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Mazatlan's Best Restaurants??

Thanks for the additional advice Gourmaleta. I am all for sashimi-grade mexi fish. Doubt I'll convince my wife to eat any menudo though, or anything with tripe in it. We'll try to figure out the cleanest, freshest places to get our south-o-border sushi. I prefer raw fish (if it is safe & good) over something like civiche, where it's been modified/cooked with citric acid. I like civiche too though. Now I'm thirsty!

I had heard about the Agave Azul distillery before. Word is that the expeience is kind of overated there, if you've done this kind of thing at other places where your get try more interesting flights anejos & reposados. I thought I read it was no longer active as well. True or false? We always love a visit to a good barrel-aging facility. So is it really worth it? A bit of a drive too right?

What is the finest artisan distillery we can visit (and sample) in the area if we have a car? I wish I was within driving distance to El Llano Distillery in Jalisco, makers of Arrette Gran fave. How far?

Jan 09, 2009
straightshooter in Mexico

Mazatlan's Best Restaurants??

Interesting thread. I really appreciate the time & thought from DL & Dee. OK, so we're heading there for the first time in 3 days. We’ll be there for 9. So far the list I've gleened from this forum is:

pescado zarandeado…eat some

1. La Copita
2. Chayitos
3. El Memin
4. La Puntilla
5. Bahia
6. Cuchupetas (Villa Union)
7. Plazuela Machado: Il Mosto and Pedro y Lola
8. Machado Fish Taco
9. Cafe Altezor Ars…huevos rancheros!
10. Topolo
11. Palapa restaurants on Isla de la Piedra
12. El Tunel

How does this list sound? Any “must eats” missing?

I am honestly not that thrilled about going to Mazatlan and I hope to be proven TERRIBLY WRONG. I have traveled a fair amount in Mexico and I really prefer the Yucatan Peninsula side for culture, cuisine, and beaches. Oh, and cenotes. Mazatlan doesn’t look that great on paper and would never be on my short list as a destination, but now I get to find out for sure. We are surprising my wife's parents at their timeshare condo, which is how we ended up coming in the first place.

BUT, I want nothing more than to eat crow and come back telling people how awesome it can be. So bring it on! Any other recommendations for restaurants, shopping, bull fights, hikes, etc?

Jan 07, 2009
straightshooter in Mexico