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Need bakery with good Passover desserts

LIPKIN'S -- a few blocks further than Hesch's on castor. I was there today and the counter woman insisted on giving me a sample macaroon....I usually avoid macaroons (esp BEFORE Pesach) but this one was amazing, dipped in chocolate. They also have (and I bought) marble, chocolate chip and plain loaf cakes and circle cookies, some with chips, some not. The bakery is not cleaned/converted for Passover...but these are Pesachdik items. Lipkins said they will be closed for the week, starting Monday 4/14. Not to mention, it's half the price of pre-packaged, preservative filled items baked in Brooklyn 3 months ago..

Apr 09, 2014
elmom in Philadelphia

Amazing Pesach supermarket -Cherry Hill, NJ

just want to share/give a shout-out to the Shop Rite supermarket in Cherry Hill NJ, (rt. 70) They do a great Peasachdik assortment every year they also have a year-round friendly and fairly priced kosher butcher... they order many products from Israel (I bought olive oil, pickles, Prigat grapefruit juice, jam, date spread and shug, (spicy spread) Of course, they have the usual matzah products, packaged baked goods, frozen section, KP cheese, butter etc..etc.. It truly is worth the trip if you're anywhere close. Here's a link to a complete blog post I wrote about it a few years ago... http://thewordmavens.wordpress.com/ca...

Apr 02, 2014
elmom in Kosher

Mom's Organic Market (Rosemont, PA)

yes, i went the weekend it opened and they gave away cloth shopping bags filled with samples! it's almost same as WF; no deli, no prepared foods. more make-up and vitamins/drug items in the back. They also have a salad/lunch take-out and eat-in counter in the front of the store. They have a small bulk foods/beans/rice/nuts --but prices were so high. for that kind of stuff I go to Head Nut. I only bought things I know the price of/weren't crazy expensive. I bought coffee,had a nice chat with the coffee clerk about La Colombe; they stock Reanimator local coffee. Also bought tofu pups, granola and oatmeal. (can't remember what else)If you're in the area, it's a nice addition. nice to have some choice; when I go to WF a single bag of stuff is $60.

Mar 21, 2014
elmom in Philadelphia

Prune Hamentaschen

Lekvar all the way! In fact, I wrote a whole blog about "no mun" and an easy way to make the circle hamantashen shape without rolling out the dough. But we also fill with chocolate chips for the kids...

Feb 23, 2014
elmom in Kosher

Barbacoa in Ardmore

there are a few tables, but really no atmosphere no tablecothes, TV in the corner etc. food is good but we've only done take-out --I have seen parent eating w/kids there

Jan 12, 2014
elmom in Philadelphia

Seeking Advice for Authentic, Slightly Hipster Italian in Philly?

L'Angolo - you can;t go wrong there - everything is delicious

Dec 23, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

Kosher Caterers--NY/NJ/PA--Modern with a twist?

we've used Barclay (Phila) for 2 BMs --owner is Steve Hellinger -- food was always delicious; many menu chaoices..my son wanted a michig lunch b/c he loves bagels and lox and we had that plus blitzes, french toast, delicious danish and cakes etc. he also did a fleshig dinner for us years ago. very nice to work with and no "hidden" charges.

Dec 07, 2013
elmom in Kosher

What to buy at Wegmans

their Wegman's brand fruit jam (called triple fruit) is really good--not too sweet mostly berries. Also, Wegman's brand soda -the diet green/grapefruit one is just like Fresca. I love wegmans!

Nov 27, 2013
elmom in Kosher

Sweet Trading Company (chocolate concierge), Narberth

have not tried them but heard from a friend that it's kosher and super-expensive

Sep 23, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

anthony bourdain in jerusalem - parts unknown on sunday at 9pm, CNN

you can watch the whole episode online:


Sep 20, 2013
elmom in Food Media & News

Carlinos in Ardmore?

OK, i'll reply. i live 1/2 mile from carlino's. some of their items (BREAD!) are very good. i also like the cold salads (3 bean, curry turkey) they have a deli counter with nice sliced meats and cheese and a large, cooked food for take-out--everything from lasagne and meatballs, to prime rib, chicken cutlets. etc. they also have freezer cases of pasta and limited groceries (olive oil, anchovies, gourmet mustard etc) prices are generally very high. I go in thinking i will just buy bread and try to control my purchases of sides to go with dinner. I think their stuff is generally good --but we once had a "homemade" peach pie that cost like $30 -- and when we cut into it at a holiday table of 20 people, under the upper crust, the whole inside of the pie was spotted with green mold. We used to order my husband's Xmas gift baskets for work from them until one year, when they sent them out with the WRONG first name --and when I brought the error to the manager's attention he said," Oh sorry" NOTHING ELSE offered to us, after we had spent $900 on gift baskets. (now we send John&Kira's for the last 5 years -always perfect)

Jun 15, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

US Open Golf in Ardmore - Going to need real food

FYI - Felicia's pizza has been out of business for over a year. it was good but no longer....

Jun 12, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

US Open Golf in Ardmore - Going to need real food

and also i forgot --on greenfield ave, one block over at lancaster ave there is an Indian restaurant (used to be called Kulajaharo, not sure of the name now) and Hummus -- a very delicious middle-eastern sandwich/salad place.

Jun 06, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

US Open Golf in Ardmore - Going to need real food

ardmore ave is the main cut-through street from the Open to lancaster ave --you can walk up to lancaster ave and there is a Subway, McD, Chipotle, Jules Thin Crust Pizza, Wawa, Ihop and A la Maison a fancy french cafe. If you turn right on lancaster ave and walk 2 more blocks there is a MilkBoy coffee, Primavera Pizza (nice, friendly Italian sit-down restaurant) and suburban sq with has Corner bakery, Ruby's and Trader Joe's for take-out and a Farmer's Mkt with several choices.

Jun 06, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

Best Hummus in the Burbs'?

Hummus restaurant (!) in ardmore --they also have a sister restaurant at 40th and walnut, west Phila. smooooth and creamy with homemade pita

May 13, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

Dutch Wonderland's Glatt Kosher Eatery

i don't want to get into the food debate --but want to tell you that DW is for really young kids --maybe 7 and under. it's not a big amusement park --it's a collection of little kiddie rides. great and fun if your kids are really young. Hershey Park is a real amusement park -- for all ages with rides for adults, teens AND little kids. our family has loved and visited Hershey for many years...

May 06, 2013
elmom in Kosher

(Simple) parve cake

that Hershey's chocolate cake is our favorite!!it's a classic and easy to make parve with any milk sub. I remember the first time i made it --you add a cup of boiling water at the end and the batter is thin, you're sure it's wrong .... and it's delish!
happy birthday!--

Apr 04, 2013
elmom in Kosher

Appetizing store in Philly?

we call it lox and fish tray and I go to Steve Stein's Famous Deli (Krewstown rd in the Northeast, one block off Grant and Bustleton) he has better prices than the main line delis and very nice fish

Mar 03, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

Kid-friendly restaurants in Philadelphia - Need Suggestions!

the convention center is with/next to Chinatown --and almost all C'town restaurants are kid-friendly. we like Charles Plaza (on 9th near Vine) b/c he makes lots of veggie options --but owner CharlesChen (who will greet you like he knows you) will customize anything (always useful with kids) like, leave off a sauce or add more noodles. not fancy but always good.

Feb 24, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - February 2013 [OLD]

two big yeas!!:
the fig butter, (in the shelf with peanut butter and jelly) it's really delish fig jam --dense with seeds, yummy
and the chocolate covered caramel balls, single serving snack pack that i gave in at the register and impulse bought, really nice dark chocolate shell on salted caramel. just chewy enough not to pull out my fillings...

Feb 07, 2013
elmom in Chains

Zitner's around Rittenhouse square? Urgent!

it might be a crack too early --every drugstore has them...but a little closer to easter. They all have Valentines candy now

Jan 25, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

Philly/Montco Wedding Suggestions

with all due respect to sylvia ( i love your reviews!) you would never fit 300 people in Evviva --125 tops. It is not a large mansion, it's a smallish house, with several small rooms and a separate bar/cocktail room. we have been to many over-crowded, tight parties there.

Jan 25, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

Citron and Rose (Merion Station)

thanks for the write-up. we keep k but eat in restaurants..so it was sort of under the radar. we will have to try it and not wait for special occasion

Jan 07, 2013
elmom in Philadelphia

Iron Hill Brewry in Ardmore?!

i went to applebees once when my kids were little and that would have been preferable to having to endure the self-satisfied lecture i was given with my beer about locavore farming and meat cheese paradigms

Dec 14, 2012
elmom in Philadelphia

St James

we went a few weeks ago --it's two (former) stores combined, and one is a nice&crowded bar. it was packed with 30+ age people when we left at 7:30ish. we ate early so the restaurant had some families with kids...please pardon my recall if this is not exactly correct... i remember a kind of limited menu, several entrees that were $22-27 , and some good sides b/c i had a very good Kennett Sq mushroom soup, a side of kale and french fries. my husband had lasagna --i think recommended by the server that he thought was OK. It's a much needed, nice addition to the neighborhood and i had the feeling that people who know these things, already know about the bar.

Dec 14, 2012
elmom in Philadelphia

Iron Hill Brewry in Ardmore?!

just read in the Inky that Iron Hill Brewery is going to open in Ardmore next to DSW the old Norman carpet! Any info anyone? Is it a nice brew-pub--I've never been.
Had one of the WORST hipster, unpleasant experiences ever at Tired Hands brewery a block over - bare bar with no napkins, no nuts, no service. the "owner" actually told me it would "violate his meat cheese paradigm" to offer a cheese plate of different cheeses, on one plate (when I asked why 2 oz of heirloom cheese was $9) He told the women sitting next to us that they only had "bad wine, one kind, because they are a brewery." But I'll stop ranting now --I can't wait for Iron Hill to put them out of business

Dec 13, 2012
elmom in Philadelphia

Best vegetarian restaurants in USA?

me too! I have used the moosewood cookbook for 30+ years --so was super excited to visit the restaurant 5 years ago. all i remember is that service was terrible and the food was like any coffee shop. if you can't remember the food, how good could it have been . really disappointing after making all those veggie canoes...

Dec 12, 2012
elmom in Vegetarian & Vegan

terrible dinner @David's Mai Lai Wah Chinatown

have to warn/share -- we had a terrible dinner last nite at David's (corner of 9th and Race) My pick b/c I thought it was the place in Chinatown that had hot pots --it was NOT --(if anyone can post the name of the hot pot restaurant -- I would appreciate it).
3 people--- 2 dinners arrive....15 minute wait for the last one. This was happening at other tables around us. Family waited at the front door for take-out order for 30+ minutes.
room temp eggrolls, lukewarm soup.
Veggies were average and cheap--I hate it when menu says "mixed veggies" and then when entree appears it is onions, three pieces of green pepper and carrot coins --the cheapest veggies you can buy. Son's dinner (which featured said green peppers and onions) was un-cooked --veggies were beyond crunchy, white raw onions --with 5 small shreds of precooked chicken in a gloppy, weird sauce. we should have sent it back, but then we would have waited another 20 mins.
yes, it was cheap, but would much rather pay a bit more and get something good.

Nov 26, 2012
elmom in Philadelphia

cute new breakfast/lunch spot Havertown

just had breakfast at Kettle (on the corner of Darby rd and Brookline Blvd) in Havertown. Cute, new spot --with nice (granite top bar, white beadboard, new dishes) renovations. Your choice 3 ingredient omelettes, big mug of coffee, southwest egg burritos. choices for lunch looked good too. I think they will have soups (b/c of the name, duh) and the special board featured butternut squash..but we just had a nice breakfast. It was busy with neighborhood folks on a Wednesday... I'm trying to spread the word so this new place will survive in our restaurant deprived neighborhood.

Nov 14, 2012
elmom in Philadelphia

Two Restaurant Week winners

we ate at Jake's in manayunk for RW it was $35 - 3 courses. the first was lobster dumplings or mushroom salad--i had the salad that was very good if a little weird w/warm mushrooms on it. Main was salmon or short ribs- the 2 who had salmon enjoyed it and i had short ribs on polenta that were delicious. falling apart tender with a bit of veggies too. dessert was honey cake or plate of 4 ice creams -- both enjoyed --i had the ice creams -- vanilla and something else and an amazing salted caramel w/brownie and chocolate. The portions were small-ish but we didn't mind because it was very delicious. service was meh --it took us 35 minutes to order and the waitress came out from hiding in the back saying she was "giving us time to get settled." The RW menu had 6 items on it so we didn't really need time. She also chatted a bit and inserted herself in our conversations.. which I don't like. Plus points in that Jake's has recently redecorated and it's beautiful and they let us BYOB for $10 corkage

Oct 12, 2012
elmom in Philadelphia