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Cooking from Andrea Nguyen's "Asian Dumplings"

I, too, was so excited to receive my Asian Tofu book, I hosted a small Asian Tofu dinner party to try out some of the recipes on my family and friends. (For an appetizer, I made an Edamame and White Bean "Hummus" recipe that I found on Chowhound, which was wonderful with bread sticks). All the rest of the recipes were from the Asian Tofu book: Roast Chicken with Fermented Red Tofu, Tofu Noodle and Vegetable Salad, and, for dessert, Cashew and Cardamom Fudge.

Everything was delicious, beautiful, and my dinner was such a great success, everything was all gone before I remembered to take photos! :-( I found the recipes were very clear and the instructions easy to follow. I especially appreciated the author's descriptive (and very accurate) tips along the way of what each dish should look and feel like as you're preparing it, as it made me feel more at ease that I was not making any critical mistakes.

Can't wait to try out more of these recipes. I already was a fan of tofu, but lacked the knowledge to prepare it in ways other than in soups or stir-fries (and, to be completely honest, would usually just eat it cold, as in the book's Japanese Chilled Tofu recipe).

Jun 28, 2012
illewminator in Home Cooking

Basic Popcorn Balls

i used brown sugar and added cinnamon and they are delicious! i also did not use a candy thermometer and they turned out just fine.

Dec 22, 2011
illewminator in Recipes

Your favorite asian soup or noodle soup

the wonton noodle soup place is called won ton time and it's still there, exactly where you said. i love it, but it's definitely a limited menu that's all about the won tons: huge won tons crammed w/ shrimp which you order w/ or w/o noodles (thin egg or thicker rice noodles), handmade fish balls (quite good), and/or negligible beef slices. you can get it in soup form or separated from the broth (which i've never quite understood the appeal... ) and add a side order of veggies. oh, and don't forget the chili oil!

Nov 16, 2006
illewminator in Los Angeles Area