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Mon Ami Gabi (Bethesda) Review

Katecm - recommendations would be appreciated. I am particularly interested in cassoulet, which usually seems difficult to find.

Mon Ami Gabi (Bethesda) Review

Thanks for the tip. We were looking at the French Onion Soup, but passed as that is a pretty spotty dish. So we will give it a try if we return.

Clyde's Tower Oaks Lodge (Rockville) - Review

We had brunch on Sunday, and have had weekend brunch here on several earlier occasions. Unfortunately, it seems that the food has slipped some. However, the dozen oysters on the half shell sampler was wonderful and the service was very good. We asked for the manager's wine bottle special. It was not available so the waiter substituted the house label chardonnay, and it was very good (and provably a good value off the wine list).

The particulars. I had the cassoulet (listed as an appetizer) and it was truly a disappointment, really no more than beans in a sauce mixed with some duck and sausage. My companion had the buffalo fried oyster salad. Essentially fried oysters on a nice bed of salad greens, but the buffalo sauce ruined the dish as it was thick, and overwhelmed both the oysters and the salad greens. My daughter had the shrimp and grits and they were very good. And the high point was when the waiter was able to have the kitchen accommodate my granddaughter's request for a child portion waffle.

Will we go back? Probably, as it is one of the nicer restaurants nearby, but not for a while and with reduced expectations.

Mon Ami Gabi (Bethesda) Review

I must say, I was expecting more. Having enjoyed French Bistros from Paris to many across the U.S. I have to to say that Mon Ami Gabi is more of a Corner Bakery kind of place than a serious restaurant. The food was quite bland, not very interesting and should have been hotter. However, the space is nice, bustling and the service very good. We arrived at 12:30 on a Saturday.

The particulars: After reading earlier reviews I was surprised that the bread was very ordinary. I had the jambalaya with two poached eggs. The dish was lukewarm and bland. Fortunately it was served with tabasco sauce. The eggs were nicely poached. My companion ordered the eggs florentine which was surprisingly served atop two English muffin halves. Again, the eggs were nicely poached. The accompanying Hollandaise Sauce was likewise bland and should have been hotter as well (for obvious reasons).

When the weather is warmer, it would be nice to go back, sit on the patio which is appealing, and have a glass of wine and some frites.

Babbo Review - Short

We arrived at Babbo for dinner at 5:00 on Sunday (May 24th) and were escorted upstairs for dinner. It is clear that the upstairs is reserved for tourists, as people in jeans, polo shirts and shorts were soon to surround us. We, dressed properly for an evening out in jacket and tie and an elegant dress, must have made the mistake of giving the restaurant our out- of- town area code when we made the reservation.

The kir royales we ordered as a pre-dinner cocktail were well prepared and we were advised that the Creme de Cassis was replaced with Chambord, which was a very nice touch. After quite some time deliberating over the menu, we selected the soft shelled crab appetizer and the waiter selected a mushroom crepe. Being a lover of soft shelled crabs (we are from Maryland) I was disappointed that the crab was small, over battered (told that Wondra was used for coating), over cooked and greasy from the frying. The mushroom crepe was nicely presented, the mushrooms well sautéed, but the crepe, seemingly made from whole wheat, was bland did not hold any structure.

The entrees also disappointed. The pairing of lobster with a red sauce over pasta had a heavy taste and the delicacy of the lobster was entirely lost in the dish. The squares of sheet pasta with a Bolognese sauce was lighter, if you can believe that. The pasta was well made, but there was a paucity of Bolognese sauce on the dish, bringing the enjoyment of the dish to a rapid conclusion

One highpoint was the sommelier, Marla, who was able to fine a nice Italian red to match the meal, which was well priced at $65. All-in all, we feel that Mr. Batali may have jumped the shark at Babbo.

As a side note, we had dinner at Lupa the night before, and while it was alright, it was not nearly as satisfying as the meal we had there a year ago.

May 26, 2009
Miata Girl in Manhattan

Neptune Oylster - Thanks for the Recommendation

I was in Boston last month for one day and wanted to seek out quality fried clams, and was not disappointed by Neptune Oyster. Delicious!!!! I was there around 3:00, only 2 other customers, service was friendly and a nice wine recommendation as well. Thanks to all from a DC Chowhound.