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school wide cookout...dessert help

Ha! Rizzo did say it's for the adults.

1 day ago
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school wide cookout...dessert help

Childhood friend shared this Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe from Facebook yesterday which got a group to discussing the best parts of grade school cafeteria lunches.

1 day ago
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Triangle Area - Source for dried angelica root?

Google shopping suggests Vitamin Shoppe or Walgreens for Dong Quai

1 day ago
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Special meals on US Airways

You'll find a much larger group of US flyers at this forum.

May 15, 2015
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In search of Kolaches-Durham/Chapel Hill

from What do I know?!
A kolache is a sweetened yeast roll that's been stuffed with a fruit, cream cheese, or a poppy seed filling. The roll is either square or round, and there's a well in the center to contain the filling. With a klobasnek, the dough is wrapped entirely around the filling, and the only way you can tell what's inside is to take that first bite. You find these pastries all over Texas, though they were first introduced in Central Texan Czech communities, such as the small towns of West and Caldwell.

May 06, 2015
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Best technique for thinly sliced roast beef...

What roast are you using? NYTimes wrote about this recently

Melissa Clark writes, "Roast beef sandwiches work better made from a leaner cut, preferably one with a mineral, earthy taste and a nice chew. A top loin roast is ideal... , if you want a more economical cut, use bottom, top or eye round here instead."

Cooked pork, fowl, beef all cut thinner and more uniform for me if they are cold.

May 06, 2015
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Famous Recipes

Harters, please bring an inexpensive Port to my home and I shall make for us the Supernatural Brownies.

The Best Recipes are the Most Stained

Sharing this on Cinco de Mayo. My wife made guacamole a day ago. Then I found this article on NYTimes.

May 05, 2015
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Periuvian chicken

May 03, 2015
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Roch St. Market

The building was vandalized last night while the place was closed. Anti-"yuppie" graffiti, etc. etc.
Read the article for interesting comments on how many vendors and employees live in the neighborhood.

May 01, 2015
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parchment paper

Soxhlet extraction is the more common laboratory approach.
If you're using a flammable solvent please be very careful. People are blowing up and burning up houses and people trying to extract oil from marijuana.

Apr 29, 2015
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Short ribs sauce thickening question

Many thanks to you all. I used the fat from the braise to make a roux, and added the roux to the braising liquid to make a velvety delicious gravy for the meat and mashed potatoes.

Skimming the cold hard fat out of the Dutch oven proved impossible. I ended up picking up ribs or two ribs, with the solid fat and congealed sauce attached with my hands and breaking the fat away. I weighed the fat, 6 oz., melted it, and poured it through a mesh strainer. With it back in the heavy bottomed saucepan I added 5oz. flour and whisked and cooked it to a peanut butter colored roux. After it cooled a bit I transferred to a glass jar.

Meanwhile the ribs and sauce were gently heating. Once warm I pulled the ribs out with tongs and poured the sauce/bacon/onion/carrot from the Dutch oven through another strainer. I heated the strained sauce in the same saucepan and once boiling added several tablespoons of roux, whisking constantly, to reach desired thickness. Didn't need more salt or pepper when we tasted the gravy.

The ribs were so tender, the gravy so delicious, the mashed russet potatoes & glazed carrots such perfect accompaniments.

And we ate my wife's bittersweet chocolate chip cookies for dessert with more of the big red wines we had.

Thanks again for your guidance.

Tiny Cast Iron Skillets

Mom would make a "tester" cake in a 5 or 6 inch skillet, and we would eat it while the regular layers cooled and she assembled and frosted them.

Thanks, Mom.

Apr 27, 2015
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Deathride: Durham/Chapel Hill on Commencement Weekend

Polish deli-grocery is very close but closes at 6:30. Might be good for take-out to your room or the poolside tables.

Apr 27, 2015
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Deathride: Durham/Chapel Hill on Commencement Weekend

I think this is the hotel on NC55 just north of I-40.
Backyard BBQ is just south of there - fried fish, smoked meats, veggies.
Mez is pretty close.
Pho 9N9 is not far, but might too spicy. Plus I haven't been in a couple years - anyone have recent reports?
Google maps says Mami Nora's in Morrisville is 11-12 miles away. Traffic from RTP through Morrisville on 54 is horrible until at least 6PM weekdays.

Apr 27, 2015
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What knives do I need!!!

I bought a Victorinox/Forschner chef's knife from Amazon years ago and love it.

Here's no. 1 of Alton Brown's 10 Knife Buying Tips.
1. You don’t need many. Honest. If you’re just starting out look for a chef’s knife in the 8-10″ range, a large serrated bread knife and a utility blade blade in the 4-6″ range. What? No paring knife? Actually, I hate paring knives. I don’t even own one any more. When you’re ready to move on, contemplate a semi-flexible boning knife for butchery duties and a long slicer for thinly dispatching roasts and the like. Also, I’d get a decent pair of kitchen shears, the kind that come apart into two pieces. I never cut with a knife what I can cut with scissors. After all, I’ve been using those things since kindergarten.

I broke some cheap shears spatchcocking a chicken. Need to replace them soon.

Apr 25, 2015
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Short ribs sauce thickening question

Can I use just one half of a split pig's foot or must I use both pieces?

We are from the Gulf coast and love gravy on our mashed potatoes. I'll check the thickness/viscosity of the braising liquid after I skim and save the fat layer and reheat the pot.

Thank you for your help!

Apr 24, 2015
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Short ribs sauce thickening question

I typically discard the fat using a gravy separator when I braise, but yesterday I browned and braised a pot of short ribs, let them cool to nearly room temp, then put in the fridge. I just peeked and there is a solid fat layer on top.

Can I use some of this animal fat to make a roux to thicken the braising liquid? Should I just toss that beef & pork fat (cooked about 1/3 pound bacon to start) and instead make the roux with vegetable oil?

No health arguments, please. Our HDL LDL Tri-Glyercide labs are good, thank you.

The braise liquid is about half my rich homemade defatted chicken stock and half southern Rhône red blend with chopped onion and carrot.

Apr 24, 2015
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Salmon banana

I made this, I enjoyed it, and over on the Wine Board another hound and I both commented that the instructions "high heat" browned the butter too much and did not match the accompanying video. I'll make the dish again, but at lower heat.

Apr 20, 2015
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Wedding reception food/questions. Professional input welcome....

I think you've got a good plan, and I suggest signage clearly identifying each food and beverage item because of your guests' many food "needs", and setting trays and platters on beds of ice to keep cold foods cold in the warm weather. The ice cream sounds like a fun treat.

In my visits to Japan when we socialized with coworkers one never poured their own beer - someone else at the table always offered refills. I'm not sure how this would work with self-service taps. I'm sure the bride and her parents are eager to experience an American-style party, but they likely have lived their entire lives with Japanese customs and manners. Perhaps your son can offer some suggestions here.

Setup, cleanup, restocking food & bev, bringing out more plates & cups, cleaning the serving utensils that WILL hit the floor - that's not fun. Do you have a good friend that will help? If not, then look again at your budget and consider hiring someone.

ROAST CHICKEN! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (March 2015)

My wife the RouxQueen all too often says my jokes are not funny. I think just about anything FogHorn LegHorn does is funny, and sure thought he belonged in a thread about chickens.

Apr 18, 2015
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Cookware you're obsessed with...

I mentioned that not long before she died my wife's neighbor, Violet, taught my wife how to make biscuits in this old thread

After her death my wife gently asked for Violet's wooden biscuit dough bowl, but was told that it would have to stay in the family. Years pass, my wife told the story to Violet's son who said it was just collecting dust in his garage. I think they both cried when he gave it to her.

We love our Magnalite, we love our OXO, and we really love our cast iron. But the wooden biscuit bowl means something.

Wine for Salmon With Anchovy-Garlic Butter??

We got busy and life got in the way and finally bought and cooked salmon last night. The instructions say "melt about half the anchovy butter. Add fish, skin side down. Cook for 3 minutes over high heat to brown the skin" - well my skillet on high heat browned the butter immediately, and when I added the remaining anchovy butter after baking it was hot enough to brown that butter, too.

It wasn't burnt just browned, but I just rewatched the video at the NYT and my skillet was definitely much hotter than hers! So I'm happy I went with Ventoux grenache. Here's the description from my wine merchant when I bought this at $14 in 2011: “The 2010 from Pesquie Terrasses, one of my all-time favorite producers in France, is a phenomenal bargain. This wine is absolutely stunning, and the best one they have made to date, and is a brilliant showcase for what looks to be another great vintage in the southern Rhone. A blend of 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah, with 65% aged in tank and the rest in old barrels and foudres, it is bottled unfined and unfiltered for the American market. Its stunning dense bluish/purple color offers up notes of sweet blueberries, black cherry liqueur, licorice, incense, and a hint of hot rocks (almost gravelly, in the Bordeaux sense), but the wine hits the palate with amazing texture, succulence, fabulous fruit intensity, vivid purity and a vigorous, long, fresh finish that goes on past 30 seconds. Drink it over the next 3-4 years.”

It went really well with the salmon and briny browned butter!

I'll cook this dish again, hopefully at lower heat! I think the Rose Sparkling wine would be an excellent match, and I would not have considered it myself without your help.

CindyJ - thank you pointing out the NYT pairing suggestion. It is attached to the "newspaper" entry, but not to the NYTCooking entry I linked to.

Apr 14, 2015
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Completely new to grilling - useful for weekdays, quick dinners?

Dont buy the cheapest brush from WalMart or BigLots. The recycled "brass" from China contains whoknowswhat and several people have ingested loose bristles (Not likely at my house or yours, I'm sure.)

One like this is good, nothingswrong and genoO give good direction.

Completely new to grilling - useful for weekdays, quick dinners?

Focusing on your words "during the week for a quick meal" I've got to agree with others who say to get GAS Grill. You turn in on and in 5 minutes you're cooking. Lighting charcoal in a chimney for your charcoal grill takes closer to 30 minutes to start burning all the coals and then another few minutes to heat the grill.

ksbee's comments on separately controlled burners and heat zones is spot on.

Wine for Salmon With Anchovy-Garlic Butter??

I've never cooked with anchovy butter before. When I searched this wine board for "anchovy" I see that it has come up several times, most often with beef. Today my grocery store tells me that they have salmon on sale and I also receive an email from NYTimes with this recipe for Salmon With Anchovy-Garlic Butter.
Ingredients are:
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
4 anchovy fillets, minced
1 fat garlic clove, minced (or 2 small ones
) ½ teaspoon coarse kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
4 (6- to 8-ounce) skin-on salmon fillets
2 tablespoons drained capers, patted dry
½ lemon
Fresh chopped parsley, for serving
The short version of the prep is to brown the skin side of the salmon fillets in half of the anchovy-garlic-butter, finish in oven, melt remainder of compound butter in hot skillet and pour pan juices over fillets along with lemon juice. Mmmm fatty salmon, cooked anchovy-garlic-capers, plus raw anchovy-garlic and lemon.

To quote Sam Elliott, "It's what's for dinner!" But WHAT WINE?

If I just grabbed something I already own I'd pull out both a red and a white Côtés du Rhône. Serendipitously, my local Total Wine just sent me a coupon for 15% off six bottles, so much of the world is now available at a discount. Under US$25 please.

Here's a pertinent thread from a few years back. I miss the comments from Collioure and Bill Hunt on this board.

Apr 08, 2015
AreBe in Wine


Mom's recipe that she's made for decades calls for just two yolks in the filling. Not too eggy, and you can easily make it more tart by adding more lemon juice.

Lemon or Lime Ice Box Pie

1 Vanilla Wafer Crust
1/3 – 1/2 c Lemon or Lime Juice (tartness desire)
2 egg yolks
1 can condensed milk (if using deep crust, double milk)
2 egg whites
4 Tbsp. sugar

Beat egg yolks; add lemon or lime juice; add condensed milk; pour into crust. Whip whites and add sugar; whip to peaks. Bake at 350 about 10 minutes until meringue is desired color.

Mar 27, 2015
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ROAST CHICKEN! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (March 2015)

Why thank you Miz Prissy, but I assure you I am a Rooster.

ROAST CHICKEN! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (March 2015)

We have a wonderful Peruvian style rotisserie chicken restaurant near us, Mami Nora's. It's so good that I looked for Peruvian style recipes. I've made this one from Once Upon a Chef several times. I spatchcock then carefully loosen the skin from the bird's breast, thighs & legs and pour about 2/3 of the marinade under the skin and the remainder on top. Cover and rest in refrigerator at least 24 hours. Remove from fridge at least one hour then roast at 375 until done. Let rest at least 15 minutes.
I make Andrea Lynn's Green Dipping Sauce from Serious Eats at the same time I set up the marinade because I find that mayonnaise based sauces almost always taste best after the flavors marry for a day or so. I have not sought out the Aji Amarillo paste the recipe calls for, but the author notes that it can be omitted.

Now that it is almost warm enough to grow herbs on my front steps we will soon have another of my favorite preps. Finely chop herbs (I like rosemary, thyme, basil) to yield 2-3T, add to about the same amount of softened butter, add salt & pepper. (Zest of a lemon is optional.) I again spatchcock and loosen the skin and put almost all of the compound butter under the skin and smear the rest on top.


Many but certainly not all "guests aged over 75" are comfortable with email invitations. I would use paper invites for these friends and family.

Mar 25, 2015
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