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Italian Beef sandwich in Monterey area

Does anyone know of a place in the Monterey area that has real good Italian Beef? Good as in the kind that you can get in Chicago. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dec 01, 2008
KargesFineArt in California

Looking for great bread in L.A.

Is anyone familiar with a bread company up in the bay area called Acme? It's the best bread I've ever had but it's only available in the San Francisco area.

Does anyone know of a bread maker in the L.A. area that is of equal quality?

Thank you,

Looking for good chow on I-5 between Vacaville and Weed

Hello! I'm looking for any outstanding place right off of I-5 between Vacaville & Weed. I do know of a good country style reastaurant in Red Bluff but I'm looking for more suggestions. Thank you! ~ Stefanie

Nov 14, 2006
KargesFineArt in California