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High End Asian Anniversary Dinner

Ah, Charles Yu, your reputation precedes you. I can see from other posts that you are the Toronto asian food authority. Are there any dishes in particular that you recommend?

Also, we are looking for a korean place for lunch. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just good. Any ideas?

High End Asian Anniversary Dinner

Looking for an asian restaurant for our wedding anniversary dinner. We like everything though my husband is slightly less adventurous than me when it comes to sushi and dimsum (it is important to him that he know and understand what he is putting in his mouth). We will be staying in Markham, but will have a car and willing to drive where necessary. Thanks!

Post-Funeral dinner near North Lauderdale

Funny you should mention La Pizzeria. My grandma lived in Coconut Creek for years and then in Coral Springs. We used to go to La Pizzeria before it expanded. It might be nice to go there again for this.

Post-Funeral dinner near North Lauderdale

I am coordinating a family dinner following a funeral service for next Friday. Everything is happening in North Lauderdale so we would probably want to eat within a 15 minute drive of there, if possible. We would need a place that can accomodate a party of about 14. Nice, but not "fancy." I'm thinking an average entree price below $30. The ENTIRE group is traveling in so we know nothing about the area. Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Anniversary Trip-- 4 days in Seattle

Thanks, RockCreek looks great!

Jul 28, 2014
Zehrapushu in Greater Seattle

Anniversary Trip-- 4 days in Seattle

We are going to be in Fremont one day and figured we'd see if it was worth staying up there to eat. If not, we are staying downtown.

Jul 28, 2014
Zehrapushu in Greater Seattle

Is there anyone here from western New York?

It should be noted that Seabar is not "best sushi." Seabar is a good, creative restaurant with a lot of options. If you are looking for Buffalo's best sushi this is not it.

HELP!!!! Does anyone know where I can get great TEX-MEX? [Long Island]

Viva Juan

Is there anyone here from western New York?

I am in Rochester but I travel to Buffalo a fair amount. We just recently tried Seabar for sushi and it was quite good. Also there is a wine bar called Bacchus that has some very good food (on Chippewa). There was this orange beignet desert thing that was AMAZING! My favorite Indian in all of western new york is out in the suburbs of Buffalo-- Kabab and Curry (they just recently moved to Main Street in Williamsville). Hope that helps!

Anniversary Trip-- 4 days in Seattle

First time visitors to Seattle and we are looking for a few recommendations. We will be staying downtown and won't have a car. We are comfortable with public transportation so if we can bus/light rail/ferry somewhere that is totally fine. We are both adventurous eaters and try to eat where the locals go whenever we are someplace new.

#1 Anniversary dinner: Ideally I'd like a place with a tasting menu, but it isn't a deal breaker. I'm hearing good things about Canlis and Altura.

#2 Sushi: We both LOVE sushi. Doesn't need to be fancy, just good.

#3 Dinner in Fremont?

#4 Good seafood place (possibly near the water, but not a biggie). If this overlaps with anniversary dinner all the better.

Anything else we should be sure to hit?


Jul 17, 2014
Zehrapushu in Greater Seattle

Recap of Vienna Trip

Thanks to Chowhound I had a very tasty trip to Vienna (special thanks to Sturmi). As a thank you I wanted to give you a recap so you can all pat yourselves on the back for your great recommendations!

Day 1. My first stop was Demel, which looks like a shop I would expect to find on Diagon Alley. I left with an apfelstrudel and sacher torte. Dinner at Zur Goldenen Kugel-- we don't speak a lick of german so the all-german, enormous, handwritten menu proved a challenge. I ended up with the goulash special and pumpkin soup (the best I had on the trip, same can be said of the potato salad) and my husband got the schweineschnitzel. This was my first ever goulash and it was delicious. Great, authentic way to start out the trip.

Day 2: Dinner at Gasthaus Poschel-- Our favorite! We ended up going there again on our last night in town too. Cash only, so be prepared. Very friendly waitstaff, obviously a local place. The food was fantastic. We split the tafelspitz the first night and then went for schnitzel and spaghetti on our last night. (reservations recommended)

Day 3: We started at the Museum Quarter and had lunch at Cafe Corbaci. I had some kind of creamy noodle casserole which was outstanding. After a trip to MUMOK we stumbled upon some huge festival near Hofburg. We got some pastries, pretzels, beer and wine and listened to a polka band play Beatles music. Dinner at Phonixhof-- Very pleased with this pick. There was no wait at 8:00, walked right in. Had great stuffed schnitzels (I went with ham feta and garlic, husband had cordon bleu).

Day 4: After a trip up to Kahlenberg we went out the Heuriger Wieninger. We got the four course tasting, which included a very nice venison (something I rarely get to eat in the US). Very tender, nice sauce, over some mushroom ravioli (I discovered that Austrians love their chanterelles). There was also a very good pumpkin soup.

Day 5: This was our Schonbrunn/Zoo day so we ate lunch at the beer garden in the zoo, which was pretty decent for zoo food. We then went up to Cafe Gloriette for coffee and cake. We split the apfelstrudel and Gloriette cake. Fantastic. We were super tired and ended up with Kebap near our hotel for dinner and then snacks from the hotel shop later.

Day 6: After a long sightseeing day we went to Foderboden for dinner, which I found on yelp rather than chowhound. Again with the all-german menu, but I made a cheat sheet after our first night so I was prepared. We split a chicken salad (all the schnitzel was getting to us). Very fun atmosphere (obviously some big party going on upstairs). Great outdoor seating. It is off the beaten path but not far from our hotel. I would recommend it for casual dining.

Day 7: FINALLY, we had reservations at Silvio Nickol's. Glorious. Absolutely the best meal I've ever had in my life (AND the most expensive). We did the 6 course tasting. We were bowled over by the appetizers. My favorite course was the lamb (pictured), which came with eggplant, mushrooms and dill (I don't even particularly like dill and this was great). The scallop in the first course was also divine. We got surprised by some canapes at the end in honor of our anniversary. It was a truly unforgettable experience. The only complaint I have is that the very young waitstaff was sniggering an awful lot and made us somewhat paranoid and uncomfortable. Could have been unrelated, but given the extremely high level of service we received, this behavior really stood out. Certainly wasn't enough to ruin our good time.

Overall a fantastic trip. Thanks to everyone who helped me out!

Sep 12, 2013
Zehrapushu in Europe

Vienna for our Wedding Anniversary

Does anyone happen to know the price for the tasting menu at Silvio Nickol?

Jul 26, 2013
Zehrapushu in Europe

Vienna for our Wedding Anniversary

Your answers are always so thorough! Thanks!

Jul 26, 2013
Zehrapushu in Europe

Vienna for our Wedding Anniversary

We will be in Vienna for a little over a week at the end of August. We are looking for a nice restaurant to splurge on for our wedding anniversary. We have never been to Vienna but I have been reading through previous posts. I was considering Steirek or Walter Bauer. Anyone have a preference between those two or another suggestion. We would likely be going on a Saturday if that makes a difference (I gather a lot of restaurants are closed on weekends). Thanks!

Jul 25, 2013
Zehrapushu in Europe

Two Dinners in Toronto with Very Picky In-Laws

We are staying at the Hilton out by the airport. I just became VERY excited about Summerlicious. Perhaps we will feed them early and then sneak out somewhere better. ;)

Two Dinners in Toronto with Very Picky In-Laws

My husband and I are visiting Toronto with our in-laws this weekend. We are adventurous eaters who usually use this trip to go a little crazy, but our in-laws are... less adventurous. We are looking for two places to go for dinner that meet the following criteria: 1. Good food (for us); 2. Easy parking (in-laws can't walk very far), 3. Options for a very picky eater (toddler picky-- no fish, no seasoning, nothing too "ethnic"-- though chinese or hibachi are ok, simple flavor profiles). I am basically looking for a place where my father-in-law can order something "plain" and it won't be a big deal. At least one steak house would be good. Thanks!

Best Fish Fry in Rochester

Palmer's in Henrietta. Best fish fry I've ever had. Also-- they have an amazing burger. I always want to get the burger, because I know its good (from having tasted it when others order) but I can't bring myself to pass up the fish fry.

Cooperstown - What's Good?

Alex & Ika.

Restaurants in Oneonta, NY

I used to live in Oneonta, but frankly, it's been a while so things might have changed. We used to go to Stella Luna for a "nice" dinner. There's also some wonderful places in Cooperstown like Alex and Ika (who also do a nice brunch). Whenever I go back, I swing by Brooks BBQ (which is delicious, but very casual). Christophers is decent for steak (I've had both positive and somewhat negative experiences there). A friend of mine who still lives there mentioned the Undercover Eggplant-- but I think that's more of a lunch place (I've never been). For dessert you should absolutely take a trip out to Pie in the Sky out on Rt 7. It is a little out of the way, but it has great ice cream.

Downtown Rochester Dinner Recs

Correct. What I mean by that is they are not walking distance from the Hyatt. I apologize to Rand McNally.

Best Fernandez the Bull location?

I am meeting some relatives at Fernandez the Bull later this month and I was wondering which location was better for a few hours of sit down visiting. Thoughts?

Oct 09, 2011
Zehrapushu in Florida

Rochester: Breakfast Recs near Eastman Theater?

Java's or Spot. That's really it down there.

Downtown Rochester Dinner Recs

Downtown Rochester is not exactly bustling after 5 PM. If you are hell bent on walking, then just go to Dinosaur. It's delicious and a "place to go" when visiting Rochester. A little bit farther is Corn Hill landing which has Tony D's (decent wood fired pizza) and Virtu (which is upstate-upscale and hit or miss). There is a decent indian place at Corn Hill now and Aladdin's also has a branch there (casual Mediterranean, great for veg). For real food you'll need to leave the city and that means driving. Good Luck is good, as suggested below. Owl House on Marshall St just outside the city is pretty good, also very good option for veg. Hose 22 on the west side is also good, but that is much farther than the other options.

Good Luck
50 Anderson Ave, Rochester, NY 14607

Rochester, NY, The Ravioli Shop

We also LOVE the Ravioli shop. And that's no joke about the bread. That's 1/2 the reason to go there. I've yet to find a ravioli there that I didn't like. Great alternative to a night out at a restaurant (and better than most restaurant ravioli you can order in Rochester).

Weekday Brunch?

I'm looking for a place to get brunch this coming Friday, preferably in the NW. Any suggestions?

Church (on Kilmarnock)

Has anyone been to Church (formerly the Linwood Grill) for dinner? I'm looking for info about the food more than the bar.

New Jumbo, U Burger

I like Uburger. There are very few good burger options in the BU/Kenmore area so Uburger is a welcome addition. Their variety is great (chicken too), fries are awesome (I would compare them to In n Out, as they are fresh cut and crispy), and while the burger patties could be bigger, I have no quarrel with their "beefy" flavor. They use real meat, which may be why it isn't "beefy" enough for some (whereas other fast food places add flavor to their meat). I definately recommend it.

All I want is a deli sandwich!

I want to walk into a deli, order ham and swiss on a roll and get ham and swiss on a roll. I want 1/2 a pound of meat, and a poppy seed roll. I want there to be a jar of whole pickles sitting on the counter. I want my sandwich and pickle to cost less than $7. In NY, I can get this on any city block. What do I have to do for a sandwich in Boston?