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Road Trip up East Coast

Jacques Pepin, who I think lives in Ct. did both when he was I believe executive chef with Howard Johnson. He may have been the first to do the hot version. I prefer cold lobster rolls. I like hot lobster with clarified butter lobster bib and shell crackers. The whole shebang.


Cape Cod Ma


No, I haven't. Thanks for the tip

Road Trip up East Coast

One place which has been a favorite for years is the Clam Box in Ipswich MA

Harry's at the Depot - Hyannis MA

Went with my husband for lunch. Service was indifferent to say the least. Hamburger was overdone. My melt was cold. Waitress said "Oh" and left to get our bill. Guess we shouldn't base our opinion on one visit but we didn't find any reason to go back. Most forgot, they did have good fries.


Does anyone know where to buy really good bacon. No matter how I cook it, fry, bake, broil, microwave it tastes like tough ham.

Dover Sole

To all who answered my post ty from the OP. I had Dover Sole many years ago in London, it was the specialty of the house. The texture and flavor is much different than Pacific dover sole. I saw PDS in a market and was thrilled that I could buy it so cheaply. Of course, when I got it home and cooked it, discovered that it was a whole different animal. Again thanks to all

Dover Sole

Does anyone know if any restaurant in Boston, other than Locke-Ober, serve Dover sole? I know it is expensive, but for my 85th birthday I would like to splurge!

finnan haddie

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh (not frozen) Finnan Haddie?

Help! Father's Day Lunch- Dennis to Plymouth?

Hi, For a nice water view and acceptable food we like the Flying Bridge in Falmouth also for a view try Hemisphere in Sandwich. There is a set of stairs to the top deck which might be a challenge but the view is great. Food ok. Also in Falmouth is the Casino Wharf lovely place ocean view

Recipe for Callahan's cheddar cheese salad dressing? (Moved fr New England Board)

Do any of you remember a restaurant called Callahan's in Newton? If you do would you happen to have their recipe for a salad dressing made with cheddar cheese. Ty

Mar 29, 2008
witchofthewood in Home Cooking

Brewster Recomendations

Hi, We think that the Brewster Fish House is great. It is very small and they don't take reservations so it pays to get there early. Lovely presentations of truly fine food

Does anyone know Grants in Hartford?

Thanks to all who provided information about Grants. I think I will try one of Maxs restaurants. Based on the general consensus I think I will give it a miss at present.

Does anyone know Grants in Hartford?

I have been trying o get information on this restaurant, but can't find very much. Has anyone out there been to this restaurant?

Is there such a thing as too much garlic?

I am one of the three people in the world who dislike garlic intensely. Unusual, I know but thats how it is. My problem is trying to find something that doesn't have garlic in it. In today's cuisine it is salt, pepper and garlic regardless of any other ingredients it seems. Oh well guess I'll just have to stay home

Apr 07, 2007
witchofthewood in General Topics

Gourmet food shopping on the Upper Cape

The Brown Jug has excellent gourmet foods. It is near the Daniel Wbster Inn in Sandwich

Ted's Montana Grill, been there yet?

Hi I went to the Montana Grill in Tallahassee FL last February. We enjoyed it very much although we had plain old hamburger and steaks As a matter of fact Ted Turner strolled by and stopped to shake hands with us and many other diners.

Apr 04, 2007
witchofthewood in Chains

60th Wedding anniversary

Thanks so much it sounds perfect!!

60th Wedding anniversary

My husband and I will be in the Hartford area for our anniversary. We would like to have dinner in a very nice place but not one that is snobbish. Would like something Continental. If possible