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Where to get Better Than Bouillon in TO?

I get mine at Highland Farms.

Liquid Crab Boil

Pasquale Bros. on Goodrich used to carry it . Call 416 364 7397 to verify

Habour 60 closed?

They are closed for renos for sure. From what I hear it will be a completely new look and quite spectacular. will re open in 5 to 6 weeks.

Food sensitivities

I am interested in knowing what foods chowhounds have a sensitivity to. Not allergies per se but things like lactose intolerance and dislike of foods such as cilantro. Some people claim that they are allergic to MSG. I have done some searching and all the material I have read suggests that MSG is not an allergen and that a very small minority may have a sensitivity to it.

What's your experience with this and other food sensitivities.

Jul 04, 2008
ishmael in Not About Food

Where to find Crawfish/Shrimp/CRAB BOIL Seasoning

Pasquale Bros in the west end. They carry both packet of dry and bottles of liquid --both from Zatarain's

Where to commonly find a cast-iron pan?

Definitely Canadian Tire

Where/What to buy Foie Gras?

Saw some at Highland Farms in Mississauga on Saturday--$65 for approx 400 grams.

Looking for pistachios on Lawrence Ave.

Ararat on Avenue road at Melrose ( between Lawrence and Wilson across from No Frills) has the best pistachios I've ever tasted. Don't know if they are Iranian but they are certainly not California which I find tasteless. $6.99 a lb IIRC

Kobe beef at Barberian's

Real Japanese Kobe beef has been available at Harbour 60 for about 6 weeks. You're right it is very very expensive --about $250 per steak

Cluck Grunt and Low Review

Heard a rumour today (not verified ---but isn't that the definition of a rumour) that Marc Thuet will no longer be doing the smoking for CLG. Anyone have any more reliable info??

Toronto Life's "100 Must Try Before You Die Tastes"

Actually all muskox is wild (as opposed to farmed). There is a controlled cull of the herds in Nunavut and the meat is processed in a portable abbatoir monitored by Ag/Can and then distributed to purveyors. If you want some call the guys who supply restaurants, like The Butcher Shoppe

BTW the above also applies to Caribou.

Nov 12, 2007
ishmael in Food Media & News

Microwaves in restaurants: discuss

Microwave "ovens" are a tool like any other in the kitchen. They perform certain tasks very well and other very poorly. The microwave manufacturers made a serious mistake when they began calling them ovens thereby setting themselves up for the inevitable comparisons to a traditional oven.

They biggest problem with microwave cookers is the fact that most people who use them don't know that they should almost never be used at full power, just as you would seldom use your oven at 550 degrees F and expect excellent results. All units have a variable power setting that should be used for most functions.

They can be used for steaming corn an the cob and other vegetables, melting butter and chocolate, sweating onions and garlic in oil or butter, making scrambled eggs without additional fat and many other functions.

To scorn a restaurant for using a microwave is silly. It is but one more way of applying heat to food to enhance flavor and texture and if used correctly can be a useful tool in any kitchen.

Nov 09, 2007
ishmael in Not About Food

Empire in Yorkville

Anyone been recently? Any cormments?? What type of food do they serve and is it worth tryiing out???

"Great" Restaurant Names

Driving through Greektown in Toronto the other day and noticed a sign for a restaurant that was either in the process of opening or closing--couldn't tell which.

Sign Said "PHO PA". It was either a nod to the Greek neighborhood or and admission of a soon to be made mistake(faux pas)

Nov 07, 2007
ishmael in Not About Food

Three's Company has Moved

Ditto here.
Last time I was there--Monday lunch ---they were quite busy. While not spectacular, food is good and tasty. Owners were pleasant as were the servers. They seem to have a lot of regulars that are welcomed by name. All in all a decent neighbourhood place and a welcome relief from dried out meat on a stick.

German Restaurant

Is the Pope German??? Of course they serve Schweinhaxe .

Discount (Non-Extortionist) Cheese in Toronto

yeah but they force you to buy unmanageable quantities. last time iI bought some Gouda (about 3 lbs) it lasted about 3 weeks.

Discount (Non-Extortionist) Cheese in Toronto

I think they have an import quota and are able to bypass the middleman on some (not all) of their selection

Discount (Non-Extortionist) Cheese in Toronto

Cheese in Ontario ( and Canada ) is an expensive product for several reasons--restrictive import quotas and duty on imported cheese and price manipulation by the marketing boards on domestic cheese -so finding discount cheese is well nigh impossible.

I always have good luck at Pasquale Bros. ( ask the help which cheeses are a good buy that day) and Highland Farms has a very good cheese program with the occasional "special" i.e. product that's getting a little long in the tooth but still acceptable.


I get a lot of my specialty items at Highland Farms ( Mississauga location at Hurontario and Matheson is closest to me). I find that I can get just about anything I need there from goats milk yogurt to organic butter from Quebec to Kosher chicken. They seem to carry a wide variety of ethnic foods--Italian, Polish, Oriental, Greek and even Jewish products.

Having said that I noticed a little rack on display at the end of the packaged organic goods aisle ( which is quite extensive BTW) of Bob's Red Mill packaged seeds, grains etc. I am pretty sure I saw some stone ground grits there.

The Great Burger Debate

Harbour 60--USDA prime rib eye--- freshly ground--minimally seasoned--grilled as rare as you like on Fred's brioche bun topped with onion rings. Worth every penny

Best (Funniest? Wittiest?) Food Quotes

Number 2--Mitch Hedberg I believe

Oct 19, 2007
ishmael in Not About Food

Best Restaurant in Etobicoke/Mississauga

Try Piatto on Dundas east of Mississauga Road Very good chef and excellent front of house staff. It would suit your needs very nicely.

Favourite bulk store? Food supplement store?

John-Vince bulk store on Steeprock (west of Dufferin -north of Sheppard) should have everything you are looking for at probably the best prices in town.

Best (Funniest? Wittiest?) Food Quotes

I seem to remember it from Woody's "Without feathers" but I can't find my copy to confirm.

Oct 14, 2007
ishmael in Not About Food


Brandt meats in Mississauga had some last time I was there. If not there then try Starsky a little further east on Dundas

where to buy brisket

8 to 10 lbs.--- probably yields 6 to 7 after removal of excess fat, so actual cost would be $4 to $4.50 per lb

Rice cookers - Tiger or Zojirushi?

I have had a National brand rice cooked for nearly 25 years. Use it 2 or 3 times a week and have never had a problem with it. That's nearly 3000 batches of rice folks.Don 't know if they still make them. Very simple operation--on/off switch that automatically shuts off when rice is cooked and holds warm for up to 3 hours

where to buy brisket

Just checked with Butcher Shoppe. They have "packer briskets" -- point amd flat with all attached fat( not trimmed at all ) for about $3.00/lb
They are usually AA or AAA Canadian product.

Where can I buy fresh sardine fish in Toronto?

They are not hard to find. Any self respecting Portuguese fish monger will have them. Newport at Dupont and Dufferin and City Fish at Dufferin and Lawrence almost always have them fresh. I've even seen them at Highland Farms in their fish case---both fresh and frozen