and excellent and seemed to be high on the Babylon scale.

Sitting at the Kiddie Table at Osteria Mozza

We went there last night. Monday night 8pm reservation made one month in advance. I figured they knew we were coming since we had to let them know so far ahead. Evidently not. Due to those pesky slow diners who insist on staying at their tables we didn't get seated till 8:30. How about those greedy restauranteurs who like the airlines leave little room in their schedules for unprofitable down time. My partner was not pleased when I demanded of the wilting hostess: "What are you going to do for us?" as she seated us. She promised they would "send us stuff." We were seated next to the entrance to the room with the "kids table" and I wondered to myself: "who in the world would want to sit in there." I guess from your post, nobody.

My take on the food was definitely colored by the drama of getting seated. Why is it that those osterias in Italy perched on side roads in the middle of nowhere where everyone is happy to see you and the food is simple but fantastic have to share the same appelation as a place like Mozza? The sheeps milk ricotta with lemon seemed more like a dessert to me. I agree. One bite was enough. They sent over 2 glasses of prosecco (I'm sorry it will always be a pale relative to Champagne) and the mozzarella and heirloom tomato dish as the "stuff." I liked the mozzarella dish but by this time I was feeling a bit bufalo'ed out. The linguini with clams was to my mind the hit of the evening. I would never order this dish since it's like something we make at home. But with the pancetta and the chilis it was a really interesting combination. The snapper livornese was well prepared, the fish perfectly cooked, but the sauce was overpowering. We called it quits without dessert, stuffed and exhausted. Total bill with tip: $150 for two people, 2 quartinos of wine, 1 cheese dish, 1 pasta dish, 1 secondi. Here's a question for you, should I have tipped on the value of the "stuff" they sent over?

My first Mozza experience

I normally don't like places like this which are so sought after that you have to fight to get out of the restaurant after you've eaten (as we did on Monday night) but I must say they won me over. We arrived a little after 7 for our 7PM reservation and were seated right away. The tables were so crowded together it made comrades out of the diners on either side. The wine list was not over blown and we ordered an inexpensive Sangiovese for $32 and it was actually good! The waiter was knowledgeable (knew some italian too) and not snobby and we ordered a bunch of starters and one pizza. The anchovy salad and the squash blossoms were really good. The pizza we ordered had NO CHEESE on it. I must be way behind the times but that came as a surprise to both of us. But like the other posters have said, they are reinventing the idea of pizza. Anway, not being satisfied with the one pizza we ordered another one and it arrived in a few minutes. My only complaint: the service was too fast. But then when we left and saw all the hungry people waiting to pounce I could understand why. Another plus: not ridiculously overpriced given their popularity. (see my post on Mama's on Maui!!!)

Any suggestions for Valentine's Day Dinner in Los Angeles?

That's a great idea! I was there a long time ago and remember it as very romantic

Any suggestions for Valentine's Day Dinner in Los Angeles?

We've been to Providence, L'Orangerie (closed) Bastide, and other places for Valentines but we're looking for something new, romantic, innovative and with a free table. Any of you lovebirds out there have any ideas?

Great Meal at The Cafe at Hotel Pierre

I've spent too much time criticising and not enough praising but I guess that's human nature. So for the new year I will start my Chowhounding by praising a meal we had on Christmas Eve at the Hotel Pierre. The room is beautifully elegant without being stuffy. The servers were attentive and friendly. I started with a Singapore Sling which is evidently their specialty and felt like I was in a 40's black and white "smart set" movie. My partner had a Gin Gimlet which although properly made with Rose's Lime Juice we returned to have made with fresh lime juice. No Problemo. The amuse bouche was a perfect little gem of cauliflower soup with truffles. The starters were salade Lyonnaise which was made exactly as they do in Lyon and crab cakes with an Indian flair. I had sea bass with a mediterranean sauce very crispy on the bottom and tender on the top. My partner had a trio of meat consisting of shortribs, filet mignon. They had a fair selection of half-bottles of wine and we started with a Chablis and finished with Chateauneuf du Pape. I don't think they had anyone knowledgeable about wine there on the level of a sommellier but we handled it ok on our own. My main criticism was that the place was half empty and the crowd seemed to be getting on in age. Not very trendy but surprisingly good.

Jan 04, 2007
CharlotteMichele in Manhattan

LA specific foodie items and where to find them

You could try Mercado La Paloma this year which is slightly south of downtown. It's an interesting little effort to promote local artisans and latin cuisine and culture.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but it's worth a visit. Keeping in mind that we live in what was once a spanish territory it seems appropriate. Or you can send them gift certificates to McDonalds which was created in San Bernardino, not far from Los Angeles ;)

A Romantic Dinner that doesn't suck??

Well I've only been to Ivy at the Beach once, had the lobster pasta and thought it was quite good. Yes it's not on the ocean but a "near surf" cexperience as I said. Regarding romantic I recall a quote my wife and I often recite: "It's not the table that makes the party but the party that makes the table." If you know what I mean...

A Romantic Dinner that doesn't suck??

I agree with Geoffrey's and Saddle Peak although I think the food is better at Geoffrey's. Il Cielo is also romantic but the food is not as good as the setting. You could also consider Ivy by the Beach for a near surf experience. Or the Ivy in town. Does anyone know about the place at the airport, The Escape?? I thought it was going to open soon. Could be retro cool.

Mama's Fish House Maui

I wouldn't ordinarily be so worked up but the lack of "mama" and the elevated prices get me worked up. Did I mention the pictures of Ann Margaret and Marvin Hamlisch?

Mama's Fish House Maui

I have been to the French Laundry and Auberge de Soleil and the Ivy in London as well as other Michelin 3 star restaurants. I am stupefied that you could possibly compare this Pirates of the Carribean experience as belonging in their league. We did consider leaving but we couldn't bear dragging our 3 year old back out to the car. I will say that they treated her nicely as I would expect at Disneyland. The high point of my evening was seeing the autographed pictures of Frank Sinatra, Wink Martindale and Ludakris. Now that's something you won't find at Guy Savoy!

Mama's Fish House Maui

What is it that brings carloads of diners to this out of the way location on Maui to drop beaucoup bucks for mediocre fish and tiki-room decor. We were urged to go here by my in laws who know their food and drink and we made the pilgrimage to the suburban Maui location and jammed into their parking lot to expectantly join other salivating howlies. Doesn't the name conjure up a big happy Hawaiian lady serving you on picnic tables in her backyard? Well guess again. The only Mama here is probably a nationally registered brand name in search of a franchising plan. We were shuttled in with great efficiency and given the drink menu which listed Mai Tai's for $15. Wait a minute, this isn't the Tonga Room at the Fairmount, it's some supposedly cutesy out of the way place. So we decided to cover our downside by splitting an appetizer ($22 tomatoe and blue cheese salad) and entree ($34 tiny piece of spearfish with a rub based upon Accent) and ordering the cheapest bottle of wine on the menu. ($32 for an Italian white). They brought us "freshly baked bread" that reminded me of what I made in my new home baking oven (since given to the Goodwill) and the home made ice cream tasted like ice milk from the supermarket. So my question is: What brings in all the folks and why are they so happy? Tables around us changed several times during our 1 1/2 hour meal. I felt lucky to get out with the bill at $145 for half a dinner. Mahalo.


We went there last year for New Year's eve dinner. The menu we read on line looked very promising. The former site of Patina was always a sentimental favorite of ours under it's prior incarnation. We were seated right away which I am always in favor of!!! But as each dish was served we received an extensive description of it's ingredients usually accompanied by a look from the server: "I dare you not to love this!" Well that's a hefty challenge so in the end like you we didn't really love anything, but we did like many dishes. The service was ultra-efficient also. I guess New Year's eve requires such efficiency from a restaurant offering multi-course meals with 2 sittings. But when we left the restaurant barely 1 1/2 hours after we entered we both felt sadly like losers

Need your input: EAT A PITA and CHAO KRUNG on Fairfax Ave... Any good??

Haven't been to either in a while but they used to be good

Hungry Cat: Disappointment #1

Yes I know I sound like I'm whining. It's just I don't like being told to go elsewhere when there is a problem