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Twisted Oak in Tarrytown - any comments?

Chiboust is closed.

Slow Cooker Chicken Adobo

Mar 10, 2015
tarrytown hound in Recipes

Cookie Cake in Westchester

Stop and shop sells them! Very reasonable and perfect for camp visiting day!

Bar mitzvah venue in Westchester or Rockland

Thank you so much for all the input! Much appreciated. Bar mitzvah is at the end of February, so a park would not work. Yes, we would want a dance floor. Not sure if a restaurant would be able accomodate us. We like Half Moon (and Harvest) but when I called the prices were actually $120 for adults and $95 for kids! Considering kids don't drink, or eat very much, I thought that was high. Any other event spaces? Thanks again for your input!

Bar mitzvah venue in Westchester or Rockland

About 150.

Bar mitzvah venue in Westchester or Rockland

Yes, I had seen the old thread. Was hoping someone had other suggestions a few years later... Thanks!

Bar mitzvah venue in Westchester or Rockland

Looking for a space for my son's bar mitzvah. Don't want an outdated catering hall. Would love a nice space with good food, and reasonable prices... Or a place without catering, where I could bring in food. Any ideas?

Jakes Wayback Burger

I guess that is the point of this site, different people, different opinions on restaurants (who choose the same words...)

Wayback is similar to 5 Guys, in the "higher end" fast food category.

I like Piper's Kilt...

Jakes Wayback Burger

Really? I found it nothing special. The fries were salty. Would much rather go to 5 Guys...

Help! Need Restaurant Rec in White Plains for Lunch for Top Execs

We were there for lunch, and both had a salad with chicken. So, I really can't comment on the food. But if I am going to take time to go out for a nice lunch, I don't want to be the only one in the restaurant. I found it depressing. I have not been to Serafina in White Plains, but used to enjoy the one on the Upper East Side, so I did want to try it despite the bad reviews on here... Sorry!

Help! Need Restaurant Rec in White Plains for Lunch for Top Execs

I went to Pranzi once at lunch. We got there at 12pm and were the only ones in the restaurant. Two other people walked in at 12:30, and by the time we left a group of four was walking in. I don't think it compares at all to the other restaurants you mentioned.

Rustico in Scarsdale: gone

Went to ZaZa last night after seeing this post. Hadn't been there since the days of Rustico long long ago... Figured it would be a good place to go to with the kids for some pizza and salad. My husband and I were pretty surprised to see the prices on the menu. $14 for a smallish appetizer salad and then $18 to 20 for an individual size pizza. Are they crazy? We ordered 2 pizzas and a salad, and left hungry. The pizza was tasty, but not worth the price by any means. Would rather have been at Pepe's. Sure, not the same ambiance, but better food.

Bar Mitzvah venue for 2011/2012

People love The View in Piermont. Supposedly you get a lot for your money. Not too far from Tarrytown. (TBA?)

Myrna's Greenwich

Yes, I do know. The chef from Oporto in Hartsdale (such good chicken!) is opening a new restaurant in that spot. Sadly, Oporto in Hartsdale is closing. We were there on Saturday night and the waiter told us that the owner of Oporto is opening a Greek restaurant in Bronxville, and the chef from Oporto is going to the spot where Myrna's used to be in Greenwich to open up a new restaurant. It will have a new name.


I agree. We were so surprised at the prices. $4 for a kid's cup of milk! Most places throw in the kid drink for free. We live in the area, and go about once a year, get shocked at the prices, and then don't go back until the next year. Nice to be able to eat outside in the summer, but the food is only so so and the prices are outrageous.

Family-friendly in Tarrytown for early Saturday dinner?

Ummm, you could ask for good food? Never been too impressed with Sunset Cove. Yes, good views, but... How about Jack and Dyls (not Italian though, but family friendly with children's menu) or Isabellas? Or for good pizza (but no ambiance, though child friendly) Horseman Restaurant. Good luck!

Frozen Turkey

Turns out that the refridgerator in our basement is colder than my husband thought and now the turkey that I took out to cook is partially frozen. Any ideas?

Nov 27, 2008
tarrytown hound in Home Cooking

When you go to Port Chester and could choose only ONE restaurant....

I grew up in Scarsdale, but used to make the trip with my family. It's been closed for a few years b/c of a fire, that may or may not have been intentionally set.

When you go to Port Chester and could choose only ONE restaurant....

Tarry Lodge pizza! :(
Sorry, just had to respond with that. I went there since I was little and I miss it!

Renatos in Irvington

We're going tomorrow night for dinner. Any recommendations on what to order? Looks like they have a great early bird special....

Excellent New Greek Restaurant In Westchester

Anyone been to Santorini since they raised their prices and reduced the portion sizes? Still yummy. But not so much for leftovers!

Nice, local Lunch/Brunch in Irvington?

Never heard of it. Can't picture where it would be. Lots of restaurants in Tarrytown, right down the road...

Cafe of Love...Finally, great food hits Mount Kisco!!!

Chocolate chic, what a fabulous review. So detailed. Can't wait to try it! :)

Off site caterer in Westchester?

We used Standing Room Only for our son's bris and we were very happy with them. Our friends used them for a cocktail party with hors doevres and it was excellent. The presentation, the food and the service.

You don't have to worry using them. They are professional and know what they're doing.

Pumpernickel in Ardsley

Tried it out tonight. Loved the decor. Can't believe it's the same place as the failed pancake restaurant. The menu is great, just what the area needs -- casual, reasonably priced sandwiches, salads and burgers (okay, not Marty's Mug and Munch, but the same idea...) and a great kids menu.

We split the veggie wrap (it was great, very tasty!) and the Mediterranean salad. Both were very good.

Our friends were disappointed with the asian salad (it came with a honey mustard dressing that our friend did not think matched the salad, she would have preferred a salad dressing with an asian flair) and liked the burger, but felt that it was very small.

Our service was awful. It took close to an hour to get our food. It seemed even longer since we had four kids with us.

We will go back to give it another try. But our friends were less impressed and probably would not go back.

Excellent New Greek Restaurant In Westchester

So, we got take out from Santorini tonight, post NY Times review. My husband went to pick it up at 5pm and he said it was crowded. One table was reserved. A couple walked in and said they were 2 and the guy at the front said, only people with reservations and he turned them away.

We've been coming to (or ordering from) this place since the original chowhound post and have really enjoyed our little find (well until that review awesome yesterday!).

But, here's what we had this time...
Great: The Zeus platter is enormous and so yummy. We tried the meatballs based on someone else's review and enjoyed them. We love the greek salad, so much better than Lefteris and it comes with the meal.

Not so good: We tried Chicken Oreganato and were very disappointed. Dried out chicken not much flavor over rice without much flavor. The lemon potatoes we had once before which were so delicious with a great sauce, were replaced by potatoes without any sauce. The lamb shank was very oily.

If you're going, which you definitely should, make sure you have a reservation. Most of the items on the menu are delicious, plus the prices are so reasonable and they give so much food. Unfortunately, we had a few glitches in the meal tonight...

Best of Westchester: Delis

There are a few of them. One is in Scarsdale and I think one is in Chappaqua and maybe Bronxville too? I grew up going to the Scarsdale one...

Pumpernickel in Ardsley

Has anyone been? How is it? Is it a new "Marty's Mug and Munch" for people who have been in the area for a while....

Egg Recipe for Brunch on Sunday -- Help!

I do. I had no idea that I can put them in the oven like that.
Thanks! This opens up a whole new world for me! :)

Dec 27, 2007
tarrytown hound in Home Cooking

Egg Recipe for Brunch on Sunday -- Help!

I'm looking for a great egg main dish to make on Sunday when our friends are coming over. But, I have many specifications:
- Something relatively mainstream to appeal to both kids and adults.
- Nothing with bread (or a quiche with crust) b/c I am also serving baked french toast
- I don't own an ovenproof pan or cast iron skillet (i did have a cast iron skillet at one point, but it rusted, that's another story...)
- Something that can be prepared ahead and put in the oven.

Okay, if you're still reading this post and have an idea, let me know. My regular egg dish that I make for all of my other company is a roasted pepper and cheese casserole type dish from epicurious, but my husband is getting sick of it....

Dec 27, 2007
tarrytown hound in Home Cooking