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Union Square/Theater district restaurants

Any suggestions for pre-theater dinner plans??
Going to the Curran theater, and need some recommendations for not too expensive, good food, good ambience.....and easy in and easy out.
Thanks Chowhounders!!

Vietnamese food in the Castro

Found the new restaurant Zadin, 4029 18th Street, between Castro and Noe, and had a delicious meal. To compliment the food, they have a very good wine list, and our server, Noon, was very knowledgeable about ALL the wines offered. She even gave us several samplings of some that were new to us. This really helped to make the evening all the more special. Visit them on-line for some more info:

Would love to hear other's thoughts on Zadin.................enjoy!

Am I crazy to pair Pinot Noir with Mozza Pizzas?

We recently went to the new Two, on Hawthorne Lane, and had the Duck Confit pizza (incredibly delicious), and paired it with a couple different Pinot Noirs......a wonderful pairing. If you haven't been yet, you must go:

May 05, 2007
goldensf in Wine

Best small plates in SF?

We've been loving Destino for small plates.
Especially the Ceviche sampler, with the different Chardonnays:


Am I crazy to pair Pinot Noir with Mozza Pizzas?

That's a fun pairing. Pinot with pizza! Especially with some of the Napa/Carneros Pinot Noir, the ones with a bit more minerality. Big nose, with big fruit that can hold up to the cheeses of pizza. Our favorite Pinots from that region are Ancien, Etude, Hartford, and Acacia.

Apr 20, 2007
goldensf in Wine

Fish & Chips

We've been finding that the Woodhouse Fish Company is consistent with their delicious Fish and Chips. Always nice to know that you can rely on that. It's fast becoming our new "comfort" food. 14th and Market.

My Venice List - So far

Acqua Pazza located in Venice, Campo Sant'Angelo, San Marco. Very close to the Piazza San Marco. And I do remember that they are closed on Mondays. Hope this helps.

Mar 30, 2007
goldensf in Italy

My Venice List - So far

On a recent visit we had asked several locals where they would dine and one place recommended by most of them was Acqua Pazza. We had actually walked by it numerous times not knowing about it, so then we decided to give it a try. After the first visit we then ate there 3 consecutive nights, each night better than the next. LOTS of food, so we realized that we needed to be good and hungry for each dinner (which we were after the full days of walking everywhere).
Hopefully you too will have as good an experience as we did.

Mar 30, 2007
goldensf in Italy

Menudo in San Francisco....??

We've always searched for good Menudo (a spicy Mexican soup made with tripe, tomatoes, chili, onion) in San Francisco. We've tried numerous restaurants in the Mission District, some good, some not so good, and it would be good to hear from Chowhounders who happen to enjoy Menudo to see where they've found this delicious dish. My grandmother (may she rest in peace) used to make the best ever, and my mother and now my sisters make this during special holidays. Would love to hear from you Menudo-lovers out there.

Wine Storage 101 - (red refrigeration question)

A friend surprised me with a Cuisinart, Private Reserve Wine Cellar unit, small in size, sits on the kitchen counter, has a 9 to 11 bottle capacity. I've been keeping it at a steady 55 degrees......and my red wines have never tasted better. Amazing at how this cooler temperature keeps red wines cool, but not too cold to the taste. Room temperature tends to be too warm for wines, check out the numerous smaller wine cellar units available.
Good luck.

Feb 27, 2007
goldensf in Wine

Need Dinner Recommendations Near Cafe Du Nord in Castro

I have the best meals at both Destino and 2223 Market. Destino for the tapas servings with delicious wines (you must try the Ceviche sampler with one of their many crisp white wines), and 2223 Market for the comfort foods (and fun people watching). Two very good choices, and nice and close to Cafe du Nord. Enjoy.

Restaurant Recommendation - Florence

I haven't been to your recommendation, but did try Ristorante Oliviero, where we had an incredible meal:

We'll be back in Florence next week, and look forward to checking into L'osteria di Giovanni. If you have any other restaurant recommendations for Florence, we'd love to hear them......................

Feb 24, 2007
goldensf in Italy

Mission tonight

At 2522 Mission, at 21st and 22nd Streets, is a fun restaurant/lounge.....Medjool.
We had a big group from back East a couple nights ago and we had a great selection of small bites, with a really nice wine list to choose from. Also a fun people-watching place.
It's right next door to Foreign Cinema, also a fun place (and a GREAT place for brunch).
Good luck.

Good Sushi in the Castro...?

Thanks for those tips. We ended up finding Eiji, which is at Sanchez and 16th (317 Sanchez Street), next door to Tangerine. Very good, with a specialty of home made Tofu.
We'll have to try Diamaru next time...

Good Sushi in the Castro...?

Checking to see what you Chowhounds know about Sushi in the Castro.
We'll be there this week and hope to find a good restaurant.
Thanks in advance for your help.

The best home kitchen coffee maker...?

I am looking to have the best possible cup of my own kitchen. Right now have a 12 cup capacity coffee maker, but that is too much coffee for one person. Any recommendations for one on a smaller scale? Thanks.

Jan 26, 2007
goldensf in Cookware

woodwards fish house????

Woodhouse Fish Company, at 14th Street and Market, is a fun place, delicious fish, my favs being the Clam Chowder, Lobster Roll and the Fish and Chips. My oyster loving friends swear that this is the place to be for oysters. Owner Dylan runs a great place.

Places for a quick bite near the Castro Theater

Two very nice spots in the Castro.
Eureka - 18th and Castro, be sure to make reservations.
2223 Market - Market Street between Sanchez and Noe, fun and delicious!

Both within walking distance to the Castro Theatre. Enjoy...

Has anyone been to Pres a Vi in San Francisco

Yes, we just went and had a wonderful meal. With a wine list that was very good. Give it a try...

Need recommendation for nice place in Sonoma County

We've been loving Willi's Wine Bar,

Located behind the Wells Fargo Center, on Old Redwood Highway(formally the Luther Burbank Center), River Road exit on Hwy 101. They've also opened Willi's Seafood Bar on the Healdsburg square. Their website highlights them both. Delicious foods, tapas style servings, which make venturing into the wine pairing all the more wonderful. You'll love it!

Good food in Marin?

We went to a fabulous Italian Restaurant in downtown San Rafael this past week. Vin Antico is located on Fourth Street, and I think their website is still being constructed. We some delicious appetizers, with some incredible pasta dishes.
And their wine list was very special.

Dinner with the parents on Saturday - Help!

Right next to Zuni is a fun wine bar, CAV, with tapas servings of food, and a nice selection of wines. A nice place to see the locals, and really enjoy the food and wine pairing experience.

Romantic Dinner for 2, Suggestions Please!

My last romantic dinner was at Sociale, on Sacramento Street, where we had a nice outside table, and had a delicious meal, with a wonderful wine list. And even with the cooler weather, they keep the temperature at a nice level. Candle lit table.....very special.

Birthday Dinner, near Market, between Xmas and New Years

If you are taking BART into the city, the first stop lands you right at the Embarcadero. A fun and delicious restaurant to celebrate is Boulevard. We celebrated there recently, with at least 20 people, and an incredible time. Once there, you are also there at the end of Market Street, which has other fun places to visit, and great vistas of the Bay.

The details and menu are on-line. Happy Birthday! and enjoy!

Need Dining Suggestions - Please Help!!!

You must stop by the Farmer's Market in the Ferry Building. Not only is there local produce, bakeries and cheeses, you have an incredible selection of restaurants. Right there at the end of Market Street, in the Embarcadero.

This will help to guarantee a delicious time in San Francisco.

Fun yet romantic date spot in San Francisco?

You've got to go to Nopa:

An incredibly delicious experience, wonderful people watching, and still enough intimacy to be with the one you love. Check it out!

Saturday breakfast at Ferry Plaza and picnic lunch

The SF Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building is like no other. Inside the main building are some wonderful bread (Acme Bread Co.), cheese (Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Co.), and produce stands both inside and outside. On the backside of the Ferry Building, there are numerous hot food stands, everything from breakfast, lunch, and dessert items. The best thing to do is check them all out, and then grab a spot there on the pier to enjoy the food as you look out on to the bay. And the Blue Bottle Coffee Company has a new stand also.

Have a great time!

Two days in Healdsburg-dining recommendations please

In Healdsburg, Willi's Seafood has wonderful tapas servings of food with a nice selection of wines.

Right off the square, the block next to the Healdsburg Hotel.

Bar at Gary Danko?

The bar at Gary Danko is a wonderful place to start your evening. And a lot of people have dinner at the bar. Do get there early to enjoy the ambience, the wine list, and the pouring staff. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving wines--what to serve with turkey?

Pinot Noir is ideal to pair with Turkey: Hartford Family Winery, Seascape, Russian River 2004, Bear Boat, Russian River 2003, Domaine Drouhin, Willamette Valley 2003, Merry Edwards, Russian River 2004.

Nov 13, 2006
goldensf in Wine