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New Rivers - Providence

Used to love New Rivers, but haven't been in at least a couple years. Thinking of going for an anniversary dinner - anyone been more recently that has any thoughts?

Best Wings in Providence

Planning a party for the big game on Sunday and I'm told that wings are an absolute must. Where's the best? Around the east side would be a plus.


Martha's Vineyard Anniversary Dinner

Husband and I are headed to Martha's Vineyard for our first anniversary. We're looking for a pretty nice place to go for our anniversary dinner, but we're on a budget an would like not to spend more than mid-20's for an entree. Any ideas??

We'll be staying in Edgartown, but I understand that travel to neighboring towns by public transportation is easy.

Any other recs for 'can't miss' lunch or breakfast places would not be frowned upon either :)


where to buy apricot butter - providence

I'll be making Hamentaschen cookies for the Jewish holiday of Purim on Friday, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a place around town that sells apricot butter. Admittedly, I haven't looked everywhere yet (only Davis on Hope street and Stop and Shop so far), but I was hoping that someone could save me from a wild goose chase.


Juniper Frozen Yogurt - Providence

Has anyone tried this new Pinkberry knockoff on Thayer st? Thoughts?

Apple Picking RI

Any stand-out orchards in the area? Found a list online, but can't make heads or tails of which one would make for the nicest experience. We're in Providence and are willing to drive up to an hour or so...


Challah in Providence?

I agree with tomatosoup re: seven stars challah. Its good bread, but its just not challah.

Believe it or not, I actually really like the challah at whole foods. Very soft, doughy. and tasty. I believe it's also only sold on fridays (and the rest of the weekend if there are leftovers).