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Seafood/Asian/Romantic Dinner Near MIT/Central Square

Going to an event at 7 pm near MIT/Central Square, and we are hoping to have an early dinner around 5:30 pm.

Sadly had to cancel at Myers + Chang in the South End due to the timing of the event we are attending :( :( :(

I like spice, seafood, and something a little romantic! Thanks for your help!

Indian Food in Dedham, Roslindale, or West Roxbury

We are looking to get some Indian food before going to a movie at Legacy Place. I would like somewhere with a medium-fancy atmosphere, but not too upscale, not hole in the wall. I like SPICY food. We live in Roslindale. Thanks!

disgusting, I know, but.....I need a jello "salad" recipe....

When I saw the title of this post, this is the exact recipe that came to mind. We always had this on the 4th of July when I was a kid; one of our neighbors would make it!

Jun 15, 2011
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Coffee Shop/Wine Bar for Book Club Meeting

Athan's Bakery in Brighton is gorgeous, spacious, and delicious. They have a wide can get just some tea or coffee, pastries, gelato, a sandwich, or a paste entrée. I love their baklava personally. They also serve beer and wine. I think this would be the perfect place for a book club; I've attended a few community meetings here over the years.

Getting started with miso soup- help

This is such a simple and delicious recipe:

For me with miso soup, easier is better, and you can add what you have around.

May 01, 2011
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Your favorite tempeh recipe

Apr 25, 2011
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

What were your last three cookbook purchases? - [Old]

What have you made from Authentic Mexican? I have made a few of Rick Bayless's salsas, and I loved them!

Apr 25, 2011
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Non-traditional potstickers?

I love potstickers; they are so much fun to make. I am wondering: Do you make them ahead? How do you store them? Can they be reheated in a microwave?

I like either shrimp or tofu with sesame oil and shallot (traditional). I am also interested in more recipes for potstickers.

Jan 12, 2011
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Vegan Cookbook

Yes, this is a fabulous cookbook, and many of the recipes are vegan. My favorites are the Mediterranean-Style bok choy, the sauteed eggplant, and the miso soup.
Party Vegan by Robin Robertson is has recipes that EVERYONE will love.
Also, Refresh by Ruth Dal features many delicious juice recipes plus noodle and rice bowls and interesting appetizers.

Jan 12, 2011
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

What do you take for lunch to work?

I have a 2-tier metal lunch container, and I fill one tier with baby carrots and a tiny tupperware of hummus. In the other, I will bring jasmine rice with tofu and vegetables or baked polenta with tomato sauce or mushroom ragout. I do NOT use the work microwave...too many meals that splatter in there and it's never cleaned. Yuck! I just eat my lunch cold.

Jan 12, 2011
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Vegetarian/Healthy Restaurants

Please suggest anywhere on public transportation or walking in the city.

Where to eat after visiting Boston University?

I recommend La Verdad on Landsdowne Street, near Fenway Park. Not-your-mama's Mexican food (unless your mama is a great Mexican chef!) I had a delicious salad there with avocado, corn, and pickled red onions. I also shared some pork tacos with fresh and satisfying. Very close to BU...get off the train at Kenmore, and walk two blocks. Less than 10 min. from BU, actually.

faneuil hall

I really enjoy McCormick and Schmick's. I had lobster there the other day...delicious. And great people watching too!

Lasagne Fundraiser

Great ideas about the labeling.
I am thinking that it would all be pre-order.
It would be 9 x 11 x 3.
I wouldn't make one unless somebody specifically ordered it.
My idea is to take samples to work, and then when people want to order it, for a party, etc. they can let me know. I will leave the form in the lunchroom. I am going to look into the cardboard pans.

Aug 16, 2008
jenniferdines in Not About Food

Lasagne Fundraiser

How much would you pay for a gourmet frozen lasagne (1 whole tray) that you could store in your freezer?
(for example: lasagne primavera with a light bechamel sauce, gorgonzola spinach and walnut lasagne, lasagne bolognese, etc.)
If you knew that the proceeds went to a very good non-profit that you supported?
Do you think that $25.00 is reasonable?

Aug 16, 2008
jenniferdines in Not About Food

Help me please with Cuban..........

This cookbook provides a wonderful introduction.

Mar 25, 2007
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

A Kooky Night at Betty's Wok and Noodle

Too bad. My husband and I have had many romantic evenings there.
A little about Asian-Latino:
The origins of Cuban-Chinese cuisine goes back to the late 1800s, when Chinese men arrived in Latin America thanks to the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1847.
Many settled in Cuba as well, and by 1940 the Chinese population was well over 30,000 in Havana alone. In Cuba, Chinese immigrants found a wealth of new ingredients to which they applied Asian cooking techniques, such as stir-fry, thus creating Cuban-Chinese cuisine.
The communist revolution led by Fidel Castro in 1959 forced many Cubans of Chinese descent to move to Miami and New York.

Punjab Palace (Allston)

My husband and I have been here 3 times in the past two weeks.
What I LOVED about it:
-flat screen playing killer bollywood music and dancing videos
-actually SPICY food: as said above "hot means hot"
-excellent service
-complimentary chai tea (the 2nd time we went)
-complimentary dessert (the 1st time we went)
We love India Quality in Kenmore, and with the same owners, this is simply a more modern version.
The music videos alon are worth a trip.
Also, I LOVE their garlic naan. So soft, so garlicky, so...AAH!

Zenna Noodle, Brookline. Anyone been?

I went there in the fall. It's been there for a couple months now. I don't remember what I ordered for my main dish, but they had a pretty killer ginger ice cream. The atmosphere is very relaxing and modern.

Le's (Pho Pasteur) non-pho recs please

The vermicelli is my FAVORITE. I ALWAYS get that...I can't order anything else either.
For an appetizer, the shrimp toast is SO good.

Best Cupcakes in Boston

"I've always been disappointed with bakeries in the area. They try to be everything to everyone, so they make a large selection of things---some of which are great and some are barely edible. I wish bakeries would focus on a few things and do them extremely well."
I think you would like Diane's Bakery in Roslindale. It is 100 years old (seriously) and they stick to the frills, but deliciously old-fashioned goodness!

BBQ Places That Aren't Primarily Takeout?

I really like the Linwood. In fact, I've gone there during the summers for the past seven years and sat on the patio with a group of friends. I've had excellent pulled pork, chicken, and mac n cheese there. Also, the servers are excellent...funny and nice. I also enjoy the Village Smokehouse. The inside of the restaurant feels so warm from the giant fire. The meat is delicious, and the cornbread too.
I tried SoulFire twice. The meat is delicious, but the sides are pretty bland. I hate their mac n cheese. It is just pasta with a dot of cheese and a dab of crunchy stuff. Just my 2 cents.

Appetizer that uses broccoli?


Feb 24, 2007
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Thoughts on Eagle Diner, Brighton

I live right by there, but I have never eaten there. However, my husband said that he has eaten there several times (before we met). He said that what is really disgusting is that you get a substandard beef patty that hasn't been drained, so your bread is all greasy. Honestly, that place sort of disgusts me.

Nutella Frozen Hot Chocolate@Paris Creperie [Moved from Boston]

Thanks! Wow!

Feb 19, 2007
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Best olive oil for general cooking

"Olive oil storage
Store olive oil in a cool, dark place for up to six months or in the refrigerator up to a year."

Feb 19, 2007
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Nutella Frozen Hot Chocolate@Paris Creperie [Moved from Boston]

I did post it to the Boston board and it got moved to homecooking.

Feb 18, 2007
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Leftover long grain white rice, what should I do with it?

You can make Carribean-style rice. Just add a little coconut milk. It's so good!

Feb 18, 2007
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

Nutella Frozen Hot Chocolate@Paris Creperie [Moved from Boston]

Who has the recipe for this? I had it for the first time today, and I am in love.

Feb 11, 2007
jenniferdines in Home Cooking

What do you think of my Valentine's Day menu? cut the salmon into three large pieces and literally "braid" the pieces together. It is a presentation strategy.

Feb 11, 2007
jenniferdines in Home Cooking