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Economist Ranks Top Eats in SF

Feb 16, 2007
fatkid78 in Food Media & News

Shipping Beer

McMenamin's does bottle their beer. I've purchased pint sized bottles on many occasions.

Nov 25, 2006
fatkid78 in Beer

Shipping Beer

I am a former PDXer exiled to the SF Bay Area. By marriage, I have an East Coast based beer snob in my family to whom I plan to ship a variety of PNW crafted beer.

While the Rogue, Deschutes and other great PNW breweries have excellent distribution here, I am unable to buy bottled McMenamins beer. I am also not able to find source on the web that stocks this brand. Anyone know of a site or store that carries and ships McMenamins beer?

Thanks much!

Nov 20, 2006
fatkid78 in Beer