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Bar Taco is OPEN in Port Chester

I was there a week or so in a party of four. Although I'm not crazy about the ordering system, the food was great. We tried nearly every taco, including the two snapper and baja fish, the liver and onions, the tongue, the pork with chili verde, the beef al carbon....
We liked the corn and the slaw sides so much, we ordered them again.
Margaritas were good, and I really liked the smoky cholula made with mezcal.
I've been dreaming about the food since we were there, and am going back tomorrow night.
This is the kind of restaurant that deserves support. We want them to be around for a long time.

Zitoune restaurant report: Mamaroneck

I just got home from dinner at Cafe Zitoune. We had friendly but not overly attentive staff. The cocktails were wonderful. We also had a cold soup, duck bisteeya, sauteed chicken breast and a lamb tagine. It was a fine dinner in a lovely restaurant. i would recommend it, and I will definitely eat there again.