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Lancaster vicinity: suggestions for birthday extravaganza?

My mom is celebrating her 60th birthday in mid-December, and we kids (who are several years displaced from the area and therefore not that familiar with what's currently on offer) would like to organize a day of festivities.

A few of her favorite things: wine, hiking, arts/performances, and of course good food! We are hoping for some combination of these, i.e., wine tasting, scenic walk, nice dinner/brunch, live music, Christmas light gawking etc... Perhaps a tall offer, but any suggestions that might provide pieces of this puzzle would be much appreciated.

My parents live around Lancaster, but anywhere within reasonable driving distance is fair game (e.g., Philadelphia, Hershey, York and so on). Thanks in advance!

Nov 25, 2007
moveablefeast in Pennsylvania

Recs for bagels/breakfast in East Village?

Love David's... toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, tomato and lox...

Mar 15, 2007
moveablefeast in Manhattan

Best Thai -- hit most places on 9th Ave and other areas -- dissatisfied...

Although they're admittedly inconsistent, my go-to Thai places in Manhattan are Galanga (neighborhood) and Pam's ("destination") from which I've had many more good meals than not. I've lived in both Chiang Mai and BKK, like it very spicy and understand the frustration here, but I disagree that either of these places is to be avoided.

Mar 07, 2007
moveablefeast in Manhattan

WV Sushi

I like Kirara on Carmine St (b/w Bleecker and Bedford). Small, lovely place with great sashimi & sushi platters for two... and Grey Dog next door for coffee & dessert. Yama is across the street, which might be a closer fit to Monster, and which does get very crowded (but I have never been.) Aki on W. 4th is also popular.

Feb 23, 2007
moveablefeast in Manhattan

Dad's 60th Bday - Sat. night Sushi for 8 ppl

My dad will be in town to celebrate his 60th next month, and he wants to go out for sushi. Caveat: he's not a sushi connoisseur and tends to prefer rolls over sashimi. Looking for a place that can accommodate a group of us, lively but not too much of a scene, with good food and good drinks (though my parents aren't into cocktails), preferably in or near the West Village. I like Kirara but the space is pretty tight. I know there are great sushi places in the city, but unfortunately the virtues of finer Japanese dining would probably be lost on dear old dad (e.g., his favorite sushi joint back home is Chinese owned and operated). Preliminary list of contenders includes Ido, Hedeh, Sakura Hana, Haru... but I've never been to any of these places. Any guidance or recommendations would be appreciated!

Feb 08, 2007
moveablefeast in Manhattan