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Bachlorette Party Locale?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a bachlorette party restaurant?

I was interested in a place that could accomodate a larger group (15 girls). It can't be too expensive since most of the girls are students. A lot of the places in Fed. Hill can't accomodate such a large group or they want to have it set up as a "party" (catering, etc.).

I'd like it to be near the Inner Harbor, Fells Point or Federal Hill.

All suggestions would be very much appreciated!


Anniversary Meal in Columbia-ish Area?

I had a great time at Jordan's, a steakhouse, in Ellicott City. I was wearing a skirt and my fiancee khakis and a button down. Not stuffy but intimate w/great service.

Vegetarian Lunch In Fells Pt, B'more

Hi All,

My vegetarian friend and I want to have a nice lunch in Fells Point. Any one have any suggestions?


Wedding-worthy Chinese in Northern Virginia?

Thanks chowser, I'm taking my future in-laws to look at places this weekend. I'm hoping that some place is nice enough for them and the food is good too but if the place isn't nice enough it would be good to have a backup plan... especially if I can pick the place :)

Week long vacation in DC...NEED HELP!!!

As a kid I loved the restaurant under the National History Museum. It has pretty decent food and great ice cream, plus its right in the museum so if the weather is nasty you don't have to go far!

Chinese Wedding Reception Places?

Hi All,

I'm looking for a nice place to have my wedding reception. I've been recommended New Fortune and China Garden - are there any contenders out there for catering as well as banquets? We are thinking about having our reception catered so we could have it at a less traditional location...

Thoughts? Thanks 'hounds!

Wedding-worthy Chinese in Northern Virginia?

What about catering? My fiancee and I were thinking about have the traditional chinese banquet but at less traditional location - maybe a renovated mansion. Does anyone have some suggestions?