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Thanksgiving in Venice

Anyone know of a gathering for Thanksgiving Day 2010 in Venice?

Would also appreciate ANY suggestions for small off the beaten path trattoria/osteria.

We are staying in Canneregio but can walk anywhere for good food.

Also - a place that doesn't just serve fish.

mile grazie,

Sep 26, 2010
redredred in Italy

Most romantic dinner in Venice Italy for 25th Wedding Anniversary

I totally agree with getting lost and stumbling onto something wonderful - try Dorsoduro for meandering or walk along the Zattere OR San Marco near the Fenice! Small, candle lit, romantic places you will find!

Sep 26, 2010
redredred in Italy

HELP PLEASE - need suggestion re: no fish restaurants in Venice, Italy

We are going to Venice and need suggestions please - for places - preferably in or near Canneregio - but really ANYWHERE in Venice - where my wife can eat a meal that's good and not fish.

Sep 24, 2010
redredred in Italy

Chinese for Christmas

Would someone please recommend a chinese restaurant near the mid 50's or 60's - east or west - that has great food and a nice atmosphere for Christmas Day - NO MSG - not fancy schmancy -
spare ribs, egg rolls, good not greasy - noodles and veggies too!
anybody?? does this exist?

Nov 17, 2006
redredred in Manhattan