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Japanese Noodle Soup

I have always enjoyed my tempura udon at Tokyo Grill served with a really hot dashi broth. I always get a side of kimchee for 2.50. Time for my udon fix!!

Dessert trends cafe

mmmmmmmmmm, we had the hazelnut dome!!

Dessert trends cafe

I had a delightful sunday brunch at dessert trends. The french onion soup was a burst of flavour.The calamari salad was tender with a refreshing lemon-miso vinagrette and interesting textures of seaweed. The apple pancake were nothing special but my daughter really enjoyed her croque monsieur.


how about ultra supper club on queen street?

I miss "HO KING" !

I remember back in the days where they served the best clams in black bean sauce. MMMM

Frozen clam strips in toronto

Buster's on the main floor of st.lawerance market sells them.
They are served with curlies and cocktail sauce.

Global - not very satisfactory.

The chef Mark Cutrara left Globe at the end of december.He felt the restaurant was going in a different direction. The current chef is Benheaton from Far Niente. I'm not surprise the food quality and flavors are ordinary.

Korean restaurants

One of my favorite korean restaurants is Seoul Restaurant at 621 bloor st w, close to palmerston. If your looking for a hearty meal my favorite is #35 which is the chicken soup with wheat flakes. The mother cooks in the kitchen and her 2 sons are the servers. $6 tax included with korean pan chan, can't go wrong.

chinese delivery downtown.

I highly recommend new ho king on spadina avenue.Authentic, flavourful. We love ordering the chicken hot pot, grouper hot pot and baby bok choy with sauteed octopus.

Best Pastrami Downtown?

I totally agree with iceman. I love The corned Beef house on adelaide. It's moist and melts in your mouth.

estates of sunnybrook

I attended a wedding back in july. Service was attentive and the food was 7 out of 10.

Serrano Ham in Toronto

I believe the summerhill market supplies serrano ham.

Mother's Dumplings - A Real Chowfind

I love this place too. Dumplings are flavourful. Service is friendly. The only problem is that the restaurant gets very smokey when they are pan frying the dumplings.

Cooking classes in Toronto or area

I prefer great cooks on eight.They are reasonable and professional.

xacutti vs. blowfish

blowfish has much more variety,
xacutti serves very small portions and service is slow.

Mediocre meal at Monsoon

I read in an article that the chef has been on maternity since
september. I posted my experience at monsoon on novemer 17th.

down monsoon..what happened?

It's been a while since I last ate at Monsoon, about 1 year ago. The food has always been creative and flavourful but...
We noticed the cuisine was less Asian and more french.It seems that the female chef (winlai wong ) is on matrnity leave.The corporate chefs name was on the menu. We had dinner at Monsoon tuesday night.We started off with stale taro chips. There were 2 other tables besides us in the dining room.. We ordered an appetizer platter that consist of a hard, dry, unedible green tea tofu.I ordered a vegetarian plate that consist of soba noodle, vegetables and a spicy broth($29). They also had a lamb dish 3 ways for ($55).Who would pay those ridiculous prices? For that type of cuisine, enviornment and service, I'd rather go to Susur, By Mark or Canoe.