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Report: BBQ Hound`s First Texas BBQ Pilgrammage to Austin aka Kruez, the foie gras of brisket

Yes, both and they rate way up there in the BBQ taste good scale with me

Nov 29, 2006
SavageSun in Texas

Report: BBQ Hound`s First Texas BBQ Pilgrammage to Austin aka Kruez, the foie gras of brisket

I favor Lockhart BBQ over almost any other in Texas and gawd knows I have most likely tried them all.

However for world class BBQ and a gut filling meal its got to be Main Street BBQ on N Main Street (east side) about 200 yards N of Hwy 183 in Euless, Tx. Brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage,beans, cole slaw and some pickles, all you can eat or stand, $12 cash. They are only open a few days a week as I remember. Friday-Sat dinner, Fri-Sun lunch.

Nov 27, 2006
SavageSun in Texas

Cooking turkey in a bag?

I have done the Turkey in a brown paper bag and it ranks as some of the best turkey ever. But I have always oiled up my brown paper bag with peanut oil before hand. Then put in turkey, fold and staple the top.

Nov 27, 2006
SavageSun in Home Cooking

Looking for cornbread/oyster dressing recipes and share your success with brining

WOW, I have been eating Cornbread oyster dressing for all of my 60 years and have never come across so many ideas. A dish has its roots in Texas with variations of it as one goes along the coast heading east. Those folks in La also make it in a tasty way! But to answer some of your questions:
* Yes its cooked outside the bird. Use a large pan that takes up the better part of the oven [depending upon how much you want to make of course]. Cook at 350 until the dressing is damp, but firm. Then put on broil and brown the top. Best to keep your mixture less than 3 inches deep. If deeper you will have to reduce the heat, but caution or you can dry it out.
* I guess you can use store bought cornbread, but its so easy to make why make the drive.
* Do NOT cook the oysters before hand. ADD the fresh oysters AND the juice. How oystery you like it depends on how much you add...I will normally put in about 3 pints or so. I like the smaller oysters since they do not need to be cut up.
* Enhance the oyster taste by adding fresh chicken liver and cut up okra or aka "East Texas Oysters". About a pint of each.
* You could add mushrooms, but I never have for no other reason other than don't need the extra flavor competing with the oysters.
* Sage, YEP and a lot of it, I just add the whole can that I get from the store. Get the ground.

When its all said and done the cornbread carries the flavor of the oyster-livers-okra which meld together. Sage and pepper are key ingredients, salt to taste and the key veggies are celery and onions. Some celery salt is also acceptable. Use chicken broth to add more liquid.

You want it damp enough to eat without choking on it but not wet unless that is your style. A good brown crusty top adds to the flavor and looks.

Be sure to cook enough to have some left over. Then put a bit of butter in a frying pan and add enough water to make your dressing sticky. Fry it up a bit like a pancake only sandwich size. After you get a brown crust put it on a slice of bread with some cranberry dressing to taste, another slice of bread and you got lunch the next day. Almost my favorite way of eating it.

You just make yourself a batch of Texas cornbread-oyster dressing...ENJOY

Nov 15, 2006
SavageSun in Home Cooking