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Woodberry Kitchen

Maybe you should update your ID's and then try. I can say the same thing about places in Portland OR when I moved out there with my Baltimore ID.

"It's shame that their hard-work has been overshadowed by a sommelier that does not know how to treat his younger customers."
I'm the same age as you, I ordered wine and I had a perfect evening. I dont think your age has anything to do with your experience.

Woodberry Kitchen


I went tonight. My friend and I shared a 17$ bottle of red wine which was really nice with everything we ate. We tried a Pesto flat bread, chewy but crispy and perfect, the crab pot which was really creamy with big pieces of crab and had a really nice flavor, then we split the salmon dish which was seasoned perfectly and then was tried a desert which was more then wonderful.

I guess I can rave about the food, but I would rather say how great the service was. Our server was really attentive but not annoying. He was there to fill our glasses and remove our plates, but also very nice with great manners and a sweet disposition.

I love this place. Possibly my new favorite Baltimore restaurant.

Looking for amazing pastry shop/bakery in Oregon

My husband and I are currently living on the east coast and we have a few really fantastic French and Italian Bakerys that we really enjoy. They are traditional and use only the finest ingrediants and you can taste the love that goes into everything.

Is there a bakery or pastry shop in Oregon that is truley amazing? Any where in Oregon, we usually visit Portland, but we are visiting family all over from Hood river, WA to Eugene.

Nov 06, 2007
voodoohutch in Pacific Northwest

Baltimore restaurant for visiting Philly girl

The Helmand is fantastic on Charles, it is walking distance from you but a cab would be recommended if you aren't a big walker. Its about a mile north on Charles.

The brewers art has a nice menu if you want a hamburger or if you want something really classy, the whole upstairs is non smoking and the downstairs is a dungeon-esque smokers dream. Also about a mile north of you.

Legal Seafood on Light st (i think) has pretty good cream of crab soup and some other nice meals.

The restaurants at the inner harbor are ok if you want a typical american meal, theres a cheesecake factory and a california pizza kitchen, and a 5 guys burger place. Among many other places to eat..but i would go somewhere else.

If you want to walk to little italy or fells point there are more restaurants there, its also about a mile, but you can walk by the water and cross over president street into the neighborhood. There is a whole foods over there, as well as many fabulous Italian places, I like dalesios, many of my friends like ciao bella although i havent been there.

fells point has great bars with normal bar food.

Tons of great places in walking distance, but most are about a mile walk. Cabs are pretty cheap too.

Have fun in baltimore!

Rehearsal Dinner or lunch

i have no other parameters. Any food, as long as its good, in or out of the city doesnt matter,

Baltimore Catering for wedding- Putting on the ritz

Hi, Im planning a wedding reception and I like the station and buffet menu from puttin on the ritz in Baltimore. Has anyone had this caterer?

Rehearsal Dinner or lunch

I am looking for a space in the Baltimore Area that can accomodate up to 60 people. I really dont want to spend more then 3000, and would like a nice atmosphere and good food. Any suggestions?

Top five Cheesesteaks in Baltimore

I want to know your top five favorite Cheesesteaks and chicken cheesesteaks in Downtown Baltimore and surrounding areas. My two favorites are Pasta Mista and Fortunados, and I couldnt think of any others. help.

Columbia/Ellicott City Dining? We need new places!

Right around the corner is La fiesta on centre park drive which has some great salsa, a bit pricey for a burrito but the crab burrito is really nice.

trattoria in dorsey's serach is amazing and cheap, especially monday nights with the pizza deal..

mango grove in dobbin center has good indian food.

hunan manor or jesse wongs are decent

tomato palace and clydes by the mall are pretty good too.

Dessert in Baltimore

Patisserie Poupon or vaccaros for downtown. as for the suburbs? good luck.

Blind Date With His Entree - a comedy in three acts, but one course

It's funny to me, and also painful to hear your Blue Pointe Story. My boyfriend worked at the blue pointe grill at one point. Although the chef is decent the service has a very high turnover rate. The owner Teddy is a tough cookie, but makes all of his deserts from scratch and they are really good.
Ive personally never been impressed by any of the food, and being in that restaurant reminds me of being at a great aunts for an uncomfortable dinner.
the only thing ive liked there was the cream of crab soup, but that isnt always on the menu. everything else was mediocre.

Downtown Baltimore Monday, August 21st

Brewers Art wins my vote. good menu, option of lite fare menu and also dinner menu and great bars.

Charm City Cakes

Fishers Bakery is good, but not the same calibur as Patisserie Poupon.

Charm City Cakes

In reference to the comment about Patisserie Poupon being "very very late" it might be beneficial to explain your opinion. It is important to realize the difference between Charm City Cakes, and PP's target customer base. PP is marketed as an authentic traditional french bakery, while CCC is marketed to those seeking novelty cakes that emphasize aesthetic quality rather than taste. Box butter cake VS genoise? you choose.

Breakfast and dinner in Charlotte, Savannah and Charleston

Im about to embark on a roadtrip to Charlotte, Savannah, GA, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach. Im traveling with my boyfriend and we are looking for moderately priced good food. He is a chef and is picky, but not into high dollar places. Can anyone recommend a good breakfast or dinner in any of these cities or on the route?

Sammys Trattoria (Baltimore)

I went to Sammy's trattoria this evening. I ordered a chicken Parm, which was wonderful, a rich tomato sauce with a spice, fresh mozzarella, and a large portion of pan friend chicken. my dinner date ordered penne iin vodka which he described as "exactly what he wanted" the food came out quickly and the service was welcoming and friendly.
i highly recommend this place. I was skeptical at first but I will definately go back.

New/revamped Howard County restaurants

Nora's Cafe is pretty good. I had a Tiramisu cake made for my birthday..It was incredible.

Moving away from Baltimore

Brewers Art.

Baltimore 22nd Birthday

I went to Neo Viccino for my 24th brithday, we waited 2 hours for our food and the service was terrible, the food was good when it finally came.
We ordered a pizza as our appetizer, and apparently a business ordered 30 pizzas to be delivered, The server didn't let us know until the pizza we ordered as an appetizer arrived 2 hours later and our meal 2 1/2. We are pretty easy going people and if told it would be a 2 hour wait for apizza would have probably ordered something else.

Tell me great places to eat in Howard County

Trattoria in Doresy Search has great Pizza and Italian meals for a decent price.

la fiesta off of rt 100 where columbia Palace 9 was is excellent but a little pricey

Amazing Thai food at Bangkok Garden off of Stevens Forest Rd in Columbia

Hunan Manor and Jesse Wongs are both very good chinese

Tomato palace is cute and kid friendly with a decent menu

Mango grove has very good vegetarian indian food

Ledo's Pizza is also very kid friendly

those are my favorites of Howard County

Ocean City,MD- Off season

My boyrfiend and I are going to Ocean City,MD this weekend. We are in our twenties and would like something casual. I want a good crabcake-lumpy, little filling, moderately priced. I am also looking for a nice place to maybe eat lunch or breakfast. Any suggestions?

Dec 06, 2006
voodoohutch in Mid-Atlantic

Chow lunch Jesse Wong's Hong Kong December 1st

Jesse Wongs is an excellent choice. The presentation is lovely and the food is delicious. I prefer Jesse Wongs over Oriental Manor.

looking for breakfast thanksgiving morning

I dont know if they are open the day after Thanksgiving but Harvest Table in Locust point is a really amazing Casual breakfast with an outstanding brunch on the weekends.

Mt Washington Tavern has a nice Brunch, as does Blue Moon on Aliceanna.

Greater Baltimore Area Brunch for a group?

I recommend Harvest Table in Locust Point.
they have a harvest layer breakfast which is a croissant, egg, provolone in mornet sauce which I highly encourage.
But everything is good.

another nice brunch is Mt Washington Tavern.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

1. Fortunados York Rd
2. Pasta Mista Dulaney Valley rd
3. VIccinos Mt Vernon
4. Trattoria in Ellicott City
5. Thirsty Dog Federal hill