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Breakfast and wi fi downtown or St. Henri

re: Midi 6 - the food is standard (never been either disappointed or wowed) but have never had bad service - maybe this was a one-time thing? odd.

On de Courcelle toward St. Antoine there is now a place called "bon gout" that looks good but not sure if they have wifi. Will visit soon and report back.

Breakfast and wi fi downtown or St. Henri

I'll second Mariani - they have full breakfast options daily now, good coffee and wifi. St. Henri torrefacteur is another popular cafe/wifi, but they don't have breakfast (do have sandwiches and pastries).

Best place for business dinner in old montreal??

Holder could work - it gets noisy but not annoying) so as long as it's not to discuss business, would be appropriate.


Need reservation for 8 people on Sat...

I would say the following are good bets as they meet your requirements, both may require reservations, especially Pop.

Old Montreal: Holder
Plateau: Pop
Mile End: L'atelier [byob, very good]

Bottomfeeders: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood (split from Quebec board)

I just finished that too - very interesting read, and although I had gone off any farmed fish for years (especially salmon), I am overwhelmed by how invasive overfishing and environmental problems are on all the species. If you go by the book I would focus on the cultures/ types of restaurants that tend to serve more of the "bottomfeeder" type fish like portuguese, eastern europe etc. Good luck!

Feb 08, 2009
fullabeans in Food Media & News

Montreal - so many places, so little time

I'm not sure the Lemeac "after 10" is on Fridays (thought it was sun-thurs) but I could be wrong!

I would suggest "L'atelier" on St. Laurent as an alternate anyway - it's a byob with interesting menu and good service/ambience.

Update on the BYOW scene?

L'Atelier is now byob (St Laurent north of Fairmount) if you haven't got it on your list, add it! They are connected also to the Bleu Raisin, which I also have had wonderful meals at.



Interesting discussion - I've been about 4 times now and mostly happy that there's a pub w/in walking distance to home...Here's my two cents:

1. Agree with disappointing and expensive beer selection...first off, the "home brew" is actually a Sleeman product and ii, a pint of Carlsberg for $8? A good test for me is a Guinness which was poured well and tasty, but overall, nothing to keep me going back on the beer front. Haven't tried a cocktail, but did note the quality hooch behind the bar.

2. Food is uneven and this is highlighted by all comments so far - it's hit and miss and we've even gone as far as commenting on the overdressed and "tired" looking salad (plates and/or served with meals) and still no change...hmmm. I really enjoyed the fish and chips, and have tried the portobella burger, which like everything else has been good, or can be overcooked.
3. Service - always friendly and efficient, one of the owners has gone out of the way to encourage feedback, so next time you're in, do so! They are young and could probably benefit ....

Meal delivery service

There is a restaurant/traiteur on Notre Dame called "Soupe Cafe"- a healthy lunch place that will prepare meals etc. for the week. If you call speak with Janine, she's the owner can give you details on costs/delivery etc.

Soupe Café
2725, rue Notre Dame Ouest
TEL: 514.932.3053

three plateau restos

5e peche it is...I'll send a review next week.


three plateau restos

"the food and the service was outstanding" the words I love to hear...I think I'll deal with cramped and even noisy :-)

thanks for the feedback..

three plateau restos

Decisions, decisions....I've got a friend coming from out of town and want to try something new thinking of:

Bistro Bienville
Au cinquieme pèche (recent reviews have been really good)

any votes? want something on the mellower side, and i think all of these would hit the spot...I need a fish option and non-meat entrée, but otherwise open...



I work in the area and was going to see the hockey game last Tuesday, so M:Burger was an interesting option.

The "high-brow/low-brow" theme in Montreal resto/cuisine is getting a bit tired (I think), but overall, nice decor and atmosphere. I tried the Tuna burger - it was 'ok', served with a horseradish mayo. As mentioned sweet potato fries are good, and wine list was varied.
Service was friendly, I like the way the wines menu is presented on individual cards - however after ordering and tasting, we found the red too warm and are server seemed shocked that there is a such a thing as a red that needs to be lifted. In any case, the manager came over at some point to ask about everything and despite some missing bacon and the wine served too warm, we left satisfied. Two burgers, fries, coleslaw and 1/2 litre incl. tip = 100.

A welcome addition to the neighbourhood, if anything it's not part of the "morentzo" pack [that i know of]

Limon - review

Interesting comment about the wine - I had that exact problem last year. We spoke with the owner because the temperature really affected the taste (and it was a wine we hadn't tried before) - he was very gracious, even offered to replace the bottle if we weren't satisfied when it 'warmed'. Your review is on par with my experience also - I guess we can say they are consistent :-)

Best High End Gourmet Restaurant in Montreal?

and I third it. Memorable food, knowledgeable staff, and yes, the room is interesting :-)

I doubt you'd disappointed with Toqué - based on your past experiences, this also fits the bill.

do not spend your $ at Queue de Cheval - not high-end, touristy.


Non-tourist Lunch on the Plateau....

since lunch is the new brunch - how about something classic like oysters? Friends were at Lémeac last week and enjoyed - if you don't know it, it's bistro fair, lovely room and service.

I would also suggest trois petit bouchons, didn't know they did lunch.\


Garde Manger :-(

I had been warned about the quality (lack of) and service (amateur) but decided to venture out with 5 friends last Friday night. The 'scene' that everyone raves about surprised me - although it's a nice location and intimate, the music and people were generic at best.

But on to the food :-)

Oddly, all of the entrees were fish-related, save for one salad ... I had the crab cakes which were fried (yuck) in old oil, totally overpowering the taste crab...Main was poached halibut with a pesto and vegetables - fish was slightly overcooked and way too much salt all over...very disappointing.

Others at the table had scallops (satisfied) and the 'faux filet' - which went untouched it was so tough.

The wine list is ok - and the service was fine, despite the waiter trying to sell us another bottle twice(!) before we were even through a first glass :-) also, when she took the plates she didn't even comment on the fact a bulk of food was uneaten - a sure sigh of inexperience and lack of confidence. Ahhh, youth.

so for approx $90 / head - this was a mistake and I will listen to my wise friends before curiosity gets the better of me again :-)

Sangria at Nelligan

weird - the Gazette did a whole article on Sangria Saturday including this version...they don't usually give amounts, but will talk ingredients..I think it's white cranberry juice...

here's a link or search online for 'the gazette sangria'

Where is the best happy hour spot in the city?

Here's a recent list for locals via Sweetspot

thanks for the memories!

Thanks again to all who replied to my "need resto recs!" post. We enjoyed many of the recommends and had some surprises of our's a quick review:

Acqua - inventive menu, mix of spices interesting, sometimes overdone in case of a tuna tartare entrée, but I enjoyed the main of sturgeon with a mashed chickpea 'side'. Dessert was a plain soufflé, nice but not memorable. Great service and wine pairings were decent. The room is typical for a financial district - large w/out much ambience :-)

Butterfly - interesting combinations (strawberries and lightly smoked salmon rolls) good, no surprises, nice location on the water. Table tried swordfish, filet mignon all was well prepared and presented. Only disappointment was fried (yick) calamari...what a waste - grill or steam people!

Pesce - Smaller resto serving Italian small plates (ah, old school!) with cheeky takes on "fish and chips" and salads (barley and crab)...All good and great place to try and share multiple things. Warm service...

Zazil - this was a nice surprise - we didn't know what to expect of "coastal mexican" and it was great. This is the 'sister' resto of Colibri which someone had recommended, but by chance we found this one. Location in a mall is a bit off-putting, but once inside, you forget about it. Inventive selection and presentation including octopus carpaccio, hibiscus flower enchiladas in a cream sauce, long range of was very good.

Sushi Groove - good, fresh menu daily

We also had lunch at Mocca (maiden street) and Fox's Grill (?) a dinner with upscale menu around the embarcadero area..

I'm still full! Anytime you're visiting Montreal, I'd love to return the favour. Thanks for the great ideas.

Been out of town for 2 years, need an update

Les Trois Petits Bouchon - intimate bistro/wine bar, staff is great with recommends on wine.

need resto recs !

excellent! looks like I'm set up nicely with this and the other posts. Looking forward to it!

Les Trois Petits Bouchons & La Montee de Lait

les trois petits bouchons is great - service, atmosphere, food and the wines are mostly importations. The staff will choose for you if you enjoy's a smaller place, so make reservations.

need resto recs !

hey! thanks very much, I love the diversity of your tastes :-) The only food I can do without is French as we are spoiled in Montreal....any good other recs for good drinks / beer?

need resto recs !


I'm a Montreal chowhound - heading to San Francisco next week...I would love some local favourites (lunch and dinner), around the $30-50 range pp. (not including wine).

I'll be staying at the Fairmont which I believe is fairly central - but willing to travel for food! Anything goes as long as it's not too meaty.

Thanks in advance!

Aszu -Your Thoughts?

My husband and I tried Aszu in November after reading a review in Voir and adding it to our list. We had hadn't heard anything else about it but wanted something new. I had an onion tart to start - good pastry and onions were not overly sweet, perfectly soft. My husband had the trio of tartar - not exceptional but good. My main was a nice surprise - tuna "nicoise" served on a bed of cold greens - lovely! My partner had deer possibly - again, no complaints, but not memorable enough for details. Service was attentive, but uneven long/short waits - like the servers were finding their pace. But they were gracious and knew the wines - suggesting good pairings. It is reasonable - $180/2 with wine/tip and a shared dessert.

Au Pied de Cochon OR Le Club Chasse et Pêche

Agree with Bob Mac - choose one and make a second trip for the other. Both are worth it and different experiences.


good place in montreal for large group - bar/restaurant/cafe..whatever

Try L'Assomoir on Bernard - it can get loud but the back half of the resto is good for mingling, they have both a looooong table and booths.

also the food lends itself to sharing - which is fun for groups.