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Where to Eat in Lima and Cusco

I have one and a half days in Lima and three in Cusco. I know about the fancy places in Lima like Astrid y Gaston, so am more interested in any hidden jewels.

Regalito Rosticeria

This place just opened in the Mission, near corner of 18th and Mission, and the food is absolutely great. I've spent a lot of time in Mexico, and I've always been puzzled about why no SF restaurants serve enchiladas the way they are served in Mexican homes--simple folded torillas with something yummy inside, and sauce, onion slices and crumbled cheese on top. Instead we get rolled up things with too much chicken or cheese. The chicken, which it seems like is meant to be their main offering, is really, really good. I will buy no more rotisserie chickens at supermarkets if there is any way I can get to Regalito. Everything we tried was good, especially the guacamole and the crazy cole slaw. When this place starts serving beer (which is soon, they told us), it will be perfect.