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lunch between baltimore and hershey, pa

In Hershey the Chocolate Avenue Grill has really good sandwiches.‎

Ditto for Isaac's:

The Soda Jerk is a fun bit of nostalgia:

I'm not as familiar with the downtown Harrisburg area, but one place we love to go is the Appalachian Brewing Company:‎

Jan 23, 2012
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Casual outdoor dining in Hershey

And I mean casual, as in probably won't mind that my (very well-behaved) dog is sitting next to me. My mom has agreed to watch this dog while we are on vacation, and I would like to meet her somewhere in Hershey (or the general vicinity between Harrisburg and Lebanon) to hand her over. Trouble is, I also owe her a belated Mother's Day lunch, so I'd like to eat somewhere that's not fast food.

Another option would be to grab take-out and head to a park (hope the weather's nice), so if you have any suggestions along those lines, either for a restaurant or a nice shady spot to enjoy some grub, please chime in.

May 25, 2011
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Baltimore bars near Camden Yards

Any recommendations for a bar where we hang out after a Saturday night Orioles game? It's sort of a bachelor party for my brother-in-law...but not THAT kind of bachelor party. Just hanging out with friends and family.

Also, my BIL's cousin is the only member of the party under 21. Do you think he would be allowed to join us as a designated driver?

Pizza near Maytown

Someone just tipped me off to Little Italy in Bainbridge. I'll add them to my list also.

Jul 08, 2009
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Pizza near Maytown

Thanks. I just had Brother's from E-Town and was not impressed. Will try Capriccio's next.

In the city, we grew fond of the recently opened Pat's. I also enjoyed Dominion on Columbia. I hear you about Metro...we used to live on that stuff in college. Tastes better left out the next morning.

Jul 03, 2009
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Pizza near Maytown

I've just moved from the west end of Lancaster City to the bustling metropolis of Maytown.

Although I know a few folks there already, none seemed forthcoming with the best pizza joints in any of the nearby localities: E-town, Marietta and Mount Joy.

More likely, they just couldn't appreciate the differences that I'm sure exist. So, I turn to you.

Jul 02, 2009
brix11 in Pennsylvania

where to buy little rolls?

BJ's Wholesale Club has a small-ish sized roll that's perfect for small sandwiches. Fits about two meatballs.

Mar 13, 2009
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Hershey PA

For 1) you may want to try The Coliseum across the river in Camp Hill.

Two other places that have decent food (but no beer) and can accommodate large parties are in nearby Hummelstown:

Hoss's Steak & Sea House (
)The Soda Jerk Diner & Dairy Bar

If the weather's nice, Hershey has a great outdoor playground:

For events, check out:

Mar 13, 2009
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Restaurants in Lancaster, PA

I work at and live near F&M. All the comments below are spot on. Lancaster Brewing Company is on the other side of the city. Food is good, but I would only choose it over the others if you're looking to try good beer (although you can always go to Iron Hill for that). Two places I would also recommend on Columbia Ave (1-2 mile drive) are Hong Kong Garden, for Chinese, and El Serrano, for Latin-American. For breakfast, try Wish You Were Here on Orange Street:

And if you find time to go to Central Market on Friday or Saturday, please do. Ric's Bread has great baked goods and Mean Cup has, well, a mean cup of joe.

Feb 18, 2009
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Looking for old pizza shops

Thanks for all the tips. I had not heard of Marra's or Celebre's, but will definitely follow those leads.

Mar 17, 2008
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Looking for old pizza shops

I am researching mom-and-pop pizza shops in Pennsylvania for a grad school paper. My curiosity was peaked when I read this article:

The fact that NEPA tops the list (Johnstown and Altoona are also in the top ten markets) struck me as unusual and made me want to dig deeper. I half-jokingly mentioned the idea to my professor, and he said to run with it.

So, I understand that Lombardi's in NYC was the first American pizzeria. From there, I presume Philadelphia had the first Pennsylvania pizzeria (perhaps the branch of Lombardi's that recently closed).

But when the popularity of pizza really took off after WW2, how did all these little pizza joints pop up all over the landscape? Were they always Italian-run?

So, if you have any suggestions for my research, I'd love to hear it. I'd particularly like to learn of any shops from the 1940's or 1950's that might still be operating, particularly in NEPA. Thanks!

Mar 17, 2008
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Pine Grove

Well, if you've been to Pottsville, you know what NOT to expect from Schuylkill County.

There are a few places on Rt. 443, the main street through Pine Grove that runs east from I-81. Just past the Turkey Hill gas station in town is Do's, which has great pizza. Great subs to be had just a few doors down at OIP. Turn right at the light, and look for Dominick's Pizzeria about a half-mile at the end of town, just before the high school. They also have excellent pizza and subs.

If you're in the mood for a homestyle meal, continue another 3-4 miles east, and you'll find the Red Lion Cafe, which also has decent subs and Pa. Dutch entrees. Try their broasted chicken, fresh-cut fries or french onion soup. If another few miles along this scenic country road doesn't bother you, there's a tiny place called Deb's further on, just before you enter Friedensburg, the next town. Great roast beef here!

Besides those two, another good option for breakfast is Buddy's Log Cabin on Rt. 125 just north of town. Go straight through the light at 443 for about a mile.

Finally, there's a serviceable restaurant west on 443 from I-81, at the Twin Grove campground.

Nov 06, 2007
brix11 in Pennsylvania

I-83 North to Harrisburg; I-81 North to Scranton

If you don't mind traveling a few miles off of I-81, there's a couple of places on Rt. 443E in Pine Grove, Pa. (exit 100). Just before the single traffic light in town, there's O.I.P. on the left-hand side. Turn right at the light, and look for Dominick's Pizzeria about a half-mile on the end of town. Continue another 3-4 miles, and you'll find the Red Lion Cafe, which has decent subs and Pa. Dutch entrees. Try their broasted chicken, fresh-cut fries or french onion soup.

Sep 14, 2007
brix11 in Pennsylvania


If you're up for Latin-American cuisine, El Serrano has great atmosphere and good food (and Margaritas) at decent prices. It does get crowded and they are still finishing up a major addition, however.

The Log Cabin is a nice, intimate place. I also second Carr's.

I enjoy Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy. I frequent their bar for trivia nights. The food may not be on par with these other spots, but few can match the experience of eating underground in the Catacombs. Plus, great beer.

Nov 15, 2006
brix11 in Pennsylvania

Pizza / Subs in Lancaster area?

Most of the good places I know are in the city proper, near Franklin & Marshall College. For pizza, try the spaghetti pie at My Place on Harrisburg Pike (across from Wendy's). Another good pizza shop is Dominion Pizza on Columbia Avenue.

Can't say I've had a meatball sandwich at either, but you may find one at Thomas's Campus Deli, also on Harrisburg Pike. Great cheesesteaks and fresh-cut fries too.

The best way to get to this area from the outlets is to take 30 W to the Park City exit. Then left on Harrisburg Pike away from the mall.

I've never been there, but you may also want to try Your Place, which is just west of the Tanger Outlets on Route 30.

Nov 15, 2006
brix11 in Pennsylvania