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Ugli Fruit

Found some. It's at Loblaws, one block south of Danforth Ave and Victoria Park, on Musgrove.
Mmmmm yummy.

Victoria Park Restaurant
335 Durham Market St N, Kincardine, ON N2Z1Z4, CA

Coffee Shop with Free WiFi (Downtown Toronto)

True Brew Cafe on The Danforth, east of Woodbine, north side. A quiet little Cafe with free wi-fi. Good coffee and expresso and tasty treats.


Tried to call them last night, and let the phone ring 20 times, ... no answer.
I went to the store at Woodbine and Queen, at 6:30, and it was closed. Hmmmm... I wonder?

Best Espresso in the city...

My favourite is True Brew Cafe which is on the north side of The Danforth, just east of Woodbine. Great home made goodies too.