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Downtown White Plains - wine and light meal?

A former professor of mine is arranging a get together with an author in our field and some students. We are looking for a nice place in White Plains to take said author - any suggestions? Is there something I am overlooking on Mamaroneck Ave?

It shouldn't be crazy loud, so we can talk, but it should have a nice selection of wine and drinks and some food - tapas would be lovely.

Migas in New York

Wobble in Ossining has migas - it is so yummy that I have never ordered anything else for breakfast!

Happy Migas!

Kahlua Spiced Holiday Nog - WHERE?

OK, my parent's are raving about this drink - they can't find it anywhere in Dutchess County!! I'm, in Westchester - can anyone suggest a spot to find this so my parents can be happy for another month? Photo is attached below, handy reference for sightings :-)

As for non-alcoholic nog, my vote is with Horizon Low-Fat or Ronnybrook mixed with some regular milk - it's like tar coming out of the bottle!

Happy Nog Season everyone!

What's going on with David Chen's?

Stopped there last night with the family to eat in exile (downstairs kid room). Everything except the egg rolls was "off" in some way. Starting with the stench in the parking lot - smelled like rotten eggs, slime in the goldfish pond and a "floater" that my son pointed out.

Going downstairs, the hall smelled like a middle school boy's locker room - not what you'd associate with Chinese food. We ordered meat dumplings for the kids - they were rubbery and stale tasting when they finally cooled down. Also ordered chicken 3 styles to suit everyone's taste. Except the General Tso has quite a few pieces that were fried coating with no chicken!! When I mentioned this to the waiter, he said "next time order white meat chicken" - ??! Does that mean you should expect this with dark meat?

On top of this, we ordered water to save ourself from the overpriced sodas - it tasted like they had recently been washing dishes with it...

What gives? This is not the David Chen's of old - has there been a change in ownership or something?

I'm losing all my favorites it feels like - first Ichi Rikki, now Chen's - sheesh!

Anyone else have a similar experience? Any good "sit down" Chinese places left? We used to frequent Pacific Palace in Thornwood, but the last time there it was pretty bad too.

Favorite Sushi -- Westchester

I can't remember the name of it off-hand, but it's in Katonah in a shopping center. We haven't been there in a while, but their special rolls are amazing!
Anyone know the name - isn't it Tengdu or Tengda or something?

Favorite Sushi -- Westchester

My husband and I used to live right near Ichi Rikki and it was always our "go-to" place. The last few times we were there, it was extremely disappointing - just "off" - they used to be so good! It's a sad thing when an old favorite changes - sort of like your grandmother dying her hair green - it's still the same grandma, but she's off a bit -

amazing sushi in westchester-where should i go?

I have to speak up for our favorite place - Ichi Rikki in Elmsford. Their fish is always fresh and the chefs make a great "scrap salad" (that's what we call it at least) at the sushi bar for an appetizer. They have tatami rooms in the back - we did that once with some friends and it was so nice and private - also kept the rugrats from running away.

Pulled Pork in the 'chester

We went to Southbound a lot this summer - the kids could act up and no one really cared, since we were out in the beer garden. Hubby always ordered the pulled pork; I thought it was pretty good. Give them a whirl - it's a fun place. You can always go down to the Kensico Dam and walk it off :-)

Best Supermarket Westchester

Whole Foods is quite nutty with the parking - and the 1 hour validation is totally BS - if you go a minute over, they sock you for the whole amount - no discount at all. I can't tell you the number of times people have almost backed over my 6 year old!! We go occasionally, because they have a great price on Chavrie goat cheese (under $3) and we use it in a lot of dishes and sandwiches...

I would also recomment Mint on Main Street in Tarrytown. My friend had a party catered by them and the food was to die for. The owner (I don't remember his name) is very nice, and always has some nice cheeses to sample. He also has some of the best dried mangos around!

Yonkers Miasarnia on Lockwood is great when you are in the mood for kielbasa and pierogi - you can bet I am there every year, a few days before Easter! I should make my way there more often, but I am mid Westchester...

I am still looking for a good all purpose grocery in my area - I am close to the Millwood A&P, so that's where I end up the most - along with the overprice Briarcliff Food Emporium. Sometimes I wash myself down with Purell and brave the Ossining Food Emporium - there are some good sales, but that is one dirty store. They are planning on building a new one, and not a moment too soon, IMO.

This is a great thread - I am inspired to try some of these places!

Stanfordville, NY

Try the Stissing House - just north of Stanfordville in Pine Plains. THey just reviewed it in the Times a few weeks ago. My sister used to work for the owner and he catered her wedding. You can also try Millbrook -I think Piccalo is nice, as well as Les Beaux (sp?) I haven't been to any personally, but I have heard they are good. I don't get out much these days...