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I am so happy that it worked out! Congrats on the wedding!


You're very welcome! You're going to love it...and surrounding area is great for pictures too. The carpet factory area is reminiscent of the Distillery District back drop.

Distillery District
55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA


Check out Caffino Ristorante - .

My sister had her wedding there with 65 guests. The food was great and the staff was amazing to work with. You have the run of the entire dining room, bar, courtyard and patio.

I highly recommend it.

1185 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K3C5, CA

Where to find Liqueur (Baileys/Kahlua)filled Chocolates? (GTA)

Check out Shopper's Drug Mart. I bought them there this year.

Adult Birthday Cakes

Can anyone recommend a bakery in Toronto that makes erotic cakes?

Greatly appreciated!

Valentine's Day Chocolates

The chocolates at Swiss Master Chocolatier ( located at 2538 Bayview Avenue get my vote for best in the city.

Just keep in mind that they only have a small storefront and there tends to be line-ups the closer that you get to Valentine's Day.


Laurentian Room Closed?

Bank apparently foreclosed on them. Our office x-mas party was supposed to be there!

Marmalade cake company vs. Its the Icing on the cake

I haven't had any experience with Its the Icing on the Cake, but I've been a long time customer of Helen (Marmalade Cake Company). She's done a number of cakes for me including a Toronto Argonauts themed cake (she'll know who I am by that reference) and lots of cookies. I've found Helen's cakes to be superb. Plus she's the type of person who is genuinely excited by challenging her with unique designs. I whole heartedly recommend Helen and have done so in the past. Everyone that I have recommended her to have been extremely satisfied with her work. Hope that this helps in your decision!

Looking for birthday cake...

Check with Helen at Her creations are amazing!

Fried Chicken - looking for the best in TO...

Thanks. I'll do a search!

Fried Chicken - looking for the best in TO...


I'm looking for what you consider to be the best fried chicken in TO. I quite enjoy the fried chicken at Allen's on the Danforth but was looking to sample some other places.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

la petite patisserie on King East

It was filled with a chocolate whipped cream. Really very good.

la petite patisserie on King East

Had to mention this newly opened Patisserie on King East (just east of Sherbourne on the south side - in the same building as Subway). I just sampled their chocolate eclair and was very impressed. It's reminiscent of the type that you'll find at Le Duc de Lorraine in Montreal.

I've haven't had a chance to try anything else, but if the eclair is any indication of quality, I'm sure that I'll be suitably impressed. They have a nice array of pastries and the service was great.

If you're in the 'hood, I suggest that you check it out.

Caribbean Cooking Classes?

Is anyone aware of any cooking school/studio in Toronto that offers Caribbean cooking classes?

Thanks in advance!!!

Truly yummy chocolate for Christmas gift....

Swiss Master chocolates are absolutely phenomenal! Definitely my favourite place in the city for chocolates. The chocolate itself is the absolute finest swiss chocolate and the fillings are amazing.

Swiss Master Chocolatier is located at 2538 Bayview Avenue just south of York Mills.

They also have a website:


WonTon Wrappers

Stupid question - but I've only made them from scratch before - are they in the frozen food section? I've never actually seen them in pre-made form.

Thanks again!

Red Velvet Cake

My assistant is pregnant and is craving Red Velvet Cake. She's not been able to locate any in Toronto thus far.

Anyone know of any place in Toronto that sells Red Velvet Cake?


WonTon Wrappers

Anyone know of a store where I can purchase WonTon wrappers in downtown Toronto?